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Thanks, Praise and Reality

A heartfelt thank you and Webb Weekly salute to all the Veterans that have honored America with their service. You have exemplified one of the greatest qualities a person can have, selflessness. You have defended our freedom, protected our homeland and provided a helping hand at home and around the world when called upon. Whether it is a military action, protecting those who can’t protect themselves or a humanitarian effort in the face of a natural disaster, your efforts go above and beyond anything words could describe.

Many of our Veterans have paid a price for their service. Please lend a helping hand to any organization supporting them. If it is someone close to home, reach out to them. Sometimes the gift of friendship and knowing there is somebody there for you can go a long way. Thank them for their service and respect their privacy if they so desire.

We can never forget the price of freedom and those who provide it. Many pay the ultimate price. Some servicemen and women who are Veterans deserve more than our government provides. It’s up to us to make sure these most special Americans are taken care of.

A special thank you to my Uncle Rick Webb for his service during the Vietnam War and my Great Uncle John Waggett who served in the South Pacific Corregidor during World War II.

If you know of a veteran who may need our support, please let me know.

Congrats to Southsider Griffin Molino on his back-to-back state championship efforts in cross-country. It’s tough enough to get one gold medal, but Grif ran two down.

I played baseball with his father Chris. We had some good days during our youth winning a championship while playing for Country House Restaurant. Our coach? If you guessed Mr. Webb you got it. My Dad loved coaching baseball, especially at that age level for 13-15 year olds.

Mountie running back Dominick Bragalone also deserves a tip of the cap. I would chest bump him but he would knock me over. Dominick broke the Lycoming County rushing record set by “Smooth” Darrell Blackman of Williamsport. For his career Dom has rushed for 6,825 yards and scored 104 touchdowns. Amazing! There will be more to come on his effort and Head Coach Chris Eiswerth’s Mounties in an upcoming issue.

As I watched the postelection press conferences and commentary one thing jumped out at me. They just don’t get it. The Republicans beating their drum of election success, President Obama’s arrogance and defiance that it doesn’t matter, he has final say and he will do what he wants.

Time out here. What about us, the American people? How about what is in the best interest of our Country and the ones paying the bills?

The Republican Party needs to remember their current win streak is a result of President Obama and his fellow henchmen’s inability to run our Nation. Our President’s complete lack of what’s good for our Country policy and his catering to the liberal agenda.

The President and his liberal wrecking crew also need to read the results and realize if his agenda was what the American taxpayers wanted he wouldn’t be looking at a Senate and House controlled by the Republicans.

I know what’s going to happen. The writing is on the wall. Nothing! When the dust clears it will be politics as usual. Both parties making sure they get theirs and the American people pay for it. Remember that selflessness word I used to describe those who serve in our military. One word describes Washington politicians, selfishness!
Note to the Republican Party, we don’t want Mr. Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader. He is a lifetime politician, forty years inside the beltway. He is the problem, not the solution. Can you imagine what his pension is, at the expense of the tax payer?

If you are serious about turning our great nation around go with a younger up and comer that is more in touch with today’s America. Not just another stuffed suit, old boys’ network, living off the taxpayer, encourager of gridlock.

The problem is the same over at the House. Majority leader John Boehner is incapable of leading us anywhere but further down the Primrose Path. His over celebrating and credit taking, along with other senior Congress members over recent election success, made me ill. Show some class.

If we want to move forward new leadership is required, we need to run and I mean as fast as we can in a different direction. I would like to see someone newer in office and willing to fight for the American people. Someone like our own House Representative Mr. Tom Marino. He’s proven he won’t take any Pelosi. He will take on Washington for change and not politics as usual.

I know he is a believer in term limits and that is the most important step in ending the lifetime “eating at the trough” that goes on currently. Mr. Marino would drive the House folks back to working for “We the People”.

I hate to beat a dead horse but until our great leaders in Congress forget about the Rs and Ds after their name and unite in the name of the United States of America there will be no change for the better.

One last thought. You Republicans folks in Washington better be honest with yourself. If you don’t deliver the goods and change the direction of the ship you won’t have the boat anchor of President Obama to save you in 2016.

God Bless America and help those elected to serve a greater good, not themselves.

Jim Webb

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