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It’s Not About the Vote of the People, Even in the UK.

Thanks to everyone who has made our Webb Weekly Live show an overnight success. In case you missed it, myself and my editor, Steph Nordstrom are doing a weekly show streamed live every Wednesday at 10 a.m. We have a weekly guest, talk about all that’s going on in the Webb Weekly area, as well as around the state, country and world.
The idea behind the show is to give you more information about the people, places and events that make the place we call home so very special. I, of course, must also throw in a little overview and insight into what is really going on in the political world that is not as seen on TV.

The show is filmed live so of course my staff is just waiting for me to slip up and say the wrong thing or tell a bad joke. No worries though, I will make sure we get after the people who need called out in just the right way and have a lot of fun.

The show can be viewed anytime at The most important aspect is to give all of you a voice and to talk about whatever is important to you. Please let me know if something has you seething or take the time and call in live if you’d like. I hear from so many of you each and every week, this gives me a forum so I can talk about what’s hot on your list and you don’t have to wait for next week’s publication.

The big story on the World stage last week was the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union. Before I give you my two cents on Brexit as it is being called, it is most important to explain the facts. I did not know the facts myself, but I’ve learned to investigate before letting my tongue and pen get ahead of the actual truth. The most important fact left out by the mainstream media and Mr. Obama and his Obamalites was what actually occurred.

A vote, or referendum, in which everyone of voting age could take part, was held on June 23rd. The issue, should the United Kingdom leave or stay a member of the European Union. The referendum turnout was the highest turnout since the 1992 general election. Over 30 million folks voted. The outcome was over 52% believe the European Union is not the best thing for the United Kingdom. Boy, do I wish we could get the estimated 71% voter turnout in our Country they got in the UK.

The European Union is an economic and political partnership. Twenty-eight countries now belong to the Union, which began after World War II. The thought was to create strength by numbers by having one “single market” that allows people and goods to move from country to country.

Simply put, each country acts like a state in United States terms. It’s a United Countries of Europe so to speak, with the Euro being used in 19 of the countries as the form of currency. The European Union has its own Parliament who sets rules in many areas including the environment, transportation, consumer rights and a wide list of personal items including cell phones.

Why did the people of the UK vote to leave the European Union? In my eyes there were three main reasons. First and foremost, was national security. The citizens of the UK are tired of seeing Muslim refugees come in to Europe and create an economic burden and a “state of terror” that has resulted in the recent radical Islamic attacks in Paris, Brussels and around that region. The freedom to move country to country is a big security problem.

Next it’s a lack of good jobs and a strong economy. Remember the people voted! It absolutely infuriates me all the experts, MSNBC, CNN, no matter where you watched had nothing good to say about “The People’s Vote.” It was not the Parliament or some dictator deciding. It was the people of the United Kingdom. Who knows better about what’s going on in the streets of London than the citizens of London. It is their vote; it is their country.

The people want control of what’s going on in their own homeland; they don’t want to leave it up to the European Union. What’s going on in Great Britain could be completely different than what is going on in Malta. Not to mention the heads of the European Union in Brussels are not even elected officials.

What shows you the mindset of Mr. Obama, Ms. Hillary and all liberal thinkers that want to destroy individual rights and democracy is their response to the “People’s Vote” in regards to the Brexit referendum.

They don’t care about majority, which is the backbone of democracy; they only care about their liberal agenda. That is why Mr. Obama has used the Presidential power of Executive Order so many times in our Country. How about this to the leaders of our Great Nation, do like they do in the UK and put important issues in referendum form for the American people to vote on. I guarantee neither party would ever agree to this. They would stand together in gridlock and united for the continued fleecing of “We the People.”

I tip my cap to the voters of the United Kingdom for standing up for their rights, their countries and most importantly the threat their current leadership poses.

This leads us to the last point. The Brexit referendum was created by fighting within the conservative party. Prime Minister David Cameron has stated he will resign over the result of the vote to leave the European Union and the support of the opposition Labour Party. Mr. Cameron and Mr. Obama are one in the same. Sir, you didn’t lose a general election. The people you are supposed to govern over have spoken on the European Union and now you’re going to quit on them. It is your job to govern in the name of their beliefs, not yours.

You should resign because by supporting the European Union you are out of touch with your people and what needs to be done to secure your homeland. Just like Mr. Obama and what is going on in our Great Nation.

Folks we’ve got an election coming up, this should be a harbinger for us. If the citizens of the United Kingdom can unite for the common man, not the ideas of liberalism and political correctness, why can’t we? It is not just a Democratic thing; remember the Republican Party wanted nothing to do with Donald Trump. He was winning by a landslide over Ted Cruz and all you heard were the words “Contested Convention”. The Grand Old Republican Party did not want to honor the votes of “We the People” in the Primary Election.

Ironically what is going on in Washington right now is why 13 colonies declared their independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.

God Bless America.

Everyday Player

This week’s selection is near and dear to my heart and taste buds. I would love to know how many pizza pies I’ve purchased from Joe’s on Northway Road. I considered owner Sal Maiorana a good friend. He opened Joe’s at that location in 1993. I can still see him sitting there in the old shop, reading the Sun Gazette, looking up at me smiling and away we would go into conversation. Sal was as good as they come; unfortunately like my Dad, he left us way too soon.

I had gotten to know his son Dave very well, he married my niece Brook, he was put in the same position along with his brothers that I was. You hurt and mourn, but the show has to go on in a family business.

What a great job Dave and Jon have done with the Joe’s on Northway Road. Their Father would be so very proud as he would be of brother Cross up at the Joe’s by Penn College. They have continued with the great food and the thin crust everyone loves and added many new things – like buffalo chicken pizza that my boys can’t get enough of. The brothers have grown their Dad’s business and made it even better.

It’s that family caring and love of feeding people that makes them so special. Dave has helped me feed so many teams, businesses and folks over the years I wouldn’t even know where to begin with the pizza count. Along with Jon, they go out of their way to treat everyone who comes through the door like family. Their Dad would also be very proud of their community involvement.

Dave and Brook have three daughters, Sophie, Mia and Emma. They are great parents just like Sal and Maria were to the boys. Incidentally, Brook is Buffy’s daughter who is my sister-in-law and contributor to Webb Weekly.

The boys’ work ethic, values and commitment cannot be overstated. They are all about family. When you grab a slice or a cheesesteak they feed you like you are one of their own with the same smile their Dad had.

So tip of the chef’s cap to the Maioranas for all they do each and every day. I, along with so many others, am appreciative and can’t wait for another slice of your family’s tradition.

Jim Webb

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