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A Perfect “Springer” Storm

The final Presidential Debate is upon us on Wednesday night. It is not only must see TV for deciding who deserves your vote, but it also has become like a reality TV show worth watching.

Congrats to both Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Mr. Donald Trump, you managed to turn the second debate into an episode of the Jerry Springer Show. I could not believe where they took an intended meeting of civil discussion and ideas on how to shape America’s future. The campaign for the President of United States of America has reached an all-time low. It literally became a debate over past moral indiscretions. From Mr. Trump’s ‘locker room talk’ to Hillary’s past dealings with a rape case, right onto former President William Jefferson Clinton’s line of mistresses, mystery and cover ups by both Clintons.

“We the People” deserve so much more out of someone who will be our next President. Both parties are to blame for the weakening of our Country and fleecing of those of us paying the bills around here. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind the direction lifetime politicians are taking our Nation. The discussion of all three debates should have been how to solve all the problems our Nation is facing.

The most commonly asked question is how on God’s green Earth did we get to this point in history where these two are the candidates for President of the United States? I think I have the answer to that for you.

Let’s start with the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. She was owed the golden ticket for a run to the Oval Office. She lost the last go around to Barrack Hussein Obama and then was asked to play nice and support him. She did just that and without her help, Mr. Obama may not have become President.

Ms. Hillary is a poster child for how to earn your turn in the two party political system. It obviously didn’t hurt her that her husband is a former president. She has stayed by Bill’s side for this moment and opportunity to make history.

The Democrats not encouraging anybody to run against Hillary in the primary election says it all. Please don’t mention Mr. Bernie Sanders, we all know he had no shot. The only reason he did so well is so many Democrats understand what Hillary is about and are scared of her and her policy.

Mr. Trump’s rise to the Republican nomination is a complete different story than old-school party politics. Let’s remember he was a long shot at best and had to battle 15 other candidates in the Primary Election. He slowly and methodically climbed to the top of the Republican ladder. His greatest opposition became lifetime Republicans who didn’t want to give up their political power and spot at the trough of the taxpayer.

The American people truly spoke out in an attempt to move away from beltway politics on the Republican side by voting Mr. Trump as their nominee. It makes a clear statement that they’re tired of government as usual and want to clean up Washington and put them to work for the American people. There has just been one problem – Donald Trump. Everyone hoped his past and questionable temperament would solve itself – that he would become more Presidential on his way to the White House, but that just hasn’t happened.

So that scenario leads us to the ‘Perfect Springer Storm’ that is playing out before us. Our candidates for President are a lady who has been involved in more scandals, who’s policy will continue the fiscal assault on the working class and cannot be trusted as far as Benghazi. Or an arrogant, absolute jackrabbit that thinks he can get away with shooting someone in Time Square and has a completely twisted view of how women are to be respected, who could possibly be your next Commander-in-Chief.

I suggest you pop up some popcorn, grab a cold beverage and enjoy the free-for-all. My only hope is they bring Jerry Springer in to mediate the debate. Can you imagine everyone chanting, “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!” during Hillary and ‘The Don’s’ finale? Big Steve, the bouncer and keeper of order, even having to separate the pair as they go nose to nose? Stranger things have already happened, just look where we are today.

God Bless and Help America.

Everyday Player

Mr. Bob Cellini epitomizes what our everyday player is about. A great family man, a good Catholic who has been at Saint Ann’s forever, someone who dedicates time to help provide opportunities and make the world a better place. He operates quietly within the community never wanting any thanks.

Bob has been an active member at St. Ann’s since the mid-80s. He has overseen their John H. Bower Sunday School basketball efforts for decades. He first became a volunteer in the Bower League in 1981 as a coach from Mater Dolorosa. He has now devoted 35 years to the League in every way possible. From officiating games to coaching to having served in every board position imaginable, currently he is the treasurer. Bob has always been as ambassador for John Bower basketball.

When not devoting his time to hoops, Bob can be found umpiring. He began umpiring back when Loyalsock Little League played at what was then referred to as Black Canyon. He has been calling balls and strikes for District 12 Little League baseball and softball action for 23 years. He has a perfect demeanor to umpire and teach kids of all ages. He has the patience of Job.

Bob has been the consummate professional preparing taxes and as an IRS Enrolled Agent since 1972. He currently can be found at Larson, Kellett and Associates. He and his wife Chris have raised four children, Brittany, Michael, Alyssa and Gabrielle and have two granddaughters, Marley and Sophia.

Tip of the umpire’s cap to you, Bob, as you’re getting ready for the 95th season of John H. Bower basketball. You are truly one of the good guys.

Jim Webb

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