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You’re Fired!

President Barack Hussein Obama your services are no longer needed, you are fired Sir! I will no longer recognize you with the title President. Because, Sir, you do not act like the President of the United States of America. This position is held by someone that respects our Great land and the people that founded it, built it and have spilled blood and died for the freedom of “One Nation Under God.”

You don’t represent the values, thoughts or principles of the overwhelming majority of American Citizens including Black Americans and Muslim Americans.

You are the greatest threat to national security in American history. You are creating the divided states of America through social unrest, financial despair and a complete undermining of the Constitution of the United States of America. You continue to weaken our military and put our soldiers in harm’s way without having a plan. Every decision you make is done with the opposite responsibility of your oath of office. I do not care at this point if you’re Christian or Muslim, you betray both faiths with your acts and speeches.

If our elected leaders in Washington had courage, conviction and were not gutless they would have dealt with you a long time ago on an impeachment level for trampling the Constitution and your rogue actions.

They did not, so we are now at the point of a global event and you, our Commander-in-Chief, are paving the way for the desecration of our freedom as we know it. You will not even identify the enemy nor their true mission statement. You should be led off in cuffs for treason.

We are at war and you are aiding and abetting the enemy. You have released the enemy from Guantanamo Bay. You have supported and downplayed nations sponsoring genocide, terrorism and violent acts against humanity.

That is not what this Country is about. I do not care if you are Republican, Democratic, Libertarian or Independent. Right now we all need to unite to preserve our way of life. There is war being waged against good by evil. Our president is on the wrong side. This battle is being fought all over the World. The actions of evil clearly defined by the enemy. It’s time we step up no matter color, religion, race or belief. If you are a citizen of the United States of America we need to unite in the name of good and preservation of the freedom that allows all of us to be who we are!

Barack Hussein Obama is a master of deceit and deception. It was almost the straw that broke the camel’s back to me when he compared the Crusades to the Jihad declared by Islamic fundamentalist terrorists over the course of history and the global Jihad we are facing today. Besides having been historically inaccurate and comparing a grain of sand to the desert, the Crusades are not currently threatening our Nation.

What is threatening our nation is Barack Hussein Obama and his siding with ISIS, Al Qaeda and all that are hell-bent on the creation of one Islamic State that controls much more than the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia.

This message came through loud and clear as I watched and then re-watched Barack Hussein Obama’s closing speech to those attending the White House Summit on Terrorism this past Thursday. After that I can take no more.

“I refuse the notion that groups like ISIL represent Islam.”

Rule number one – identify the enemy. Our enemy as it has been even prior to 9/11 is radical Islam, Islam extremists, Islamic fundamentalists, Islamic terrorists, fighters for an Islamic State and any group associated with violence in the name of Jihad.

ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Taliban, The PLO, Hezbollah – these are only a few of the organized Islamic terrorist groups. There have been groups of pure evil with the intention of one Islamic State for more years than the United States has been a Nation.

The definition of these groups is simple to everyone but Barack Hussein Obama. They use the Quran and Quranic verses and Hadith to justify Jihad, a Muslim Holy War against non-believers.

Every Islamic terrorist group has committed despicable acts of violence in the name of Allah. Leaders of Islamic nations have terrorized and committed genocide against Christians, Jews and fellow Muslims in the name of Jihad.

Here is a short list of leaders Barack Hussein Obama would consider non-Muslim based on the content of his speech – Ayatollah Khomeini, Saddam Hussein, Yasser Arafat, Osama bin Laden, Muammar Gaddafi. The list could go on and on. The next grand lie of Mr. Obama was these groups need to be referred to as Muslim to gain legitimacy and credibility.

Seriously, 9/11, the execution of 17 individuals at the Munich Olympics, 11 of which were Olympians from Israel. ISIS growth and the fact they have terror cells present in 90 countries. They have and always will be legitimate. Their credibility and mission statement is Jihad. They are fighting for Muslim domination by elimination of those who oppose them and again even fellow Muslims.

There is only one reason Mr. Barack Hussein Obama won’t clearly identify the enemy. He is a supporter of an Islamic State. Muslims that believe differently in the Quran and its verses call these butchers who and what they are, Islamic Extremists. They want to be separated from the pure evil of Islamic extremists and terrorists.

They have been the number one victim of Islamic fundamentalists. More Muslims have died at the hand of radical Islam than Christians, Jews and all others combined.

Islamic extremists have tried to eradicate themselves of many Muslim groups. There are different groups of Muslim worship and belief, no different than churches of Christianity.

Our country is blessed with American citizens that are Muslim. Our local community has prominent folks that are Muslim. They will tell you through history that there has been violence by Islamic fundamentalists. More on this next week.

In his speech Mr. Barack Hussein Obama provides excuses of poverty, poor government in Iraq, or Syria, bad handling of diplomatic relations. Noninclusive discussion and diplomacy with the creators of ISIL and terrorist groups abroad.

This is poppycock. He is making excuses for human beings executing fellow human beings by cutting off their heads, burning them alive, disemboweling and whatever other Satanic way they can. They are pure evil, and you think because they didn’t have a buck in their pocket, or weren’t given a voice in local government they were driven to this?

Jihad drove them to these acts. Evil pure and simple drove them to these acts. The belief that these actions were done in the name of Allah and their Muslim faith justify their actions. You cannot negotiate, reason or use diplomacy when someone wants you and all nonbelievers dead in the name of the radical Islam.

Fellow Muslims either join them, if given that option, or are executed by beheading and having their head placed on a pole stuck in the ground for all non-followers of ISIS to see.

Christians are often executed and placed crucification like on the ground, for all to be deterred from Christianity.

Seriously, reason with these people? Elimination is the only option. That’s all they understand.

Then the next really wonderful idea from Mr. Obama, send our tax payers’ money to these countries for education and understanding of the western culture to prevent future Islamic terror.

All these countries are one banana peel away from belonging to ISIS and joining the Islamic State. Yeah, I’ll send them our hard earned money. They could buy weapons to use against us. Wait, we already provide many of these sandstorm countries weaponry and military equipment. Okay, then they can use Mr. Obama’s funding for education on how to use the American weapons against us.

Ridiculous. You can’t change radical Islam; it’s been around for thousands of years. I’ve never trusted Saudi Arabia, just wait they will soon flip on us too. Mr. Obama, you should travel over and negotiate with ISIS.

Did I mention money would be allocated for foreign exchange programs with Middle Eastern countries? You couldn’t make this stuff up. I’m sure American high schoolers will be lining up to head on over to Iraq, maybe Syria. Trip of a lifetime.

On the other side whose going to check on Little Johnny Jihad from Saudi Arabia? Let’s give him an all expenses paid trip to his target destination. I am exaggerating here but what leader at a time of war would suggest a foreign exchange student program with countries harboring the enemy.

The Jihad of ISIS and all Islamic extremist groups are not going away. They would be perfectly happy taking the World to a Third War. A war truly of good versus evil.
Can you imagine during Adolf Hitler’s rise in World War II if Nazi Germany would have had someone sympathetic to his cause in the White House? An individual to provide excuses for what he was doing. The Jewish holocaust, killing of his own people, only wanting a master race, atrocities against humanity, world domination.

Does that sound anyway similar to anything? The people representing us in Washington better wake up.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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