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“Real” Reality TV

I often wonder how blurred the line has become between what folks perceive as truth and everyday life and what is scripted, talked about and controlled in the reality television world.

There is no talent required to be the star of most reality programming. The Kardashians are just vulgar people, name one real talent they have exhibited? Honey Boo-Boo – give me a break. Real Housewives of take your pick of the city, no talent, no morals and not real most of the time. I would like to see an episode of Dance Moms meets Finding Bigfoot. It would end with Abby Lee being taken away for genetic testing and the good ole boys believing they had finally captured a Sasquatch.

How about this one, Duck Dynasty is Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Father Phil Robertson goes shopping with Kris Jenner and soon all of Hollywood is sporting a beard and camo. Wait, that may have already happened. Phil’s sons Willie and Jase figure out a practical use for Kim’s big butt, they use it as a gun rest to sight in the rifles. I better stop there.

Reality TV is not too far-fetched from what goes on in Washington each day. Lying, cheating, embellishing. Putting on a “fake” show in the name of reality.

Elected by the people, for the people, to protect our Nation and the people. Our elected officials from the President down have become one great big reality show to deceive the people.

They seek out every camera shot, every sound bite, anything to be seen on Fox, CNN or even The View on ABC. When does Mr. Obama really even have time to serve you and I?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House headman John Boehner should have their own reality show, come on you already know the name, Dumb and Dumber. I think that has been used for a movie, how about Dumber and Dumbest?

There is an upcoming episode of Shark Tank when the “Sharks” have Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Governor Tom Wolf on the program. Mark Cuban and the gang trying to find one business the three guests won’t over regulate, overtax and chase to another Country. The show is to be continued.

This leads us up to real reality TV, Donald Trump wants to go to Washington and guess what! He is ahead in the current polls to win the Republican nomination and win the chair in the Oval Office. No, Mr. Obama you cannot be President for another term, you may be able to host The Apprentice. Here’s an idea, you and “The Don” just switch chairs. You may even consider the Miss USA Pageant, if you can get the idea past Michelle – who’s Michelle? Your wife, Sir.

It should come to nobody’s surprise Mr. Trump and Dr. Ben Carson are at the head of the GOP class for a shot at the Presidency. The American taxpayer is fed up with the politics as usual, the fleecing of America. It doesn’t matter if you are a Republican or Democrat; you have failed in running our Nation.

The Don and the Dr. are not politicians; they are self-made, real people that love America. Mr. Trump is not afraid to say the truth no matter how offended someone may become. Dr. Carson is not afraid to praise glory to God and speak without a Teleprompter. The good Doctor has real solutions and real thought out plans on how to return our Country to where it belongs.

Mr. Trump has his own vision for the future; his ideas actually mirror Dr. Carson on most issues. What he may lack in actual planning he makes up for in being able to passionately state the concerns of most Americans, again no Teleprompter required. Both are men who cannot be bought, this also plays to the American people. Both the (Rs) and the (Ds) are bought by Wall Street, are bought by big business lobbyists, are bought and owned by someone for something. Meanwhile, they get rich eating at the trough of the American taxpayer. The American taxpayers have had enough!

Mr. Trump drives the liberal media absolutely crazy. Every time he opens his mouth and gets his tongue caught in a mousetrap they wait for his poll numbers to drop. Funny thing, they keep going up. I am so tired of hearing about Quinnipiac Polls. The liberal folks don’t get it and never will. They would vote for Satan himself to keep the White House. Who knows, maybe they already did.

I would love to see a Trump/Carson ticket. “The Mouth and Mind Come Together for America.” I don’t know if Mr. Carson would do this though, he is a strong leader and head coach type. It’s tough to accept an assistant coach position. When I’m asked who the right man to clean up Obama’s mess, it’s a no-brainer. Dr. Ben Carson. He is probably the most educated man ever to seek the office of President. He loves God, Country and family and is not afraid to talk about it. He believes everyone should be accountable for their actions, that folks should work for their Country not be dependent upon entitlement.

We cannot afford another Biden, another Bush, another Clinton, another you fill in the blank.

Mr. Obama has negotiated a deal with the Devil. Iran wants us dead; they are the largest Islamic terrorist organization in the World. They provide more money in the name of state-sponsored terrorism than any other Nation. They openly state they want to eliminate Israel from the face of the Earth.

“We are led by very, very stupid people. We cannot let it continue.” Were Mr. Trump’s comments in regards to the deal with Iran.

This is reality and it’s not about television, it’s about survival.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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