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Pumpkin Spice and Pigskin is Nice

Well, summer is in the rear-view mirror as autumn officially begins next Thursday. A couple of closing thoughts about the sun-drenched season. It was hot, it was dry, and it was everything I remembered summers being as I was growing up. Just day after day of being able to do whatever you wanted and not having to worry about rain, and then when you would get rain, it would come in the form of late afternoon or evening thundershowers.

What a great Summer! Of course, according to scientists and professional weather folks, it was one of the most extreme summers on record. ‘Summergedon,’ so to speak, just like everything else that is played into the worst possible scenario. I will leave it at that with these closing thoughts; maybe it was just a hot, dry summer that everybody who loves summer weather appreciated. The science of meteorology has been around the equivalent of a grain of sand on the beach compared to the creation of the Earth.

My last closing thought on summer is a tip of my Webb Weekly cap with the American Flag on the side to the Williamsport Crosscutters. We are proud to partner with the MLB draft league organization and glad we could send so many folks to the home games with dinner and a drink with our contest.

The Cutter’s, led by Manager Jesse Litsch, made it to the league championship game. What a great accomplishment. Hopefully, next year they win one more game right here at Muncy Bank Ball Park at Historic Bowman Field and capture the league championship. Thanks to all within the Cutter’s organization for providing great entertainment and outstanding baseball.

Moving right along. As most of you know, I love the change of seasons we experience in Pennsylvania. It would be hard for me to pick a favorite, although I would lean towards autumn or summer. Fall is just a special time in our neck of Penns Woods with so much going on. I hope we all enjoy outstanding fall weather, complete with God’s green Earth changing over to display all the season’s beautiful colors.

I pray that dry summer weather doesn’t affect our farmers and all the businesses associated with harvest time. Get out and shop your favorite farm market for the best produce selection of the year!

I also hope there is finally a marching of the 75th Annual Mummers Parade in Southside. COVID and weather have gotten the best of the last couple of attempts. But there’s a lot of fall to enjoy between now and then.

The football season is now off and running in full swing. As I often say, get out and about on Friday night and enjoy your favorite high school team and Pennsylvania high school football tradition. If you can’t get out for whatever reason, Webb Weekly Live has a great game for you this Friday night as the Danville Ironmen take on Head Coach Justin Van Fleet’s Loyalsock Lancers.

With the way college and football schedules are done in today’s world, you could watch a football game pretty much every night of the week. I don’t know if that’s such a good thing, but that’s a conversation for another day. This applies especially to the college level and how every aspect of the game has become like the Wild West and California gold rush rolled into one. Show me the money should be the new motto, and that goes for players, coaches, and universities.

The actions that got Southern Methodist University the death sentence in 1987 from the NCAA have become normal operating procedures and are to be celebrated. There are now more rules governing the NFL and the money trail than in college football — which is supposed to be an amateur sport. The highest-paid state employee in most states is the head coach of the state’s football team. Nittany Lions’ head coach James Franklin’s contract is for 70 million dollars over ten years plus incentives based upon the success of the program.

I’ll stop on that note other than to say Americans love football, and I’m not talking about soccer, although ESPN is trying to push it every chance they get. My pick for this year’s Super Bowl Champion — the Buffalo Bills.

In closing things out, this week is a reminder of a couple of Webb Weekly autumn traditions that will be kicking off the next couple of weeks. The September 21st edition will include our annual Fall Home Improvement Guide. This is a covering of the best area contractors and businesses guaranteed to help make your home space a better place.

Then one of my favorites of the year, September 28th, will feature the Fall Outdoors Guide, which includes our Uncle Ron’s Big Buck Contest. I can’t wait to see the antlers that come through the door this year.

Get out and about and enjoy all that’s going on and the changing seasons. And as always, let’s all be careful out there.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb