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More Frightening than a Ghost Story

I think editor Steph made a great choice for our annual Halloween contest. This year, the kids will be Guessing Ghosts. She has all the details and information on the next page. My favorite part of the kids showing off their counting skills is when the winners come in to pick up the prizes. I love seeing the smiles and that youthful Halloween excitement as they check out what is the equivalent of a great night of trick or treating. So, parents, grandparents, caregivers, and teachers encourage the 12 and under crowd to guess the ghosts and help them to get the answer to the Webb Weekly. We will even have something for you if you have the good fortune of bringing a winner in.

I think I’m going to use that ghostly theme throughout my article this week. Next up is the 16th Annual Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest. All the info can be found on page 55. Remember, a trophy buck is in the hands of the holder, and everybody can register. Just by registering, you’re entered in a random rifle drawing contest courtesy of Sauers Trading, and a donation is made for your efforts to help fight multiple sclerosis.

So, what do I have to report on the contest so far? Those trophy bucks have been like ghosts to area hunters. There just hasn’t been a lot of action going on, which is probably due to the warmer weather pattern. The good news is, as I’m penning this, the weather is changing to more fall-like temperatures. I think that will get these monster bucks up and moving during the daylight.

Please remember safety always comes first, from the weapon you’re using to that trip up and down your favorite tree stand. We don’t need any ghost stories about someone who was just trying to enjoy the great outdoors.

Moving right along to what really scares the daylights out of me — our elected officials in Washington. They are far scarier than any ghost. The best thing for all Americans would be term limits that prevented them from haunting the American people until they became a skeleton. I must also throw in here that mental and physical health evaluations would help to prevent this from happening, and yes, I know this is required to a certain extent; however, I think those with a problem find a ghost doctor to sign off.

I’m sure many of you have heard the story that is told around the campfire about members of the House and Senate who have left the mortal world for all intents
and purposes but keep holding onto that seat in Congress, even when they’re not in it.

That gets me wondering: maybe there will be a ghost story about former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy coming back to haunt Representative Matt Gaetz for the hatchet job he did that got him ousted as House Speaker? I’d better add here that Representative McCarthy is still with us and serving in Congress. I don’t want anybody to think he moved on like 90-year-old California Senator Dianne Feinstein. God rest her soul. Incidentally, she will probably find a way to continue to vote on legislation from the beyond.

I will close the coffin on the article with some ghoulish thoughts about what’s going on in Washington.

What Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz and seven other fellow Republicans did that enabled Speaker of the House McCarthy to be voted out was unconscionable for many reasons. Gaetz knew what the final vote would be before initiating the process for McCarthy’s removal. Because this was just too good for the Democrats to pass up and out, McCarthy went.

This brings an already slow-moving, divided Congress to a halt as they must now elect a new speaker. Do you remember how long this process took for McCarthy to get the post? It also undermines Republican party efforts at a crucial time in American history. They need to be viewed as a competent team that is working for what’s best for the American people. The fighting and division within the party send a completely wrong message. It makes even many Republican voters question what the heck’s going on, not to mention the undecided Democratic and Independent voters whose support will be needed to win the 2024 Presidential election. Without a doubt, this is a positive for the Democrats and the Biden reelection campaign.

Speaker of the House McCarthy should have been praised by all members of his party for negotiating a deal that kept our government running and guaranteed paychecks for the federal workers that protect us. It was something that could have been built upon as a bipartisan agreement based upon compromise. Not to mention, anyone who can get the Democrats and Republicans to agree on anything has accomplished something.

This could have been used by all Republican presidential candidates as a positive to unite the Republican party as they’re on the campaign trail.

This whole debacle showed the major difference between the two parties: the Democrats stick together. Whether it’s right, wrong, or indifferent, they do not waiver from party lines. The Republicans may have control of the House by number, but this shows that razor-thin margin is often an apparition. These may be the most frightening thoughts of all for so many reasons.

God Bless and Help America.

Jim Webb