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The Truth about Executive Order

I always get a good laugh when we are going to get that big winter storm and everyone stocks up on everything from bread to ammunition. Do they really believe they are going to be snowbound for days, weeks, maybe a month? Then you know what happens? It misses us. Some are happy; some are sad because that sled, snowmobile or pair of cross country skis that will continue to gather dust.

I used to wish for the “big one” to shut school down like it was the Ice Age, now a little snow would be nice as long as it doesn’t disrupt anything. One thing I can tell you, the Webbs always have plenty of bread, milk and ammunition if you run out. Snow or no snow!

Speaking of ammunition, thanks to all who reached out and discussed Mr. Obama’s use of the Executive Order to curb gun violence by targeting the law-abiding citizens.
I hope he continues to target our Second Amendment right, every time he does gun sales go through the roof, ammo sales do the same and the sale of a gun to a first time buyer goes off the charts.

Bottom line is every time Mr. Obama says the word gun it is like a call to action for every believer in the Constitution, everyone who hunts, fishes and understands man’s place and standing in nature and everyone who is fearful about crime and the violent acts that are becoming more and more common, including law-enforcement. Did I mention the NRA? Mr. Obama unites conservative America more than the Republican Party could ever do.

The number one question or issue folks wanted to talk about was can the President use the Executive Order to alter, change or amend the Constitution, in this case the Second Amendment? The answer unfortunately, is yes.

Our first Congress during the early days of our Great Nation gave the President the power of Executive Order. Our first President, George Washington used the power on eight occasions. Article II of the Constitution gives the President the power to manage National affairs and the workings of government. The President can issue rules, regulations and instructions which have the binding force of law without congressional approval. They can however be subject to judicial review, interpretation and be overturned if found not to be law abiding. This power was intended to be used to help not to hinder or change.

Even in dealing with war the President has the power to use Executive Order. In 1973 Congress passed the War Powers Act, to limit the ability of the Office of President to conduct warfare without congressional approval. However, the President can still send troops to foreign countries for hostile reason without congressional consent as long as he notifies Congress within 48 hours of taking action.

The President has a lot more power than we have ever seen used in the past in regards to constitutional issues, like the Second Amendment and also social issues like healthcare and gay and lesbian marriage.

In the past a President was elected by the people and it was assumed he would work with Congress and within the guidelines of the Constitution. That he would respect the rights of each State. There was an assumed code of ethics and standards of the Executive Office that has not been challenged until Mr. Obama.

Mr. Obama’s use of Executive Orders in every case however is legal and binding. He has issued an Executive Order 224 times. This is well below the 381 of President Reagan; President Franklin Delano Roosevelt has the record, using his Executive Order 3,522 times. I’m sure Mr. Obama will add to his number.

I have always thought of Executive Order as a wartime, financial crisis, natural disaster and foreign-policy privilege of the President to help our Country at a time of need.

I don’t believe Mr. Obama has used his Executive Power how our Forefathers intended. The circumvention of Congress was designed as a protection of our Country for when members could not be gathered in the case of emergency. Remember when our Nation was founded serving in Washington wasn’t a full time job and traveling to Washington wasn’t as easy as jumping on a plane. It was intended in case of emergency or when a decision needed to be made immediately in the best interest of our Country.

Everyday Players

There is no better place for a high school basketball game than Williamsport High School’s Magic Dome. To play in front of a packed house, to feel the electricity, to hear the roar of the crowd and that distinctive voice over the PA system highlighting the game.

The “Voice of the Millionaires” as it has come to be known is that of Mr. Larry Bassett. He has been the public address announcer for going on 30 years. His style and ability to enhance the game make it special for everyone in attendance, including the players.

He is the voice of football, wrestling and track and field for the Cherry and White. Mr. Bassett also announces JV and middle school events. His work during the District IV and Sectional tournaments has earned him induction into the District IV Hall of Fame.

Mr. Bassett is a retired English teacher from WHS. Many folks may not know he is a published author of fiction, nonfiction and poetry. He also can be found on occasion in schools, coffee houses, libraries and galleries performing his “Got Poetry?” show. And you thought he was just the voice of the Millionaires!

At the end of the game Mr. Bassett goes home to wife Karen and their three cats.

Tip of the cap to you, Larry. I can’t wait to make that next trip up to the Magic Dome.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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