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Land of the Free and Home of Some Monster Bucks

Land of the Free and Home of Some Monster Bucks

We are so truly blessed to live in the greatest Country in the world. Like I always say, there’s a reason everybody is fighting to get in, and no one is choosing to leave. Although some Hollywood elitists do make the idle threat of leaving our Country, they never do. However, they may change their citizenship to avoid paying taxes here at home. There are many I wish would leave. But they continue to stay right here in the United States of America.

All of this was on full display last week, as the American people went to the voting polls and the caravan of illegal aliens creep closer to our Country.

One of the best aspects of the Trump presidency is how he has invigorated so many Americans to vote. To follow and care about what’s going on in our Nation. It doesn’t matter if you agree with President Trump or disagree with President Trump, the more that vote, the stronger our Nation becomes.

As far as those with that Hollywood elitist attitude. I don’t care if it’s actors, musicians, athletes, you name it. Please keep your political views out of my entertainment. I don’t want to watch the American Music Awards or any sporting event and be subjected to anyone’s political views especially those covering the event. I want to take a break, and enjoy the ballgame or event. The last thing I want is to have somebody that knows nothing about our Country trying to tell me who to vote for.

As far as the caravan of illegal aliens. There is a right way to immigrate into our Country. And this is not it! They are criminals for what they are attempting to do and should be treated as such. It is an insult to all who have immigrated to America by the laws of the land and assimilated into our Country. So why would it be acceptable to allow those breaking the laws of our land to enter our Country, and have the same benefits as those that followed the rules? I will have much more on this next week. I need to take a hunting break and have some fun.

Well, the fall archery season is in the rearview mirror. Like everything in the West Branch Valley, the weather seems to have played a factor. There haven’t been as many trophy whitetails taken as I thought there would be. Although there have been some real monsters harvested by local hunters.

With a little break before the traditional whitetail firearm season begins, I thought I’d bring you a quick update on our Webb Weekly-Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest. The winner seems to get a little bigger each year. Great job by the PA Game Commission on whitetail management, and the antler restrictions they put in play years back.

The current tank leading the Monster Buck Contest is an 18-point hoss with a 17-inch spread harvested by Beau Gair. What a great name for an archery hunter.

Beau is an avid outdoorsman who loves to hunt and fish. He has put a lot of work in, which paid off early in the archery season. The buck he harvested showed up on trail cams a few months back, but to young Mr. Gair’s chagrin, he had not seen it for a long while. He figured it moved on to greener pastures.

That all changed on his third hunt of the season. The 18-pointer made its way to within 15 yards of Beau’s bow range. He made the shot under the pressure of those big antlers, and the rest is history.

Beau checked his trophy whitetail in with Donnie at Sauers Trading in South Williamsport. There have been several big bucks checked in at Sauers and with Dana at Poust Taxidermy. The contest runs right on through the completion of muzzleloader/winter archery season. Remember the contest is simple to enter — just take your buck or antlers into either place, and they will measure it up for qualification to reach the final judging. Any buck taken to either location qualifies you for the random Remington 783 rifle drawing courtesy of Sauers. Of course, all gun laws apply to the individual registering.

First place in The Monster Buck Contest is a shoulder mount courtesy of Poust Taxidermy. Second through fourth place winners receive a $100 gift certificate from Thompson’s Packing in Jersey Shore. You can turn that trophy buck into whatever great venison products you like. I love the jalapeno and cheddar hot dogs — you’re welcome to share.

Most importantly, by registering your buck, you’re helping with the fight against Multiple Sclerosis. The contest was renamed Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest in remembrance of my Uncle Ron Maietta who passed away earlier this year, and also in support of Ron Mingle and his family. Ron is part of our Webb Weekly family and has overseen the Monster Buck Contest since the inception. His wife Steph is currently battling MS.

For every buck registered, Webb Weekly will be making a donation to Williamsport MS Community Council.

Good luck, safe hunting, and God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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