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A Matter of National Security

President Barack Hussein Obama. Before he even began his candidacy, allegations arose over his qualifications to become president. Smoke swirled over his citizenship, religion and where he attended school. Shocking too many was his reluctance to produce a birth certificate, school records and address the naysayers.

If he would’ve been a Republican candidate the media would have ended his run for the White House before it began. The truth would have been irrelevant; the smoke that swirled would have indicated there must be a fire. You all know the rest of the story and President Obama has less than two years left in what has been the worst presidential effort in history.

After his first election our nation supported President Obama. We all wanted our economy and our country to improve. He deserved an honest shot to prove himself. He inherited political gridlock and problems that wouldn’t be solved overnight. Although not much was accomplished, there were serious concerns over his Obamacare and its effect on our country. His reelection was expected, and I supported his second term writing in my column that Republicans and Democrats need to work together for the good of our nation. One problem, the President doesn’t really want to work with anyone.

Ever since his reelection President Obama has tried his darnedest to do everything possible to weaken our nation. I often have written questioning his agenda and if it was his quest to make America just another nation in a personal effort to form a New World Order.

Anything he is involved in or supposed to address is never handled to make our country stronger or protect our freedom. Here are just a few: Health care, immigration, securing our borders – which is a much different issue than immigration, foreign policy or the lack thereof, cutting our military. I could go on and on.

What about his back door agenda; gun control, more IRS involvement, more social programs paid for by the working American, redistribution of wealth – this isn’t really hidden – just not talked about. More regulations on the development of American energy – I’ll stop there. President Obama is the master of the hidden tax, he drives up the cost of products and services by government involvement, that benefits big government and you and I pay more; clever, isn’t he? This isn’t our greatest worry over President Obama.

Last week Republicans and Democrats in Congress were flabbergasted by President Obama’s statements about Israel. “Too many Israelis are ready to abandon the hard work of peace. They need to continue to work with neighbors to stabilize this region.” This statement by President Obama paints Israel and Humas as having equal blame for the current war. Humas wants Israel gone off the map like all Islamic groups hope to accomplish. Israel fights to defend their freedom. What would make President Obama continue with his anti-Semitic commentary? This isn’t his first shot at Israel.

Israel has been one of our most trusted allies and our relationship with them has been unwavering until President Obama. This statement was made while our President was addressing the United Nations Counsel Assembly in New York. What has changed in our relationship with Israel? Why has President Obama been so slow to address ISIS and their advancement in the Middle East to create one unified Islamic state? Furthermore why has he has shown ISIS more respect than our partner in good versus evil, Israel.

Former Florida congressman, Lieutenant Colonel Allen West proclaimed “There is only one true explanation for Obama’s actions that support and enable the Islamic cause, Mr. Obama is an Islamist.”

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West is former US representative of the 22nd district in Florida. He is considered an expert on affairs in the Middle East. He is a well decorated veteran of Operations Desert Storm and Iraqi Enduring Freedom. He is a Christian family man who loves his country. And this makes no difference to me, but for those liberals always moving to that race card, Lieutenant Colonel West is a black American.

In addition to President Obama’s statements about Israel and trying to justify Humas and Gaza as having legitimate reason to enact violence on the Jewish people. His dragging his feet and being forced by Congress and other nations to take action against ISIS is incomprehensible.

Here are five other events and actions President Obama has taken that support Lieutenant Colonel Allen West’s statements.

1. The release of five senior Taliban members back to a group that is our enemy and want to kill Americans.

2. Providing weapons to support the Muslim Brotherhood led Egyptian government; and I’m talking F-16 fighters, Abrams tanks and other US firepower. When this radical faction was removed from Egyptian government, President Obama discontinues his support.

3. Continued diplomacy and negotiations with Qatar and Turkey. Why? These two countries are known supporters of Islamic terrorist groups.

4. Returning billions of dollars in sanctions to Iran. There is a reason why the sanctions were imposed; Iran will never be an ally, only the lesser of evil at certain points in history. Mr. President didn’t it occur to you Iran will use this money to further their nuclear program?

5. Continued support of Islamists in Libya, yeah, because they can be trusted. Remember Benghazi. Obama also lifted restrictions against Libyans allowing them to resume attending flight school and taking nuclear classes in the U.S. Also remember President Obama’s father was a Libyan government official.

Actions speak louder than words. President Obama’s actions are clear no matter what he wants to tell the American people. He’s not going to stand there at the Presidential podium and admit his agenda.

It is obvious he wants to create mediocrity and dependence of the American people on our government and on other nations. This fits neatly into his New World Order and allows him to possibly be a leader in some capacity. His actions and sentiments toward Islamists is a larger problem. What is President Obama’s true agenda? Does he believe there is a truer purpose of his existence, possibly a self proclaimed prophecy? Is he trying to help create a geographical nation of Islam? ISIS might not be the creator of this nation, but the Muslim nations that rise to defeat ISIS may create a unified nation of Islam. Whatever it is, it cannot be good for the United States of America.

Democrats and Republicans need to take action, remove President Obama from the White House. It doesn’t matter how; impeach him for failure to govern inside the constitution, arrest him for treason. Can you imagine the things he has done we don’t know about? He needs to be removed now! Unite and make our country stronger. I have faith in VP Joe Biden; he truly loves our great nation. He will make sure our nation is secured for his children and grandchildren. Partisan politics need to be replaced with American leadership. Work together to address the greatest threat in American history, Barack Hussein Obama.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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