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There is a Right Way and a Wrong Way

It was an early morning a week or so ago as I sat in the breakfast area of a Vineland New Jersey hotel sipping on my coffee. The area became alive with young soccer players grabbing a quick bite before heading out for that dreaded 8:00 AM game. Jimmy and I were there for baseball. His team had played two games the day before and fortunately he had the 10:30 game. He was sawing logs back in the room.

As baseball players began filling the room for an early departure I couldn’t help but overhear the folks around me. There was an African-American couple with their English/Aussie accent. I struck up a conversation. The gentleman was from South Africa. He had immigrated to our country with his family over 20 years ago. As we spoke, their 12-year-old daughter came down to have some waffles. Mom was from Johannesburg and also came to America about the same time. They met, coincidentally, while at college.

To my right a group of Hispanic ballplayers settled in with their coach. The waffle machine was a popular choice. I asked the coach where they were from. “The Bronx” he answered. As parents began to fill in behind the players they were laughing and joking in a mix of English and Spanish. As the first wave of people headed out new faces filled the room. I heard a Russian accent as I looked up from the newspaper; it was a couple with twin daughters. As we talked you could tell the father was very proud of his girls. One was the goalie and the other a striker, didn’t want to ask him what she did on the field, soccer is not my forte.

I left my seat to go wake Jimmy up and passed an Asian family in the hallway. You were thinking soccer right? Nope, baseball. Two boys both in ball uniforms. Not sure if they were brothers or friends.

Folks that travel for youth sports in the summer follow a similar routine. The Vineland area is a host city for baseball, softball and soccer. They have plenty of fields, hotels, and restaurants and provide great hospitality. The parents that support their children’s passion are committed financially and give their time to travel. There is no cheap and easy way to compete in travel ball.

I am sure all the good folks I spoke with and observed are American citizens. At some point they, or their family, immigrated to our country the right way. They followed the rules of immigration and naturalization; they earned their citizenship and are part of the great American melting pot.

They believe in the American dream. Hard work, raise a family, enjoy a life of freedom and happiness.

How do I know this over a cup of coffee, some conversation and observation? Simple, they are no different than you or I. Your color, accent or birthplace is irrelevant. If you love our country and love being an American it shows.

Immigration has become a four letter word in today’s society. It should not be. We are all from somewhere else; whether your family came here 200 years ago or you came here two months ago it was for one reason, freedom.

President Obama and our Congress have allowed our borders to be compromised and people to enter our country illegally without punishment. They have allowed individuals to have the benefits of American citizens without following the laws of our land. This is an insult to every one of us.

To provide medical insurance, welfare programs, housing and educational service for someone here illegally is ridiculous.

What’s the penalty our President proposes for this criminal act? Nothing, nada, come on in and live off the system.

Think of the health implications the illegal aliens pose to the United States. Our country has done everything possible to prevent the spread of infectious disease. How many shots did your child have growing up?

Now we allow illegal aliens to mainstream into our neighborhoods. Even if detained, the government employees that have interacted with these individuals go home to their families every night.

The American taxpayer is footing their medical bills in an effort to prevent the spread of disease. So let me get this straight, we are giving their countries billions of dollars in aid, a portion earmarked for vaccinations to prevent a pandemic. These countries take the money and their people illegally cross our borders without any vaccinations.

If the folks in Washington ran Walmart, it would be closed in a week. Out of business.

As we celebrate our Independence Day with picnics, ballgames and fireworks, remember our independence has been earned and continues to be earned each and every day.
I am proud to be an American, grateful my ancestors immigrated to this great land and followed the rules to gain American citizenship. America was founded, built and made the greatest country on earth by immigrants. A melting pot of color, culture, religion and ideas all in the name of freedom.

We should never turn a single soul away, provided they follow the laws of our land and immigrate to our nation legally!

Mass illegal immigration will weaken our country. It will overburden our medical and social services; overcrowd our schools and affordable housing, overwhelm the American taxpayer. If a person cannot follow the first law of entering our country do you honestly believe they will be a law abiding individual?

Maybe this is just what President Obama has in mind.

One last thought – after he closes and empties Guantánamo Bay of all the terrorists, he will probably welcome them back into the United States as illegal aliens.

Have a safe and happy 4th!

God Bless America

Jim Webb

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