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Yardsticks, Leprechauns and a Leader in Washington

Think spring! Two sure signs that warm weather is just around the corner take place in the days ahead.

First we have the 56th Annual West Branch Builders Home Show. The event will take place at Lycoming College’s Rec. Center. It is a great way to get out and about. Let it help you put cabin fever and winter in the rearview mirror.

No matter what the project is around your home that needs addressed, the options and folks to do the job can be found at the Show. Over 170 professionals available at your footsteps. Spend a little time or spend an hour or two. It will get your thoughts focused on the warmer days ahead.

If you don’t need to make any home improvements, I wish I was you! It’s still a nice way to get out and see what’s going on in the home improvement industry. You can also register to win some great prizes, maybe have a snack and pick up some great giveaway items.

My staff and I look forward to the Home Show every year. It is a great way for us to support the West Branch Builders Association and the fine reputable business folks that belong. It also provides us a meet and greet with you, the readers of the Webb Weekly. It’s our pleasure to hear your thoughts and ideas about the publication.
I’ve already made sure we have plenty of candy, yardsticks and a special prize you can register to win. This year it is a 50” Smart TV from my pal Jim Guild. He will deliver it, set it up and show you how to use it. Don’t ask me, I leave that technical stuff up to Jim and my sons. Make sure you drop by and say hello.

The next event to get the springtime rolling is St. Patrick’s Day. Everyone is Irish for a day. Williamsport does a great job with the St. Paddy’s Day Parade Downtown. I’m sure your favorite pub has green beer and an Irish cuisine. I look forward to my mother-in-law Theresa’s corn beef and cabbage. I make the sauerkraut, pork and smoked sausage for New Year’s Day. Mother Theresa takes care of St. Paddy’s Day. For an Italian lady she’s got it down pretty good, I just have to make sure to get home before Hunter, Jimmy and Buddy eat it all.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Please be careful if you’re going to partake in the celebration and leave the driving to someone else.

Now onto some more serious topics.

A strong leader was sighted in Washington DC this past week. He spoke with passion, understanding, honesty and the realization of the severity of the threat Iran and radical Islam poses to the World. Too bad he wasn’t our President, a member of Congress or a representative of the United States of America.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a President Ronald Reagan like speech to a joint session of Congress. Like President Reagan did during the Cold War providing a no nonsense, to the point, unwavering promise to the former Soviet Union, Prime Minister Netanyahu did the same thing in addressing Iran to his American allies. If you did not watch, Google it. It is a very powerful address. A true leader at his best. More standing ovations than you can shake a stick at.

Iran has been the geographical location of evil for over 2,500 years. They have perpetrated more state sponsored terrorism than any other Nation in history. They are and will always be haters of America, Israel and anyone who doesn’t agree with their satanical ways. They are even at war with ISIS. Jihad versus Jihad. How could you ever reason or trust such barbaric doers of hatred? Their famous chant is “Death to America”.

Prime Minister Netanyahu will have none of the Iranian lies. He understands the consequence if they develop nuclear missile capabilities. “Defeat ISIS and allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons and you won the battle but will lose the war against radical Islam.” “The days of when the Jewish people remain passive in the face of genocidal enemies is over!” Prime Minister Netanyahu stated. My interpretation – he will attack Iran if Mr. Obama strikes some shady deal that allows them to continue on the nuclear path of building a bomb.

Meanwhile back at the Barack Hussein Obama White House of Radical Islamic Support; Mr. Obama does not have the time of day for the United States’ only true ally in the Middle East. He would sooner have the Secretary of State John Kerry negotiating with Islamic extremists that want us all dead.

I don’t care why and how Prime Minister Netanyahu came to America or who invited him. Our President has an obligation to shake his hand, take him to lunch and listen to his worries of nuclear annihilation in the event Iran develops a nuclear capability.

Israel fights for survival every day of their existence. Barack Hussein Obama apologizes for our Country being who and what we are, the greatest Nation with the most freedom and opportunity, on a daily basis. He makes excuses for militant Islamists and negotiates with barbaric terrorists and extremists. Can you imagine the life expectancy of Israel if Barack Hussein Obama was their Prime Minister?

Seriously folks, Israel is pleading for our help and Barack Hussein Obama kissing up to Iran’s evil Empire, disgraceful.

What is going on around the world today is not about Republicans and Democrats. Partisan politics need to go away real quick. We are at the point in American history where the battle is truly good versus evil. The light of good and the darkness of evil know no political boundaries. You need to look at an individual’s actions, what they stand for and who they’re supporting. Then determine if they are the elected official or candidate that represents the United States of America for the good.
God Bless America.

At 7:00 P.M. on Wednesday, March 18th, Williamsport’s Islamic community will present their position against terrorism. It will be held at Lycoming College’s Honors Hall. We have many good American citizens in our community that are Muslim. You’re welcome to hear their views on the horrific acts committed against humanity and the position of Islam in regards to this evil.

Jim Webb

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