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Under the October Sky

The third Saturday in October can mean just one thing in these parts — the Mummers’ Parade in Southside. Hard for me to believe this year marks the 72nd anniversary of the Autumn event. It seems like only yesterday I couldn’t wait for the parade to begin and to gather up all the candy possible. Back in the day, it was held at night and during the week. I remember one year the Mummers’ Parade was celebrating their 20th or 25th march up and down South Williamsport and I thought, wow that’s a long time! Now I view the 72nd parade as not so old. Funny how age changes your perspective on what’s young and old!

Tip of the Halloween mask to all those good folks who have made the event possible over the years and continue the hard work and traditions to bring so many smiles to the young and young at heart. The citizens of Southside do a great job hosting and decorating for the pre-Halloween parade. It amazes me every year how many folks open their homes for parties, celebrating living along the annual route — a wide variety of food and beverages available for their guests.

If you’re looking for something to do Saturday, come on over and support a great community event. You’re more than welcome to watch from our Webb Weekly parking lot; you may need to get there early, however. I ask one favor for everyone living or working along the parade route — please don’t leave anything behind and thank you.

Hopefully those beautiful fall colors show up soon. I have no problem with the warm weather of September and now October, but all the leaves I’ve been blowing are brown or green. We all need that great Fall foliage to lead us to what comes after, and no I’m not looking forward to the cold. That’s another thing that changes as you grow older. I used to love the snow, never got school days off like they do today, but we still had a lot of fun sledding down the top of Kane Street and the hill at the high school. Now I would love to see Autumn take us right back to 70° Spring days.

I know area archery hunters are waiting for some colder temperatures to get things moving in the woods. I’ve heard a couple of stories of big bucks down already, but not many. Remember our annual Monster Buck Contest and take them into The Country Store Venison Processing in Pennsdale or Poust Taxidermy off Route 44. Get those big bucks registered for great prizes. Also, remember rack size doesn’t matter for our random drawing of a Remington rifle courtesy of Sauers. The only requirement is it’s a buck!

Another thing that has changed since back in the day. The PA Game Commission has done a great job with their Deer Management Program allowing bucks to get older as to have more trophy whitetails harvested every year. My dad used to joke; did you get your buck? Years ago a hunter was happy with a legal spike. It was a great accomplishment just to get any buck! Today, there are more monster bucks and hunters waiting on only the next bigger buck. Those big tanks are still like ghosts in the woods, however, that’s how they become wall hangers.

Speaking of ghosts, don’t let the young ones forget about our annual Halloween contest. Steph my editor and right-hand person has done a great job over the years coming up with a Halloween theme and then hiding the pumpkins, vampires, spiders, bats, you name it throughout the Webb Weekly. This year it’s ghosts — and not just any ghosts, ones that can earn you a pumpkin full of candy and prizes. How so? Just have the young folks count the total number inside and outside the Webb Weekly. Then email the answer to or drop a postcard in the mail to Webb Weekly 280 Kane St. Suite 2, South Williamsport, PA 17702.

There will be ten random winners selected from all that get the right count. Remember you need to count all the cool ghosts in both the October 11th and October 18th issues and add them together. The kids do better than I do every year; I have never counted the right number the first time through.
Please be careful out there! There are a lot of great Fall events going on everywhere. Watch out for the little ghosts, superheroes, witches or just that young boy or girl chasing that wiffle ball, football or basketball out into the street. That too was me when I was gathering candy at the Mummers’ Parade. Luckily for me, the drivers were paying attention.

There is a lot more going on in the world of today. Nothing is more important than keeping those eyes on the road ahead when driving. Recently I have seen and been told about too many close calls or worse. None of us want to be involved in that situation from either side.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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