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A Grand Slam Effort

Many of you have been reaching out to me about current events going on here at home, in Washington and of course in regarding Mr. Trump and Ms. Hillary. I’m taking a little break from that energy draining reality to enjoy all the good going on here in our little corner of Penn’s Woods. No worries though, I’ll be getting after some folks next week.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed the 12th annual Grand Slam Parade that kicks off the Little League World Series. Tip of my Keystone Little League cap to Mr. Vince Matteo and all the folks at the Chamber of Commerce and the City of Williamsport. Also to the Grand Slam Parade Board who plan the event all year. Best parade ever! Of course I’m wearing my Keystone hat the 2011 Keystone team gave me after they made the short drive to the LLWS, in honor of this year’s team.

We will have a story next week rounding up the 2016 Keystoner’s journey to a State Title and coming up one win short at Bristol. Great job to all the players, coaches and fans. As I walked the parade route they received the most ovation of anyone. It was very heartfelt seeing the Keystone boys and coaches getting shown this appreciation from everyone from our local area and beyond.

The parade exemplified everything that is right in the world. I am tired of seeing and hearing about all the wrong and bad that is going on. It was a true celebration of life, liberty, happiness, community and baseball. It was the cultural and ethnic melting pot on display that makes our Nation the greatest country in the world.

As I walked the parade route, I heard many different languages, saw every color of person possible and witnessed everyone embracing diversity. This often shown by the love of their country and team they were cheering for, sometimes by the different clothing they were wearing or waving their nation’s flag. It was amazing smiles, love and laughter everywhere!

If all we need to bring people together in the name of peace is the Little League World Series, I am sure I could convince Mr. Steve Keener to have it every week of the year. Boy, he’d love me for that.

The Williamsport Police presence was outstanding and they supported the event in a most professional and ambassatory manner. Safety came first no doubt, but helping and embracing the parade was close behind. I stopped and asked several officers the same question – any trouble or problems? “No sir,” or “No Mr. Webb,” is what I heard from all. Although, I was informed there was a medical emergency.

Great job and tip of the Webb Weekly cap to the Williamsport Bureau of Police, the State Police and all law-enforcement officers for overseeing a great evening out in Billtown.

The downtown business owners did a fantastic job embracing the parade and providing great hospitality. Just a first-class job by the city folks hosting the Grand Slam Parade.

The parade itself had every local high school band, area dance team and community group making it special. The Marching Millionaires were as good as ever. The business community as always helping transport the stars of the night, the 16 teams from around our Nation and the World. Tip of the truckers cap to Larry Allison Jr.

Johnny Bench served as the Grand Marshal for the Chamber. The Cub Scouts presented a large American flag, there was more candy and giveaways then Ms. Hillary has emails, fire trucks, the Raminator and the Kaiser Boys, the SPCA and dogs, Smokey the Bear, area Little League baseball and softball teams, football players, cheerleaders, even our County Commissioners.

The list goes on and on, something for everybody. More smiling children in the parade and watching the parade than I ever remember.

The joy and feeling of accomplishment on every player’s face as their float was cheered for and team welcomed to Williamsport. It just makes me proud to live amongst all of you who do so much to make the Grand Slam Parade and the Little League World Series everything it is and has become. Thank you.

Are You Ready for Some Football

The tradition and pageantry of Pennsylvania high school football could never be overstated. Lycoming County has been blessed this season with great coaches and great talent. It has the potential to be a very good year of gridiron action.

I am very proud to be bringing you two Webb Weekly Live games of the week. From week one right on through to week ten. And then the real fun begins with District Playoff action.

You will be able to watch the games on the electronic device of your choosing – live! Gary Chrisman and Babe Mayor with over 30 years of experience of Cable Sports Productions will be featuring the high-powered Millionaires of Coach Chuck Cruz. To say this year’s version of the Cherry and White are talented would be like saying Donald Trump sticks his foot in his mouth a lot. You could never overstate either.

PA Sports Live and Jamie Spencer with color commentator Paul McGinn will be down at the Silverbowl in Mount Carmel as Justin VanFleet’s Lancers come calling. What a great traditional setting to kick it off and find out what the Maroon and White with just an accent of blue are ready to rumble.

I burned all those Columbia blue jerseys the Lancers wore for the Battle of the Bridge against Montoursville last year. They went up in a puff of “they’ll never wear these again” smoke.

We will be bringing you the best match ups from across the county and beyond, as we will be traveling with our local teams. The best of Friday night available at your fingertips.

You will also be able to view two games at once or choose the game of your liking and maybe glance back at your convenience for a score and update.

All the games will be archived, available for your viewing at whatever time is convenient to your schedule.

It is my goal to feature our area’s high school teams and athletes. We are very blessed with great young people. By doing so I hope to help more athletes have an opportunity to play at the college level. And yes, we will be doing basketball, wrestling and at this point the Backyard Brawl from Bowman Field.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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