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Eagles, Cupids, Monsters & Wizards

The only classified information I’m going to talk about this week is the winners of our 15th Annual Uncle Ron’s Webb Weekly Monster Buck Contest. The only person they worry about talking about the results before it’s time would be me. As most of you know, I always like discussing hunting and big bucks. This year, I was able to not say anything or to leave the official scoring documents lying around where they shouldn’t be.

It was great hearing and conversating with so many of you about my column last week. It really hit a nerve with some folks. I thank you all for reading, and appreciate everyone’s thoughts, whether you agree, had a thought to share, or thought I stepped in a big pile of buck poop regarding the article. My contact information is always on page 4, and I always try to touch base with everyone.

Before I get to the results of the Big Buck Contest, there are a few other things I’d like to hit, beginning with the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day. Editor Steph did a great job in getting predictions from folks across our area, and it is always great when we have a Pennsylvania team playing in the biggest game of the year. Super Bowl LVII is made even more interesting, with the Kansas City Chiefs having so many local ties. I’ll leak out the information that my sons and I are all picking the Eagles; but for the scores and reason why you will have to read Steph’s column.

Whether you’re looking for a place to celebrate Valentine’s Day or for great food to watch the Super Bowl, which could be at home or away, I think you’ll find something in the pages ahead. And to all the men out there, don’t get so distracted by the Super Bowl and Big Buck results and forget Valentine’s Day. That will definitely land you in the doghouse. This is a good place for me to remind you to also get the kids and your 4-legged family members a special Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day treat.
Now to the results of our 15th Annual Webb Weekly Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest. Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter; we registered 126 bucks. A donation on behalf of every hunter will be made to help local folks battle MS.

A quick reminder, the Uncle Ron’s naming comes from my Uncle Ron Maietta, an outdoorsman that fought through the disease to continue to enjoy the outdoors until his passing. And for Ron Mingle, a long-time Webb Weekly family member who retired from his job several years back but still oversees the Monster Buck Contest. His wife Steph has MS, and the entire Mingle family has been passionate about helping her, bringing awareness, and raising money to help battle MS.

A tip of my Webb Weekly hunting hat with the American Flag on the side to my partners in the contest Poust Taxidermy, Sauers Trading, and Stoltzfus Butchering. All great people who are passionate about God, Country, family, and hunting.

The winner of this year’s contest and free shoulder mount is Brandon Prosock. The monster of the year sported 12 points, a 16 1/2-inch spread, and scored 163.2. Congratulations, Brandon. Dana and Sam, will do an amazing job of artistically preserving this great memory. Another thank you to the duo for also being my official scorers.

Runner-up was a 10-point absolute tank with a 15 ½-inch spread, scoring 156.7. Congrats to Nathan Kremser. What an incredible buck.

A tip of my cap to 3rd place finisher Bill Kieser on harvesting a 10-point with a 21” spread that scored 148.5.

And finishing 4th was Kevin Lucas, who brought home a 13-point buck with a 17 1/2-inch spread scoring 146.6.

Way to hold steady and shoot straight, gentlemen, 2nd through 4th place, win a $100 gift card from Stoltzfus Butchering, who do an unbelievable job of turning that venison into the product of your choice.
Closing things out, the winner of the Savage Axis Rifle package, complete with all the trimmings from Sauers Trading, is Frank Rohrer. Thank you to my friends Jon and Don not only for taking care of the business end of the great rifle giveaway but for rough scoring entrants into the contest.

Remember, any legal buck can be entered in the contest, as I believe a trophy is in the hands of the holder.

As we drop the curtain on another great year of hunting the elusive white-tailed buck and our contest, let me encourage everyone to get the next generation of hunters out in the woods. This process begins in the off-season with education, instruction, and taking that young future hunter under your wing. What a great way to spend time together and enjoy the outdoors.

In closing things out this week, let me remind you the Harlem Wizards are taking on a team of teachers, principals, and staff in a charity basketball game on February 9th at Williamsport’s Magic Dome. The event tips off at 6:30. It is sure to be a fun-filled evening for a great cause. Williamsport Mayor Derek Slaughter is even serving as a celebrity teammate.

If you’re looking for more info, it was the cover story last week and can be found at
Just a little advice to both men and women, if you’re going to try to frame tickets to the Harlem Wizards up as an early Valentine’s Day present, I think it needs to be an add-on to what you normally do. This, of course, unless if they are a huge basketball fan, and I still recommend throwing in a great dinner and that special card.

Go Eagles, and let’s all be safe out there.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb