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The Hoodie vs. the Gucci Loafers and the Answer

I’m going to begin this week with a topic that we must all find the positivity in, the United States of America Senate race between Governor Wolf’s former Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman and TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz. For those of you waiting for some of my journalistic thoughts about the White House, the Wolf house, and them all leading us to the outhouse. Don’t worry; they will be coming in a positive but truthful way as election time grows nearer.

I am tired of watching the TV commercials, reading the mailings, and receiving all the texts that involve the hoodied Fetterman and the Doctor of Oz. I just still can’t believe these are the candidates from Pennsylvania that will represent our state in the US Senate.

So, I’m sure you’re thinking, where’s my positivity? Well, here you go. The commercials motivate me to get up and get out — as in any place but in front of the TV. They give me a reason not to be sedentary and to enjoy the outdoors during the beautiful fall season.

Next up is the fact they will be having an actual debate on October 25th, an old-fashioned political challenge and discussion to help us find the best candidate. I’m sure it will be a positive and enlightening conversation. Although boxing gloves — as their campaign promises roll across the bottom of the screen — and a fight until one is knocked out, would be much more entertaining.

Then lastly, which is the most positive thing you can say about the two gentlemen, at least from their perspective, is that one of them is going to win and be the United States Senator from the great state of Pennsylvania.

Let’s hope that the newly elected senator goes to work for the taxpayers and voters of the Keystone State and makes a difference for the good of all. That is the best way to prove their motivation isn’t one of power, greed, and fortune at the trough of the taxpayer.

That leads me to what is most needed within government both in Washington and Harrisburg. Once an individual is elected, it’s almost guaranteed that they will serve multiple terms or until they climb up the political ladder. And this has nothing to do with how good of a job they’re doing. This is more dependent upon one’s individual loyalty to following party agenda. As long as the party doesn’t want the elected out of there, they’re golden, so to speak. An incumbent candidate is more likely to be reelected, and the party wins. This Democrat and Republican party support begins with the primary elections when the candidates are seeking nomination and then carries right on through to November when the Rs and Ds fight it out.

So, let’s just say, hypothetically, that both Mr. Fetterman and Dr. Oz are bad candidates; one of them is destined to win. This creates the reality that we all are going to be stuck with this person. This gets me to what is most needed in both Washington and Harrisburg — term limits!

Yes, there are great odds they will be reelected; however, term limits could provide a safety net to limit the length of time. This would especially hold true in an area that is heavily democratic or republican, and a clueless candidate wins. You just hope that the next person up is better.

I’m sure you can think of examples of democrats and republicans that have never been good at their job but have been there for decades. At least by making them leave one elected position to run for another by limiting terms, they may be found out or exposed. This also provides the opportunity they will be campaigning in front of a more diversified voting base for their next job.

When you think about it, bad hires slip through in every aspect of employment. When the American people elect anyone, they are basically hiring them for the job; maybe it turns out the person just wasn’t good at that job. It is very difficult to really know what an elected official is doing. As long as they smile and tell the people what they want to hear, it’s assumed they’re doing a good job. We all know Americans are very loyal when it comes to voting and nobody wants to admit they’re wrong. Term limits provide a way to change people when this happens.

Well, that is enough talk about term limits, at least for this week. I don’t want my thoughts about a topic that probably will never happen to take away from where the true responsibility must be placed, which is with the American voter.

If you are a citizen of the United States of America, there has never been a more critical time to have your voice heard. If you are not registered, you have until Monday, October 24th, to do so for the Tuesday, November 8th election. Complete information about voting can be found at or by calling 570-327-2267.

Let’s all be safe out there.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb