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The Israeli Nation and Deportation

As I observe what is going on in the Middle East it’s mind-boggling that our President and his staff, many mainstream media people and the liberal left find any way possible to criticize Israel for defending itself. I understand the tragic circumstances involving the school and how Hamas and the aforementioned use it as a political hot potato to gain support for their agenda. What needs to be talked about are the facts and what has led to this recent war between Israel and Gaza, or should I say Hamas, an Islamic fundamentalist terroristic organization that rules Gaza.

I have watched in horror for decades as one terroristic group after another, one nation or another, execute cowardly attacks against innocent Israeli civilians, mostly women and children. Someone slips across the border and car bombs a Jewish market. A suicide bomber takes innocent schoolchildren and staff with them. A bomb is planted in a nightclub where young people congregate. This has gone on and on.

Currently it’s Hamas, as every Islamic terrorist group, their mission statement is to eliminate Israel and the United States. In whatever order possible, one or as many as they can kill at a time. Hamas has spent months, maybe years, digging tunnels to pass into Israel to kill innocent civilians and also kidnap, again mostly women and children, and either execute or make them the latest victims in the human slave trade. They also began a series of missile attacks and sniper attacks against innocent Israeli citizens.

This brings us to the Israeli Armed Forces. Forged by the violent acts perpetrated against their country they are one of the best trained, most prepared and battle tested forces in the world. This only makes sense as they have to be on guard every second of every day. When someone is trying to destroy you and your country that you can shake hands across the border line with it changes your perspective on things. When you watch your neighbors, friends and fellow countrymen cut down in the name of Jihad every day you learn to fight to survive, or die.

Israeli leaders have answered all attacks by whatever means necessary to defend and exist. The Israeli military responds in ways President Obama would never understand and let’s hope he is never in that position with our lives in the balance. They attack specific military and terroristic locations and if you’re there, you’re in trouble. They often warn Gaza and Hamas an attack is pending allowing the innocent to leave the area. This was the case with the school.

The problem is evil groups like Hamas and many of the countries harboring these groups have zero value of life. They use schools, hospitals and areas near United Nations points to set up operations and hide themselves and weapons. Often, even after warning, they do not allow the innocent to leave. They become human shields to prevent attack and the faces of casualty in the event of attack. This allows a group like Hamas to then point a political finger at Israel. These are evil individuals that will stop at nothing to kill.

President Obama’s failure to understand history is alarming as is his inability to state the obvious at his press conferences. Is he on the side of democracy and freedom or Gaza and Hamas? Is he capable of defending American freedom by all means possible or does he and his Washington politicians not have the stomach for this and the understanding they want us dead?

I never want any innocent child to meet the fate as those did in Gaza. Reality is there are casualties of war. Remember who has been casting the first stone and the evil acts that provoke Israel to defend its people.

As I am penning this article, breaking news tells me there will be a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. I have witnessed many cease-fires involving Israel and their Muslim enemies. A cease-fire usually means the Israeli military is kicking someone’s butt. The evil foe, like Yasser Arafat did years ago, uses the cease-fire to regroup and plan the next cowardly attack on Israel. We all should be thankful and proud to be citizens of our great land. Can you imagine living with the threat of violence as they do in Israel?

That leads me to the next hot topic, immigration reform. Which in White House terms means, let’s give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Well good luck with that Mr. President. The American people disagree with you and I have seen different media polls with up to as high as 65% opposing this action.

More importantly, President Obama has had no success to this point of getting his proposal past the House and Senate. In true presidential fashion Mr. Obama blames Republicans, playing the “they won’t work with me card”. Truth of the matter is many Democrats fear they will lose reelection and their cushy Washington gig if they allow this to happen.

President Obama’s plan legally requires passage by Congress and his signature to become new immigration policy. Our Constitution clearly spells out the law. President Obama has proven he has no problem circumventing the Constitution and operating beyond his legal authority as President. If he overstepped his power on this issue, which is so important to our economy, national security and of our future, the gavel needs to fall on him – from both sides of the political aisle.

There is no reason to give individuals that broke the law to enter our country and live off of the American taxpayer anything but the boot back to where they came from. All illegals that are in our prisons should be immediately deported. This is common sense but yet many are still in our country and we are paying for it.
Finally, if President Obama does not follow the law of our land, send him packing with them.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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