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Doubling Up Dave’s Red Kettle Donation

Doubling Up Dave’s Red Kettle Donation

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season are in full swing across the West Branch Valley. That means it’s time for me to go to work, ringing the bell for The Salvation Army. I’m sure most of you know the story, but for our new readers and maybe those that have forgotten, Dave Sechler was one of the most selfless folks I have ever met. He would do anything for anybody whenever asked. He always had a smile on his face and a kind word for whoever he was speaking with.

Like so many others, I got to know Dave through basketball and his taking care of the gym for The Salvation Army. He worked for the good of the organization for decades in about every way possible. He especially loved Christmastime, and I can still envision him ringing the bell with that big smile, wishing me a Merry Christmas. So, it was shortly after his passing I came up with the idea for a Red Kettle Remembrance of Dave. It was the best way I could think of to continue his work in the name of good for The Salvation Army. If you would like to read more about Dave and how this began, my columns from 6/4/14, So Long Sech, and 12/10/14, Red Kettle Remembrance, are posted at

It goes without saying I’m a big believer in all the great work The Salvation Army does. It’s important to me that the donations made are used locally to help so many in a multitude of ways; some might just need a helping hand with a holiday meal. Some may need help with childcare or Christmas gifts for their children. Some may be at the lowest point of their life and need someone to turn to. I think Dave epitomized their mission to simply help anyone who needs helping.

So, if you would like to help folks from all walks of life, here is a way to double your giving. I have a Red Kettle set up in the front of my office; you can either stop to donate in person or mark the envelope “Remembering Dave” and drop it in the mail to Webb Weekly, 280 Kane Street, Suite 2, South Williamsport, PA 17702. My staff will make sure it gets in the kettle.

For everyone who drops by to contribute and maybe have a little conversation, we’ll have a Webb Weekly mug full of Christmas candy for your effort. A heartfelt thank you to the Salvation Army’s Williamsport staff, board members, and especially the volunteers for their amazing efforts.

The Red Kettle donations help to fund programs all year long. Webb Weekly will match the first $5,000 In donations. Last year together, we contributed over $11,000 with our Red Kettle Remembrance.
Big Buck Down

I love to see pictures featuring the family tradition of hunting in Penns Woods. Lou Becker, pictured with Colton, Stella, and Paxton, took this tank of a buck toward the end of the fall archery season. The 7-point weighed in at nearly 200 pounds. It’s worth noting it was a mainframe 8 that had recently broken off a tyne.

What a great moment the family will remember forever. I’m sure there will be future pictures provided by dad’s little hunters in training.

The number of bucks being entered into our 15th Annual Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest really picked up with the temperatures turning colder.

The absolute monsters being entered in our contest each year just seem to get bigger. That being said, Uncle Ron’s contest is really three events wrapped into one. There will be four Prizes awarded for the top-scoring bucks based on Sierra Club International standards. Everyone who takes the time to check their buck into the contest is entered into a random rifle drawing. And on behalf of every hunter entered, Webb Weekly makes a donation to help fight MS.

Full contest details can be found on page 51, complete with a photo of the “Lingle Buck,” which scored 212.7 SCI and was the monster of them all in 2021.

A tip of my Webb Weekly orange hunting cap with the American Flag to our contest partners at Poust Taxidermy, Sauers Trading, and Stoltzfus Venison Processing.

Please, let’s all be safe out there.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb