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Freedom and the Despicables. Obama, Kerry, Reid and Maddow

April fools! Thanks to all for sharing a laugh and a good old-fashioned spoof last week. The Historic Bowman Field project will only occur if I hit a big jackpot playing Powerball or Mega Millions.

I did hear Bob Beiter was glad when he found out Janice Hiller didn’t really commit him to all of the bedding and furniture needed for Albarano’s Diamond Dorms. Just kidding.

Thank you to all the business folks included in my fishtail for being good sports.

Michelle and I traveled to Cary, North Carolina a week or so ago for Loyalsock Township’s appearance in the USA Baseball High School Invitational Tournament. It was an honor for Coach Eck’s gang to play at this beautiful complex against a field of the Nation’s best programs.

Sock became the first school north of the Mason Dixon line to be invited. They were by far the smallest school there. Their first game against Horizon, Arizona was also the first time they were on grass and dirt this season.

The boys represented our area and Pennsylvania by proving they could compete with anyone defeating Horizon and Leesville High School from Raleigh, NC. They dropped a tough 5-1 game to College Park, California, the Nation’s 12th ranked team. College Park didn’t do the Lancers in, a few mistakes and lack of timely hitting did. But that’s baseball. Sock also lost to Puyallup Washington High School.

It just wasn’t their day in that one. A long six-hour rain delay and a Puyallup team that was 28-0, 4A State Champs and returned eight starters from last year’s team didn’t help. They were also nationally ranked. Overall 2-2 and some great play garnered a lot of attention from the USA Baseball folks. Tip of the cap to Coach Eck and his players, coaches and to all who contributed to The Maroon and White’s trip south.

It was great to see Korey and Mike Young supporting Loyalsock. They moved down to Cary from our area several years ago. They came to the games to cheer for boys who the last time they saw were knee-high to a grasshopper.

Also showing up for some baseball and to support his home team was Steve Keener, Little League Baseball’s lead man. He was down in that neck of the woods for; yep you guessed it, some baseball business. It’s always great to talk with Steve, it’s a shame we get more time to shoot the bull when we are in North Carolina instead of back home.

The drive south and back provided plenty of baseball and travel in our great Country. It was good for my heart and soul. I did not watch the national news or want to hear about any of the political jockeying back home. It was a much needed break.

We truly live in the Greatest Nation in the world. The pure, unadulterated freedom we enjoy as Americans should never be taken for granted. To be able to jump in the car and go do anything you want to do. To be able to chase any dream you want to chase. To travel to anywhere your thoughts and desires take you. To hit the road where it is cold and wintery and drive to the green of spring or even the warmth of summer. What a remarkable place we call home!

We need not take this for granted. The simple everyday freedoms we enjoy are not free. We need to give thanks and praise to God and honor the servicemen and women who provide every moment of what makes our Nation great.

Now back to our reality. The single greatest threat to America is the leadership of Barack Hussein Obama. Do not be fooled by his lies and ability to deliver a speech. He is operating for an agenda of evil. Don’t allow the mainstream media to spin what is going on and help Mr. Obama carry out his agenda against our freedom and national security.

I watched two shocking things last week. First, the arrogance and repulsiveness of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. He admitted with a smug crooked smile he lied about Presidential candidate Mitt Romney not paying his taxes during the last election. His last quip “He didn’t win, did he?” Even CNN’s Dana Bush was shocked by his comment. Mr. Reid more or less took credit for Mr. Obama winning the election over Mr. Romney and had no problem admitting he lied and cheated.

A senior Senator of the United States admitting his agenda was more important than honesty, integrity and serving our country. We all know who Harry Reid is, he leaves a trail of slime behind him, but for him to portray an I don’t care what are you going to do about it attitude. Unbelievable.

It gets better, or should I say worse? John Ralston, former reporter for the Las Vegas Sun, claims he’s had the goods on Mr. Reid for years. “Mr. Reid is a ruthless, lying, McCarthy like figure that has everything but the interest of Nevada and our Country at heart,” said Ralston. He claims because Mr. Reid was in cahoots with Las Vegas Sun Editor Brian Greenspun his columns were pulled that were negative toward the Senator. That is why Mr. Ralston left the Sun. He is now recognized as one of Nevada’s top political commentators.

So much for the freedom of the press. I wonder what it cost Mr. Reid to silence the Sun and Mr. Ralston; and keep the truth off the front page.

Next up Rachel Maddow, she has a show on MSNBC. I couldn’t believe my ears, she tried to support Iran, Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry’s negotiations by stating the radical Islamic terrorist group Al Shabaab is different than the state-sponsored Islamic terrorists of Iran because the honorable leadership of Iran doesn’t target Christians. What? Are you kidding me? Are you out of your mind Ms. Maddow!!

This came after Al Shabaab attacked a Kenyan university killing 147, mostly students and all but a few Christian. “This is new for terrorists to actually segregate Christians. This is done by the leaders of radical groups not Iran,” stated Ms. Maddow.

I don’t even know what to say about this. Iran is okay because they kill but don’t discriminate or maybe she is saying the fact Al Shabaab just brutally and savagely murdered college students who were mostly Christian, is worse because they discriminated and profiled. You know the liberal thinking, forget about the brutal executions, you can’t discriminate or profile no matter who you are. Let’s send Ms. Maddow to Al Shabaab first and then Iran to investigate.

Christians are under attack every day by radical Islamic extremists. These groups want Christianity eliminated from the hell on earth they are creating. There is a bounty on every Christian around the world in the name of Islamic extremism and evil.

Back to Mr. Obama. He continues to turn his back on Israel and recently reelected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Israel has everything to lose by Iran continuing their push towards nuclear weapons and the missiles to eliminate Israel.

Let’s get one thing straight. Iran will continue nuclear arms development no matter what dog and pony show Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry put on. Iran has executed more innocent people in the name of Jihad than any other country. Their leadership supports it. An agreement with these people isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

I do not want war with Iran, however the only nuclear negotiations should be, stop what you’re doing or economic sanctions will be the least of your worries. We should not negotiate with terrorists. That is all Iran is, like Harry Reid they are not trying to hide anything, they are that arrogant and evil.

Greed is Iran’s motivation. They want economic sanctions lifted so they can use this money for their nuclear program. They don’t care about the Iranian people.
Our President and Secretary of State don’t care either. Why? Because the truth doesn’t matter to them as is the case with the leadership of Iran. The only thing that they care about is self and their personal agendas.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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