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In Honor and Remembrance of Our American Soldiers

In Honor and Remembrance of Our American Soldiers

What weather we’ve seen over the last year. You just don’t know what to expect. Last week snow and treacherous driving were on full display one day, followed by a beautiful sunrise and 50-degree temperatures the next. One thing’s for sure, March is just around the corner, and that sounds good to me.

Let’s hope we get a warm, beautiful spring for all those outdoor athletic events. That takes us right into the summer we never had last year.

Heading out of Williamsport last week as I was traveling on West 4th Street, the bright sunshine and newly fallen snow provided a perfect backdrop to Lycoming County’s Veterans Memorial Park. I couldn’t believe the progress that has been made and how the park has grown since its early beginnings.

A Webb Weekly salute to the Veterans Memorial Park Commission and the Lycoming County Veterans Council for their great efforts remembering the fallen soldiers of Lycoming County.

The park is currently under construction, so I reached out to Mr. John Markley, an army veteran who serves as a secretary for the Park Commission to find out what all is going on. Mr. Markley informed me that there are six pre-World War I tribute sites that will hopefully be completed by Memorial Day. A brick walkway will connect the park memorials. This walkway will be used to honor and memorialize any veteran that has served in the armed forces. There are bricks available for purchase, and the veterans name can be etched in along with other information about their military career.

What a great thought out plan to honor those that have fallen and served our Great Nation. The new tributes that are being added will be for the American Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, United Indian War, Mexican War, Civil War, and the Spanish-American War. Upon completion, The Lycoming County Veterans Memorial Park will then pay tribute to those Lycoming County veterans that made the ultimate sacrifice since the founding of our Great Nation, while honoring those that have served by connecting the historical timeline with the names of veterans.

Lycoming County Veterans Memorial Park is a great way to educate our future generations on the true price of freedom. It memorializes Lycoming County residents that are true American Heroes and provides the names of those that gave their future for our Country.

The USS Wahoo Memorial is in memory of Robert B. Logue and his fellow crewmates who gave their lives during World War II. The USS Wahoo was sunk by Japanese torpedoes in the Sea of Japan.

The World War I Monument is dedicated to the 131 Lycoming County residents who died in “The War to End All Wars.”

The World War II monument has 415 Lycoming County residents etched in the stone. Of that number 175 were from Williamsport.

The Korean War Memorial lists the names of the 60 Lycoming County residents that were lost in the line of duty between 1950 and 1953.

The Vietnam War Memorial honors 43 Lycoming County residents that lost their lives while serving our Country in this conflict, which took place between 1959-1975.

The Veterans Memorial Park also features a Global Conflicts for Peace and Freedom Monument, which is a memorial to Lycoming County residents who have given their lives in the name of our freedom beginning with Operation Desert Storm and continuing through our War on Terror. There are currently three Lycoming County citizens listed on its satellite memorial stone to this memorial.

The creation and construction of Lycoming County Veterans Memorial Park have been a community-wide effort. It is an example of veterans and the community coming together to remember the fallen, so their sacrifice will not be forgotten.

If you would like to help by purchasing a brick to honor a veteran in your life, forms are available at Williamsport City Hall 245 West 4th Street and in the mailbox at the memorial. If you would like to make a monetary donation, make the check payable to Lycoming County Veterans Memorial, 245 West 4th Street, Williamsport, PA 17701 or Post Office Box 66, Montoursville, PA 17754. For additional information call Mr. John Markley at 570-337-8525.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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