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I’m Still Not Biden Any of It

As we approach what I believe is the most important midterm election in American history, I want to first give you a prediction if things don’t go the way of the Democratic Party and the current presidential administration.

There was a time not that long ago that Democratic leader Chuck Schumer investigated the use of the 25th amendment regarding the removal of President Trump. The democratic leadership is more than familiar with the process. Look for them to call on their leaders to invoke action to declare President Biden unable to discharge the powers and duties of the presidency. They will probably dress it up with his health issues. There is no way the current billionaires behind the extreme liberal Progressive party will allow their powers to slip away. They, of course, will first ask President Biden to step down because of those health reasons, but I just don’t see that happening. Thus the 25th amendment will come into play.

Let’s be honest; behind the scenes, there is no true loyalty from Vice President Kamala Harris towards President Biden, who let her true feelings be known when they debated for the opportunity to run as the democratic candidate for president. This also opens up opportunities for some of the most dangerous individuals in America, Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Pete Buttigieg, or whoever the beyond-liberal media frames up to be the next somebody important. Take Beto O’Rourke, for instance, in Texas. After he fails to be elected governor in that state, he might make a perfect presidential or vice-presidential candidate in 2024. Vice President Kamala Harris becoming our first woman president for a short time is too good of a story to be passed up by both the media and Democratic Party.

Now back to reality in the upcoming Midterm election. First, let me say the most important thing is that Pennsylvanians get out and vote. Please educate yourself about those on the ballot and try to find out the truth about who the best candidate is. However, no matter who you vote for, that is your business, and you do not need to explain or even discuss your decision with anybody. Even if you vote completely
opposite of what I believe, thank you for voting and caring about our Nation. That being said, the beast that has become our federal government must be held accountable by the American people. The current state of our Union has reached a dangerous place across the board. Wherever you look is an over-intrusive government infringing on the constitutional rights of the American people. How do the American people take their federal government back? That’s simple, one election at a time.

We must send a message that what is going on is not acceptable. There are plenty of elected officials on both sides of the aisle that need to be sent packing. However, we must prioritize what is currently the most threatening to our American way of life. We cannot allow the use of every social issue possible to take the focus off the actual performance of those elected to serve the American people. This is
done to divert attention away from their job performance and to divide Americans. The script that the President of the United States is carrying out compromises the safety, wellbeing, and financial freedom of every American. Every decision he has made since being elected has resulted in the higher costs of everything. Currently, $4 a gallon gasoline, $5.99 home heating oil, and electric bills increased nearly 30%. I guarantee you the big oil and energy companies are doing just fine.

We have a president that denies we’re even having an inflation problem, downplaying every crippling issue for the American people. The truth of the matter is the American worker can’t keep up with the cost of inflation. This was created by trillions of dollars of spending and giveaways that keep driving inflation higher. Folks, I hate to inform you of this, but this unprecedented spending could drive our economy past a recession to a depression. The grocery store is an absolute trainwreck that the American people cannot afford. I cannot believe the continued increase in the everyday items we all need. We must not allow the president’s policy or corporate America to keep using the pandemic, supply chain issue, or whatever the excuse of the day to drive up prices.

The truth is everything Americans buy begins with the cost of energy. The narrative created by the Democratic Party and the media not to use American-produced natural resources will cripple our Nation beyond repair. We must use and be one of the leading producers in the world of coal, natural gas, and petroleum products to provide a bridge to any alternative energy. This especially applies to electric vehicles. Which currently are not user-friendly, economically practical, or as environmentally safe as claimed; they are actually the opposite. The worst thing you could do when our Nation has the clear and present danger from so many countries around the world is to use our strategic petroleum reserve. That
is something you want at its optimal level in the event of an incident. The current foreign policy being spun out of the Oval Office regarding Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, or protecting and monitoring our borders, is absolutely fanning the fire at home and abroad.

The last two years have been the worst presidential start in American history, and the blame cannot just be placed on Joe Biden. The last thing our Nation needs is any candidate aligning themselves 100% with the current congressional and presidential policy. I haven’t even touched upon the undermining of law enforcement and the record violent crime rates, and I’m out of space for this week.

Let’s all be careful out there.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb