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Now Playing Gone From GTMO and to Rent a Riot

In my travels this past week or so I’ve had several folks suggest I should give Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House, John Boehner some time. You know, to settle in with the new Congress, to come up with a plan for America in response to where President Obama is taking our country. It’s unfair of me to expect immediate action and rhetoric about so many issues.

Are you Republican folks kidding me? It is exactly what I thought it would be. First they have had two months plus to come up with a “plan”. Although the Congress didn’t take their seats in the land of the nonproductive until after the New Year, the great leadership of McConnell and Boehner knew where they would be sitting.
Instead of understanding the urgency of our great Nation, instead of respecting those who elected the new members of the House and Senate, Republican leadership sits on their hands, takes a two week vacation, returns to Washington and then begins the direction plans of what needs to be done.

Strong leadership begins with planning and organization, they have none.

Our Nation’s voters aren’t happy with you or the Democratic Party. There are liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats, there are moderate conservative Republicans and Democrats. There are people from both parties that are just fed up and want what’s best for the future of America.

As I said before, the number one thing the Republican Party had going for them this November was President Obama. He will not be your crutch to save you in 2016. You will be judged on what gets done and how you represent those who elected the Republican Party to power in both the House and Senate.

It is politics as usual inside the beltway, no plan, no action. By now you should have America on your side as you get after issues of National Security which represent the most pressing problems facing us.

Your first move to introduce legislation to keep the Islamic terrorist prisoners at Guantanamo Bay went well. The next day President Obama released five more bad guys back into the World. Basically he stuck his middle finger up at you.

I agree with the move as do most Americans in the shadow of the most recent Islamic terrorist attack in France. None of the current GTMO detainees should ever see the light of day. They will only return to perpetrate heinous acts against the innocent. But did you really think an individual such as Mr. Obama would sit there and say okay, I’ll stop with my plan of returning evil back into the main stream?

What is worse is how you reacted to Mr. Obama’s release of five Yemini terrorists. Did I mention Yemen and Syria are terrorist hotbeds, and Mr. Obama has released some of the worst from both in the last couple of months?

When this occurred, Mr. McConnell and Mr. Boehner should have called a press conference and went in front of America and the World and called Mr. Obama out on what he did and who he is.

A supporter of radical Islam and a threat to national security. Why else would an American President, at a time of war against ISIS, Al Qaeda and all Islamists release prisoners of war from American custody?

What does the great Republican leadership do? Nothing, Nada, same as always. The American people are tired of this. We are at war for our way of life and existence. Stand up or step down. Be honest, call it what it is and speak to the American people. You have FOX News as your mouthpiece. Why not hold a conference on National Security with the Democrats in Congress? Many are as upset with the so-called President as I am. Put the cards on the table, lets them know what we need to do to secure our borders, wage war on radical Islam and protect our homeland. You have the numbers on your side.

Many Democrats are fearful of not being reelected. Operate from a position of strength not to mention it’s what you should be doing to honor the oath you took of office to protect our Great Land.

Republicans that want to keep putting their heads in the sand, thinking they are right and President Obama and the liberals are the only problem. Please take off those rose-colored glasses. Look at what is going on. Stop worrying about reelection and yourselves and serve the American people. And if you think now is the time for Mitt Romney you have got to be joking.

Moving on to another ridiculous breach of homeland security. George Soros, you probably haven’t heard of him. That’s because the mainstream media buried his most recent story.

Soros is worth about $20 billion according to Forbes. He is a liberal destroyer and prides himself on that. He is a native of Hungary. He has a reputation for insider-trading and been convicted of this in France and Hungary. He is a bad man with enough cash to do harm. The liberal media wants to hide his evil and for us to believe he is a philanthropist. Well good luck with that.

Soro’s most recent liberal power-play was a donation of $33 million to fund the organization and protest in Ferguson and NYC. Soro’s money hit at the grassroots level in creating social unrest and violence. He bankrolled the influx of paid anti-police and government protesters that converged on Ferguson.

He paid for the “Black Lives Matter Movement”. If you remember this was the same protest movement that chanted “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” Prior to the execution style killing of two NYC Policemen.

He funnels the money through legit liberal nonprofits to the end source. But there is no doubt of his intentions. He is referred to as a friend of the Democrats and “the world leader of liberalism.” He donates millions in the name of education of his beliefs and chicanery to create a master liberal race.

He truly provides the bankroll for evil.

So, what are our leaders going to do about him, and his creation of a “rent a riot threat to our Homeland”? My guess is the Liberal Democrats won’t kill the golden goose. My guess is the great Republican folks turn the other cheek.

You will not find a bigger supporter of Constitutional Rights than myself. But this man undermined the system and created violence, looting, arson and financial ruin to many black and white business owners in Ferguson, and he should be held accountable.

This far exceeds the Constitutional right to peacefully assemble.

So from our President releasing terrorists, to a billionaire funding chaos and social unrest, what is next? We need someone to find their voice and provide the leadership our Country so badly needs.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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