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Socialism – An Evil Veiled Deceptor

I wrote this column for the March 6, 2019, edition. This is prior to the DNC recognizing that Joe Biden was their best chance to win the Oval Office back. I understand there is a lot of water under the bridge since then and the world around us has gone mad in even more ways.

I also believe that President Biden will not be on the ballot come the 2024 election — a decision that will be made by his own party.

So let me get this straight…Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a 77-year-old self-proclaimed socialist, again wants to be the president of the United States of America. His last time out seeking the Democratic nomination I guess he just wasn’t experienced enough at age 73. He needed four more years of seasoning to grow his socialistic ideas, and how they would be great for America.
Senator Sanders has struck a chord with younger Americans, who think socialism is some new vogue form of government. They want to get in on the ground floor of Sanders’ great giveaway concept. It’s not about working hard and paying your own way. It’s about asking what your Country can do for you. Free college, free medical insurance, government-provided affordable housing, even a job waiting at the end of the rainbow, it all sounds good.

We shouldn’t be surprised. This liberal and socialistic brainwashing has been taught on almost every college campus for decades. It has just been brought to life by Uncle Bernie and his socialistic prodigies since the last presidential election. His star pupil, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, recently being elected to Congress.

Who would have ever thought that so many Americans would buy into this poppycock? It has been empowered by the Democratic Party, which would do anything to regain control of the White House and Congress. I stated before the Democratic Party has been hijacked by far left extremist/socialist. The everyday hard-working Democrats need to stand up and take their party back.

Socialism has failed 100% of the time in the history of our world. As is often stated, just take a look at what is happening in Venezuela, a nation that not that long ago had one of the strongest economies in that part of the world. The country has imploded as millions migrate from its borders. Simple things like drinking water, electricity, and basic everyday necessities are unavailable to the masses because of the overwhelming costs created by inflation. This is truly socialism at work. I’ve watched it before during the fall of the Soviet Union, and much of Eastern Europe during the 20th century.

Socialism is the twisting of equality into everybody being kept equal no matter of effort. It’s taking away the scoreboard and rewarding participation medals. It’s everybody passes, and those that work harder to get better grades being penalized and kept even with the rank-and-file. It is buying the votes for the support of a form of government based upon the idea everyone will be taken care of. It is the creation of the belief that you have the same rights to everything others have busted their ass for and earned.

Socialism is a deadly disease that is sold by those seeking ultimate power with the premise of equality. The truth is, in every instance in history it results in a small percentage becoming very rich in every way and over 90% of the population living in poverty or below.

Socialism discourages competition and encourages incompetency. It destroys self-independence by creating government dependency. It funnels wealth and power to those presiding over it. It is an evil mirage of free and easy that is paid for with the soul of freedom.

Just think about it, who is going to pay for all the promises the Bernie Sanders of the world and all the liberal socialistic extremist make? In a system that will just simply eat itself, there is not enough revenue to support socialism no matter how rich a nation is. The next problem is the hard-working carry the non-working, how do you think that’s going to fly in the United States of America once folks figure it out?
California is the perfect example of liberalism/socialism gone wild. The state is going to require a federal bailout of unprecedented proportions in the near future. But the leaders of this debacle want to run our Country inside the Washington Beltway. Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Dianne Feinstein, and presidential candidate Kamala Harris are just a few that come to mind. They need our Country to switch over to a socialistic form of government to take care of the constituents in their home state.

I appeal to the everyday hardworking Democrats to take a look at your party and what is happening. Socialism is not what our forefathers, and those who walked before you, had in mind for our great Nation. Former President Bill Clinton does not fit the democratic ideal for today. He is way too conservative. Former Vice President Joe Biden is too moderate for the current Democratic leadership.
Our Nation is the land of opportunity. Americans are hard-working, self-reliant, and generous. We look out for each other and not only help fellow Americans in a time of trouble but also help people around the globe. The world knows this, that’s why everybody is fighting to get in, and nobody is fighting to get out.

We do not need the government to take care of us; we need the government to stay the hell out of the way and protect us from those that are a threat to our way of life. To allow our living, breathing, evolving democracy to continue to grow economically and support the world. To protect us from terrorism and nations that want to do us harm, that is our government’s job. The problem in today’s world is our greatest threat has now invaded our government. I have seen the enemy; the enemy is us.

All those that believe in socialism should join Uncle Bernie’s Caravan to Venezuela. You can learn firsthand how successful socialism is. A year’s stay is a requirement. No worries, transportation, housing, food and water, education and entertainment will be provided. The first 300 seats will be reserved for members of Congress.

God Bless America.

Please remember this column is from March 2019.

Jim Webb