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Coming to America, No Trojan Horse Required

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about immigration and our Country is the welcoming Lady of Freedom, the Statue of Liberty. I imagine my Italian ancestors as they approached Ellis Island, and that brightly glowing torch extending toward heaven welcomed them. The relief and joy they must have felt after completing the trip across the Atlantic Ocean. The opportunity waiting just ahead of them in the United States of America. All those migrating to our shores at this time were required to meet immigration standards.

The United States of America has been the most welcoming Nation on Earth since its colonization. Everyone that has called our Nation home has come from somewhere else. Including the American Indian. They were simply the first to migrate to the geographical area that would later become our Country. Our Nation is a work in progress and still relatively young compared to most countries around the world, including those that have faded into the history books. There has never been a greater success story than the United States of America.

No country or empire has ever provided the freedom, opportunity, and quality of life we have been blessed with here at home. Sure mistakes have been made, and people have been treated in an un-American way, but our Nation has always moved forward to try to correct the mistakes and create equality for all. No other nation has ever done that. Our Nation is an example of Freedom in progress and the constant commitment to improving Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for everyone.

Somehow this all gets lost by the mainstream media of today. The history and evolution of the United States of America have not been taught accurately in our educational systems. There is a definite price of freedom that needs to be taught and is forgotten about. There is also a definite price of change, which needs to be taught in a historically accurate manner. Everyone who has come to our shores has paid a price for freedom and change.

The idea portrayed by the national media that people immigrating to our Country are being kept out is a flat out lie. The Statue of Liberty has never been more welcoming. The 2016 census found there were 35 million people that were first generation residents of our Country. This includes the children that have been born to those that have immigrated. This represents the largest climb in immigration since 1910. It is estimated between the years 2027 and 2038 this migration to our great land will be the driving force behind population growth.

The process to gain entry into our Country begins with the very basic information our ancestors provided. Of course, there are more questions and more information required including background checks. It is a much different world today post 9/11. However, a green card to reside in the U.S. is easily obtained. Nine out of ten that follow the law and seek legal entrance into our Country are welcomed. The 10% that do not gain entry are deemed to be a threat against the United States based upon health, security, previous immigration violations, financial, or a criminal background basis.

There is absolutely no problem with the immigration policy of our Country. The problem is with those that circumvent the process and illegally set foot on American soil, coupled with the liberal socialists within our government that believe these foreign nomads should be treated better than our Veterans. There is a reason they are circumventing the system. The true price of what this is costing our Nation cannot even be calculated. If let go, this will rip apart the very foundation our Country was built upon. That of law and order, which you must obey to first enter, then hopefully become a citizen by assimilating to the law and structure of the United States of America.

I’ve never agreed with President Trump on the building of a wall from sea to shining sea. The pure mileage and terrain this wall would cover makes it impractical. But we need to secure our southern border immediately. There are definitely places where we need a wall, but a combination of physical obstructions, observation towers, micro military bases, military air coverage — including drones and the latest in satellite and cyber technology is a much better approach. We need to apply the same type of thinking to our northern and coastal borders.

The cost of protecting our freedom should never be an issue. Our way of life begins with our national security. There is nothing more ridiculous to me than the Democratic Party claiming to be looking out for the American taxpayers’ wallet by opposing anything that has to do with national security.

This complete liberal/socialistic thinking that anyone should be allowed passage into our Country reaches the point of being treasonous. Their denial that there is a highway of heroin that runs through the U.S./Mexican border, that thousands of murderers, rapists, and violent criminals enter from the south, that terrorists from across the globe consider our southern border soft, is beyond delusional.

The Greeks could have saved themselves the time and effort of the Trojan Horse if Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer had been guarding the gates of Troy. They, along with their liberal/socialistic think tank, would have just left them walk right on in and help themselves to whatever they wanted. They mean us no harm they all would have declared.

Wait, what am I thinking? There would have been no gates at the border if they were in charge.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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