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Big Bucks and Tough Decisions

The calendar tells me it is officially autumn; the sunshine has made me wonder, where was that all summer? What amazing weather as those beautiful fall colors begin to show up everywhere. Let’s just hope this isn’t an early Indian summer, with an extreme winter behind it!

The end of September always means the beginning of the Pennsylvania archery season. Webb Weekly will again be having our Monster Buck Contest. It will run right on through the completion of black powder and the second archery season. Remember, you can check your buck in at Poust Taxidermy or the Country Store Venison Processing. Also, remember size isn’t everything, there is a new Remington 783 model rifle up for grabs in our random drawing just by checking your buck in at either location. Thanks to John and his son Donny at Sauers Trading for taking care of the gun portion of the contest.

Tommy Springman will again be providing the second through fourth place prizes, gift cards to turn that venison into delicious Country Store products. First place is the great taxidermy work of Dana Poust. And size does matter for this portion of the Monster Buck Contest. You can have that trophy Buck hanging wherever you want it. Of course, some hunters need permission from their wives. That’s between you and them.

I can’t wait to see the monsters that are entered this year! I’ve been told by many there’s a record number of trophy whitetail running around. Most importantly, let’s be safe out there! If possible, get a young person involved and pass on the great Pennsylvania tradition and appreciation for the outdoors.

From big bucks to the same old bull in Washington. President Donald Trump continues to try to accomplish his contract with the American voter, and the opposition from within his own party continues. Of course, the Democrats and the media are going to work against President Trump. It is those fellow Republicans that have provided the largest obstacle on continuing the gridlock.

President Trump is becoming more politically savvy, and his bipartisan work has come a long way. This has led to the highest approval rating since being elected President. The American voter needs to take notes and remember those, both Republican and Democrat, which refuse to compromise. Compromise is the only way anything will get done, from the not so Affordable Healthcare Act to tax cuts. This is how democracy works, when did compromise become a four-letter word?

There will always be a difference in the beliefs and ideals of the parties — that is fact. What is failing our Country right now is the inability to solve problems and manage our Country as a business through compromise. Gridlock has proven to be kryptonite to democracy. Tough decisions must be made by our elected officials on both sides of the aisle.

God Bless America.

Everyday Player

One of the most difficult jobs is that of a waiter or waitress. A server is today’s politically correct job title. Even though much is out of their control, they are the face of the food establishment. They have the ability to make or break your dining experience and the owner’s profitability.

Tip of the Red Lobster cap to Rizalita Siford. Riza, as she is known, has been a server at Red Lobster since they opened their doors over 23 years ago!

I wonder how many pounds of seafood she has served and folks she has waited on in over two decades? Most importantly is the way Riza approaches each day with her fellow workers and every customer that comes through the door. “The people I work with and the guests are like my family. I’ve seen coworkers grow up and raise their own family. I’ve watched our regular customers grow older, and their children have grown up and have families of their own. The people I work with and the guests have made it a most wonderful experience,” Riza shared with me.

Riza is originally from the Philippines. She met her husband John while he was serving our Country in Okinawa and they have been married for 33 years. The couple has three children Tiffany, Alexander and Tonya. All are grown, and Rizalita appreciates how all those hours at Red Lobster have helped put two kids through college. Her youngest daughter, she is proud to say, is serving our Country in the Air Force.

“She is a happy, bubbly, guest-oriented server who makes everything fun and a little easier,” Jason Hoffman, the culinary manager stated. He also, as did Riza, wanted to give a shoutout to Heather Williams who has been there since day one. “She has been great to work with, like family we’ve grown older together,” Riza added.

It is obvious Riza loves her job and making each dining experience the best she can. I know this firsthand how she’s been with my family over the years. “I have watched your boys grow from little to taller than you,” she added. “It’s hard to believe the years have passed so quickly.”

In Riza’s dedicated Red Lobster way she then reminded me to, “Make sure to bring the family in for endless shrimp.”

Thank you Riza, keep up the great work! And no worries, she plans on being right there on the Golden Strip until she retires.

Jim Webb

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