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She is Innocent as Charged

Did you really think anything was going to come out of the FBI’s investigation of Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton? FBI Director James Comey stated last week, “I would not recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State.” Really, there’s a real shocker! He added, “No charges are appropriate in this case.” They never are when it comes to Hillary and the Clinton Crime Family.

I wrote it when this first began; there was no way on God’s Green Earth the FBI would take findings of any illegalities to Attorney General Loretta Lynch to call out Ms. Hillary on. It just would never be in the political tealeaves people.

AG Lynch wants to continue her infamous career as, yep you guessed it, President Hillary Clinton’s Attorney General. How would that work if AG Lynch tried to lynch Ms. Hillary for Benghazi and beyond? Furthermore, Mr. Obama is Ms. Hillary’s biggest fan. If AG Lynch allowed the FBI to bring charges that would be double jeopardy. As in AG Lynch would be twice as likely to go the way of Vince Foster and those who knew too much or crossed the Clinton Crime Family. The ‘Pirate Philosophy’ they call it – dead men or women tell no tales or truths.

There is something about the ‘Clinton Body Count’ that make even the FBI and Mr. Comey believers in what the true reach of the Clinton Foundation is.
Mr. Comey did call Ms. Hillary’s actions “extremely careless” stating, “Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.”

What an absolute bunch of poppycock. Think of the money spent for this joker to come up with that statement! At least tell us the truth! Can you imagine if he did? It would go a little something like this:

Ms. Clinton deleted, destroyed and flat out covered her tracks in regards to over 30,000 emails, and what went on during her Secretary of State days. Even though Americans died, national security was breached and we don’t know the true scope of Ms. Clinton’s criminal enterprise no charges will ever be filed.

We are afraid of the Clinton Crime Family, the Clinton Foundation and all that world thug and billionaire George Soros is involved in. Mr. Soros owns the Clinton Crime Family. Therefore it is in our best interest to continue breathing and not cross the largest criminal enterprise in the world! There that wasn’t so hard was it?

God Help and Bless America.

Are You Ready For Some Football

Don’t blink. Summer is flying by. It’s hard to believe two-a-days for our area high school gridiron teams are less than four weeks away. I had a chance to take in a seven-on-seven passing event at Loyalsock’s High School complex. Ten area teams participated. Tip of the cap to Lancer Head Coach Justin Van Fleet – what a great, well organized event. It was a beautiful summer day, not too hot, not too humid, just right for the boys of fall to sling it around and have some fun while working on their teams passing scheme.

What did I take away from my early scout of local talent? We’re going to have a great local fall football season; Brycen Mussina of Montoursville is an absolute stud at quarterback, as I knew he would be after watching him grow up over the years. Southern Columbia always has skilled athletes and a plan under head man Jim Roth. Coach Tilford’s Shikellamy Braves look like they can chuck it around and Coach Van Fleet’s Lancers are going to be athletic and fast – as Maroon and White always seems to be. South Side and Williamsport were not present at the event. However, I know Coach Chuck’s Millionaires are ready to make ground chuck out of their opponents. The Blue and White of Coach Eiswerth also have a great deal of talent returning and have been working with Coach Crews and the Port. I can’t wait for Lycoming County’s version of Friday Night Lights.

So why am I going all pigskin and ground chuck in the middle of July? I have some great news from the Webb Weekly Live side of the business. We will be teaming up with Gary Chrisman, Babe Mayor and the Cable Sports Production folks to bring you their high school football Game of the Week.

Gary is celebrating his 30th year of producing great football and basketball action for replay on local cable television. Webb Weekly Live is going to bring the players, coaches and teams live to you every Friday night with Gary and Babe on the call.

In addition, Webb Weekly Live will be streaming PA Sports Live’s Game of the Week. Two great local gridiron match ups, one easy place to find them. You will actually be able to watch both live if that tickles your football fancy. You may choose the audio to which game you would like. What a great schedule Gary and my staff are putting together beginning with Central Mountain up on the hill facing the Millionaires and Sock traveling to the Silver Bowl to take on Mount Carmel in week one.
We will soon be providing a full schedule. Just remember the schedule is always subject to change as the season progresses on. We want to bring you the best two match ups each week.

What about the District IV Playoffs you ask? Same formula, live coverage of the two prime time Games of the Week right on to the crowning of our District IV Champions. Maybe I can get Hank Williams Jr. to strum up a theme song.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the five Dallas police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty, the seven who were critically wounded and the two innocent civilians who were caught in the crossfire. What an absolute cowardly act of evil. May God comfort and console their families and fellow law enforcement colleagues during this most tragic time. I will have more on this next week.

Jim Webb

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