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A Happy 100th Birthday & Helping a Great Cause

A Happy 100th Birthday & Helping a Great Cause

A Happy 100th Birthday

Well as usual the groundhog saw his shadow and we have 6 more weeks of winter. I never understood that whole shadow thing, the sun’s out so he sees his silhouette shouldn’t it be an early spring? You know the sun being out and everything. As the folklore goes, the sun scaring Punxy Phil back in the hole means there will be six more weeks of winter. You would have thought this should have definitely been the opposite, and we’d all be happier, providing the groundhog prognosticator is accurate. Then again, if you have to drag any creature out of its den/hole that should tell you all you need to know.

Happy 100th birthday to my Great Aunt Mildred. She was born February 12th 1918 in Curwensville Pennsylvania. She is actually the first person I’ve known directly to reach the century mark and she’s still sharp as a tack.

My Great Uncle John and Great Aunt Mildred moved to our area from Yardley, Pennsylvania over two decades ago. They moved here to be near family. It has been a blessing they did. They’ve been like an extra set of grandparents for my boys. On their 60th anniversary they could be found at Jimmy’s Loyalsock High School baseball game. And until Uncle John’s health began to fail they attended more ball games, no matter the sport, than you can shake a stick at. They were always present at birthday parties, picnics and family events. When Uncle John left us a couple years back for a better place it was a difficult time for her. They were truly lifetime partners in every aspect. They even spent John’s last year together at Valley View, where my Aunt Mildred still resides. Aunt Mildred is truly one of the toughest individuals I’ve ever met. She remembers things better than I do and has no trouble letting you know what’s on her mind. If it wasn’t for a leg injury she would probably still be living at home and driving.

Think of all that has changed in the past hundred years and what Aunt Mildred has witnessed. The year she was born our president was Woodrow Wilson. The most historic event of that year was on the “11th Hour of the 11th day of the 11th month”. The signing of the Armistice agreement putting a hold on the fighting until a formal peace agreement, the Treaty of Versailles, could be drafted ending World War I.

Television hadn’t yet been invented. The Ford Model T was marketed as being “the vehicle for the common man”. Automobiles were still viewed as a luxury item, though. It was during this decade they overtook the horse and buggy percentage-wise on the road. The original Tarzan was the most viewed movie. Back to President Woodrow Wilson, he became the first president to travel to Europe. It was by boat and took 9 days on the U.S. George Washington. Aviation was in its early days. Things moved at a much slower pace obviously than today. The Great War which became known as World War I, was also called the “War to End All Wars.” Too bad that wasn’t true. Another interesting fact is that Daylight Savings Time began in 1918, and I can’t wait for it to begin again.

It’s truly remarkable what Aunt Mildred has viewed through her eyes in a century. I wish you a happy and a healthy hundredth birthday, Aunt Mildred, and hope there are many more to come. God bless you and your strength. Thank you for the decision to move close to family. I know it’s played out a little differently than what we all originally expected, but it’s great having you here.

Helping a Great Cause

A tip of the cap to Mr. Barry Sones owner of Nightingale Hunting Preserve and great supporter of the Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors. He and his efforts have been responsible for raising over $50,000 that benefit the Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors Inc. Barry has taken a personal tragedy that could have cost him his life and turned it into a never-ending commitment through hunting and biking that has helped so many.

So if you have cabin fever and are looking for something to do, his 6th Annual Wild Game Dinner and Auction is coming up on Saturday, February the 17th. All proceeds will benefit the Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors. He has a great lineup set; doors open at 4 p.m., dinner is at 5 p.m. followed by the live auction at 6 p.m. The auction will include a mountain bike donated by Marty’s Bicycle Shop, hunting and fishing themed baskets, numerous gift cards, a Hoyt bow and a print by Ken Hunter.

This year’s menu will include roasted Dall sheep with cranberries and mustard sauce, venison Swedish meatballs, venison Bourguignon, wild game kabobs, roasted hog and venison, chukar noodle soup, salt potatoes, salads and plenty of desserts. Wow that is some menu. So if that’s your cup of tea and you’re looking for something to do contact Barry 570-419-4749 Barrysones or Marge 607-481-3909. Tickets are a $15 donation and the event is held at the Hughesville Volunteer Fire Department on South Railroad and Water Street in Hughesville. What a great way to help those who have protected our freedom.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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