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The Agenda For Our Next President

As Donald Trump threw his wallet into the ring to become a Republican candidate for President I began thinking, where should our next President start to right the American ship.

What are the most important issues to save our country from the Primrose Path our leaders in Washington have walked us all down? How do you begin cleaning up Mr. Obama’s mess? You can’t legislate morality, however, how do you change the current moral and ethically bankrupt course our Nation is on? How do you get the greed and corruption of both parties out of Washington? Their self-serving ways are now rooted in decades of fraudulent government.

Mr. Trump became the 12th candidate seeking the GOP nod, 13 if you count Mr. Bugs Bunny. Do any of these potential candidates have a clue or is it all about money, power and the pursuit of political gridlock, which make all inside the Beltway wealthy and powerful? Sure they preach change in making our Country better, but what are they going to say? They can’t tell the truth of their true intentions.

Can you imagine if Mr. Obama really told us the truth? He was all about change and betterment of Country. If he would have been honest with the American people about his true agenda his announcement speech of his candidacy would have went something like this: I want to unite America for the good of the people around the World. I want our Nation to be on an equal plain with every other Nation.

I want our Great Land to grow our national debt more than the previous history of all the Presidents before me. By weakening our financial backbone all Americans may someday fall prey to China, who we owe 1.3 trillion dollars. Our borders should spin like the turn aisles at Disney. The more illegal aliens that I give amnesty; the more you need Liberal government and entitlement programs. Ask not what you can do for Country but what welfare program you are eligible for. And remember vote Democratic.

We are going to have national healthcare whether it over burdens the healthcare industry and those paying the healthcare bills. All those illegally residing in our Country, all those not paying taxes, all those who think work is a four letter word will have as good of healthcare as those paying the taxes.

I will ensure you there will be racial harmony. Americans will be able to riot, loot and burn down whatever they want, the police will be held accountable no matter of color.

My foreign policy will help with the development of nuclear weapons within Iran and the spread of Islamic fundamentalists throughout the World.

I don’t think this honesty would have garnered Mr. Obama many votes for President.

Read my lips, every presidential candidate will lie to the American people except for one, Dr. Ben Carson. He is not a politician. That’s a story for an upcoming issue.

Now the top five things our next President needs to do for America.

1. Praise and give glory to God. Put God back into every day American life. That is what makes our Country different from every other Nation. America was founded with the belief of Liberty and Judeo Christian values, it is that simple.

Our leaders, Republican and Democrat, continue to erode our Liberty and attack our Judeo Christian beliefs.

This must stop; per a Gallup poll 71.6% of Americans identify themselves as Christian, non-Christian faiths such as Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist and Hindu make up 5.9%. Our Country was founded on these beliefs. We will not survive if our government led by the liberal continues to desecrate our nation under God.

There should be prayer in everything we do, especially in schools. Those who don’t believe in any God can stand or sit silently. If you don’t like it, get out. That is the freedom our Nation was founded for and has been blessed by for over two centuries.

2. We need to fully commit to our military as those who serve in our Armed Forces are committed to our Great Land. Speak softly and carry the biggest stick. That is the only thing that prevents chaos around the world.

I don’t like it, sending young soldiers and military leaders abroad to fight whatever evil pops up, but we have no choice.

Empower our military and allow them to have the resources to crush ISIS, Al-Qaida, Iran. Let North Korea know no matter how committed they are too crazy, we are committed to Freedom and Liberty.

It’s not pretty; it’s not easy; think of only one thing however; what would have happened during the course of American history if we did not defend the World against aggression and evil? If we did not send our troops to fight in foreign lands for the good of freedom? There is a good chance our enemies would have reached American soil. Since 1776 the United States of American has been at War or involved in Military Action 91% of the time. Our nation has only been at complete peace 21 years during our history.

3. Secure our borders. You cannot have true National Security without border control. This is common sense and goes hand-in-hand with number two. The only way you get in is legally. If you have entered our country illegally you have broken the law – see ya! I can’t imagine after 9/11 this has not been done. If you have been here for some time, you may become an American citizen by following a nationalization policy, paying a fine and learning to speak our national language. That would be English for those who have forgotten.

4. Financially commit to the rebuilding of manufacturing and industry in America. Commit to making America an industrial superpower again.

Don’t tell me it can’t be done. In 2012 our great leaders, Republican and Democrat, spent $37,680,000,000 on foreign aid. Are you kidding me? No one sees a problem with that? We are spending more to develop industry and infrastructure in the Middle East than here at home, and boy they really appreciate it.

Use this money already budgeted to rebuild America as an industrial power. Think of the jobs, the tax revenue that returns to the American financial system, the ability to be self-sufficient again. Heck, actually being able to buy Made In America. Baseball hats are not made in America, baseballs are not made in America. America’s pastime just like everything else sold out to China, Haiti, Mexico and Bangladesh. It sickens me.

Our government, the greed of Corporate America and Wall Street sold out our Nation, don’t let anyone tell you any different. Now let’s bring manufacturing back to America.

5. Term limits. This could be number two. I don’t care if you’re Republican or Democratic our forefathers plan wasn’t for you to become wealthy and be a lifer in Washington. It was to serve the American people in addition to having a normal profession. After serving your Country you then return home and to said profession. All politicians in Washington have failed the American people and will continue to eat at the trough of the taxpayer.

The true changes that need to be made to strengthen and return our Country to greatness cannot be made with the current greed and lack of caring for the American people that Washington exemplifies each and every day.

The Republicans have control of the House and Senate this year, what have they changed? Nothing and they will not until a broken system is fixed. Along with the Democrats they get paid to do nothing and create political gridlock to insure each other’s existence.

I will have six through 10 next week. If our next President could accomplish the first five, the next five would fall in place.

Pray for our future leaders to have the courage to fight for America. Pray for our current leaders to understand and either lead, follow or get the heck out of the way.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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