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The United States of America is not the racist hate land as portrayed by the major news networks, elected officials, and groups using this issue to segregate and create division.

I have not seen, read, or heard anyone condoning Derek Chauvin or the officers involved in the taking of George Floyd’s life. I have witnessed the complete opposite. This includes any police chief or person associated with law enforcement I’ve seen interviewed. They usually begin with complete disdain for what occurred, talk about making policing better for everyone, especially in those currently racially charged areas, and end with the need to rebuild public trust.

I’ve written in the past nobody deserves to die like George Floyd, and those responsible, which includes the officers who just stood and watched, need to be held accountable to the highest letter of the law. I would have felt this way, no matter the color, gender, or background of the individual.

I do not know if the color of George Floyd’s skin mattered that day. This was a bad cop with a bad record. This might have just been the day he snapped. What I do know is anyone who would do this to another person is evil. Law enforcement must identify individuals like Chauvin and immediately remove them from the rank and file.

Every day we witness bad people from every walk of life doing unthinkable things. This has been especially prominent within churches recently, the one place you thought you could trust to get away from evil. There are just flat-out, beyond bad people in the world of today. They are “clergy,” doctors, coaches, journalists, group leaders, you name it.

There will always be racism. Unfortunately, racism and bad people seem to go hand in hand. They are not wearing a sign that says, “I’m racist.” Just like a person trusted with your child isn’t going to have a sign on saying, “I’m a pedophile.” But unfortunately, they are out there.

I believe the same percentage of racist individuals are present within every culture. A person does not have immunity to racism because of skin color. The same flawed thinking, narrowmindedness, and mental makeup are present in all races.

There are more white racist individuals by total number due to the fact that 61% of our Nation’s population is made up of white Americans.

I do believe how events are broadcast and portrayed can lead to misunderstanding and resentment by those watching. The same way, this leads to distrust and the targeting of law enforcement who are just trying to protect and serve.

The number one job of the news media is to educate the American people with the truth and facts. This is not happening in our country. The major networks are driven by agenda and bias. They will do anything to mislead American citizens.

In the year 2019, 25 unarmed white individuals were shot by law enforcement. In the same calendar year, 14 unarmed black individuals were shot by law enforcement, and 89 law enforcement officers lost their lives in the line of duty, 48 at the hands of a felon.

This is simply the facts, and I dislike numbers representing a person’s life and story. Based upon everything that has been seen, reported, and posted on social media, how many people do you think are aware these are the true numbers? Just the facts.

In Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, over 73% of the time, law enforcement responds to a report of a violent crime the perpetrator is black. Again, this is an average based upon FBI numbers. In 2019 7,484 black Americans were victims of homicide; nearly 90% were at the hands of another black American.

By simply reporting and creating conversations about these facts, the mainstream media would provide a much better understanding of solving problems and the necessity of the police presence. Most importantly in the inner cities. We do not need the police defunded or undermined. We need a stronger, better educated, and trusted police force. That must include more officers of color.

The last thing the law-abiding need in any city, town, or village is less law enforcement. Who do you think is going to keep everyone safe from each other? More importantly, when things go bad, who do you call? Not the elected, not the TV anchor, or civil rights leader.

I must comment on Nancy Pelosi’s despicable recent statement, “Thank you, George Floyd, for sacrificing your life for Justice.” George Floyd did not sacrifice himself for justice. He did not want to die that day, the complete opposite, he begged for his life. He deserved to live. Nancy Pelosi epitomizes everything that is wrong within our government. Her use of this poor man’s remembrance for political gain! This is exactly what competent news media would focus on.

Back to my opening paragraph. The United States of America is the greatest example of people from all walks of life coming together in the name of freedom. Most Americans would give the shirt off their back to help a fellow American, no questions asked. During my lifetime, I have witnessed unbelievable strides for black Americans. Everything from something as trivial as playing quarterback to being President of the United States. There will always be more work to do regarding racism of every kind.

As a Nation, we must always come together in support and love of each other. I look forward to a day when there is no color used to describe any American.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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