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As I watch, listen and read the nonsense that comes out of the mouths of our elected officials it is hard to take. They basically take the position the American people are ignorant and the media will buy almost anything. When they do get called out on the fertilizer they spew, they either just talk their way out of an issue or take the position it will just blow over in a couple of days.

The greatest example of this is our President. Please listen to him during his press conferences or State of the Union addresses. Think about what he is really saying, if he has any actual plan or honestly addresses any issue. If you do this you will catch him contradicting himself without being pressured. You will ask yourself, “Did he really say that?”

Case in point. What is going on in Iraq and what I have heard him say? I began with ISIS running roughshod over the Iraqi government. His statement, “This is an issue for the Iraqi government.” Simple, I agree. Stay out of it. But before he is done he states “We will be sending over military advisors to help stabilize the country. They will not participate in military action they will only support the Iraqi government.”

Think about what our great leader just said. To me it was, we are not going to get involved but we are going to send over some of our best military minds. They will not be fighting only assisting so we are not really involved. What a bunch of hogwash.

Next the ISIS militants were getting a little close to those hundreds of American advisers. President Obama felt and was pressured to comment on this. “We are not going to get drawn into another war in Iraq.” I agree with this, not one American service person should be injured or worse in that hellhole that will never change. He continues, “I will however make sure we protect our military advisors.” Later on in his conference, “There will be no boots on the ground military action.”

Okay where should I begin? Mr. President, you are already drawn in. Whether you want to split verbiage over advising, police action or war, you’re there. Next, you already have boots on the ground, those “military advisors” you said were there not to fight – only to oversee. Last count 300 and another hundred on the way. Maybe they keep their boots on the desks as they advise. So they don’t count.

The next issue President Obama had to address was the Iraqi Christians that had been chased across the country were near death, cornered by the bad guys.

My thought was this should be acted upon first in a humanitarian effort and then in an evacuation of the innocent to prevent their execution. Our military, to the point of me penning this column, has done just that, also engaging the enemy and using gunfire to allow the mission to continue in a successful manner.

But you listen to President Obama’s comments and again what is he saying? “We are considering military action in the support of the Iraqi government and to protect the innocent.” Mr. President this has already happened and in a good way, take credit for it. “We will not be returning to a war in Iraq. However we need to evaluate and act in the supportive manner.”

Again, where have you been and who is advising you to spew this garbage? Mr. President, you are at war against ISIS and every other Islamic fundamentalist group. They want to kill Christians, Jews and end our freedom as we know it.

Why not be honest and declare war on these evil cowards? Put them on the defensive; let them worry about what is going to happen next. Speak some truth and have a backbone. Use our military intel and modern warfare weaponry to prevent casualties.

I’d love to see the look on Nancy Pelosi’s face if he came out and said that at a press conference.

Speaking of the house minority leader, how about Pelosi’s flustration over homegrown representative Tom Marino’s honest assessment of the failure of the Democratic Party to address immigration and border control when they had control of Congress. This occurred during President Obama’s first two years of presidency. No, I did not make a spelling error; flustration is my word to describe Pelosi’s behavior. Her failure to respect the policy of the House floor; the manner in which she stomped and yelled and behaved in a way that required the Sergeant-at-Arms to remove her. The Sergeant is like the referee of the House. Wonder how much we need to slip him not to let Madame Pelosi back in?

Pelosi also said Representative Tom Marino is insignificant. This just isn’t true. Mr. Marino is a big supporter of West End baseball, has a wonderful family and loves our area. He also supports our local Sons of Italy which serves a great spaghetti dinner on Tuesday. Seriously though, Mr. Marino has our country’s best interest at heart. He is one of the good guys in Washington and there are not many. His comments obviously hit a nerve. We need more honesty like this about why things are not getting done in Washington. Oh and what Ms. Pelosi really meant to say was, how dare you to challenge the system of political gridlock in which we all get rich? Sit down or I will make sure you’re insignificant. Anyway, that’s my interpretation.

Tip of the cap to you Tom.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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