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Love and President’s Day Reality

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Please don’t forget that special someone in your life on a day intended to show and celebrate your feelings. Maybe it’s your spouse or someone you’re hoping will be. Maybe you and the person you love now have children to celebrate on Valentine’s Day.

I have always loved getting my kids a Valentine’s Day card and their favorite candy.

Some years, when they were little, they even got matchbox cars or maybe baseball cards. Now that they’ve gotten older, Michelle and I hope to take them out for a Valentine’s Day dinner that includes the loved ones in their life. I don’t want to interfere with their plans, so it doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s Day. I have always liked going out before or a little bit after Cupid’s holiday when restaurants aren’t as busy.

Speaking of Valentine’s cards, I enjoyed taking them to school back in my Central Elementary days. I’m sure many of you remember that time in your life when you would get small Valentine’s Day cards for everybody in your class, exchange them, and have a little party with your classmates, complete with heart-shaped cookies and conversation hearts.

I was much more worried about taking in the coolest cards of that time than trying to persuade a young lady to be my Valentine. I remember my favorite Valentine’s cards back in the day, were Spider-Man, a Marvel Comics set that included Spider-Man, the Hulk, Captain America, and Snoopy.

Just like Halloween, when my Mom would take me to Hills to pick out the perfect costume, we went to find the perfect Valentine’s cards for my friends. The trip would include a frozen Coke, a bag of popcorn, and a couple of those little NFL football helmets out of the quarter machine. Thank you for the memories, Mom, and Happy Valentine’s Day.

That brings up another good point: no matter how old your parents might be, wish them a happy Valentine’s Day. I guarantee you they’ll never get tired of hearing it. Maybe even throw in a card or their favorite candy and, if possible, include them in that Valentine’s meal out. If possible, include the grandparents and remember what I mentioned earlier: this doesn’t have to happen on February 14th.

I’ll finish up my Valentine’s Day thoughts with a song from back in my elementary school days that was probably playing on the radio when my Mom took me to Hills. As I grew older in life, I realized what an amazing voice and recording artist this lady was. The song is perfect not only for this article but for the point of American history we are currently living in. You may have already guessed it: Dionne Warwick and “What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love.” If you haven’t heard it in a while, Google it and give it a listen. I’ll finish my article this week with another thing our world needs now to go with that love, sweet love. Monday is Presidents’ Day; a day first created to honor and celebrate the accomplishments of George Washington. This day was first recognized as Washington’s Birthday. As time went by, President Abraham Lincoln was added to this day, and it became the federal holiday known as Presidents’ Day. Again, this was also to honor and recognize the accomplishments of President Lincoln. Both men were selfless, sacrificing, and amazing leaders at pivotal times in American history.

Well, folks, we are at another pivotal time in American history when we need somebody to step up like these men did. There are obviously other presidents that could be added to this list, like Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Reagan, and others. Our Nation needs a President who puts America and the safety and well-being of American citizens first. We need an individual strong enough to stand up for this with the ability to make it happen. We cannot continue to go down the primrose path we are currently on. We must rebuild our Country to where the world is dependent upon us, not where we are dependent upon any other nation. Whether it be energy, pharmaceuticals, or any daily necessity. It must come back to being made and provided in the USA by fellow Americans.

As our Nation navigates its way through the primary election season, I pray this person can be found. Our Nation must also have leadership that puts law and order first. This continued caving to the criminal element must end. We are witnessing major cities being overrun and destroyed by crime. This is often followed by that criminal element extending out into smaller towns and municipalities not prepared or funded to handle it. The battle of good vs evil has never been more prevalent and witnessed daily. The time has come to find a president and change the narrative.

May God Help and Bless America.

Jim Webb