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I get it. I have been writing about all the good going on in our little corner of the World. What a wonderful time of year it is and praise Jesus – the reason for the Season. Meanwhile all heck is breaking loose from Harrisburg to Syria and let’s not forget California. Pray for the victims and their families, I can’t even imagine dealing with this tragedy.

So many of you have reached out to me for my take on issues and to share your views with me. Thank you for this and call me, text me, email me anytime. I prefer writing about joy and good over evil and the lack of common sense exhibited locally and abroad. However, I agree with you, so let’s get after those who need getting after. I will be right to the point and begin in Williamsport.

– Just Go Away! Mr. Bill Hall, City Council President, continues his poppycock. He’s done more to oppose the good and hard-working efforts of Mayor Campana and Williamsport’s Police Department than space allows. His attempt to get his last licks in as the door hits him in the astronaut on the way out is ridiculous.

Kudos to Assistant Chief Tim Miller for letting him know where the bear shihtzus in the buckwheat at the most recent City Council meeting! Chief Miller has also let us know about some of his shenanigans such as threatening a member of law-enforcement and flat out lying about many important facts of city government. Unfortunately Mr. Hall is going to cost the City money long after he is gone.

– A Wolf is After Your Wallet. Our state is being fleeced by Governor Wolf in sheep’s clothing. Mr. Wolf wants to frack every last penny out of the Pennsylvania taxpayers and businessmen. He wants a budget alright; you and I pay for Philadelphia, Harrisburg and the nonworking. Meanwhile back at the ranch the rich get poorer, the poor get richer and the hardworking middle class gets stretched thinner.

Cut government, cut government jobs, cut spending. We need to become We and not measure Harrisburg on what they do for me the individual.

All these organizations that depend on government funding need a reality check, they think it’s free money. It’s our money, the taxpayers of Pennsylvania. Start cutting from the top of the overfunded “help” agencies down. The fact that the local STEP office has a $29 million budget says it all. No, that is not a misprint, $29 million!! I appreciate all the good work they do, but how many of these agencies are there? Here’s a thought, hire a sales team and solicit donations instead of relying on taxpayers’ money!

– Syrian Influx. What a complete lack of working for and protecting the American people. Mr. Obama and Mr. Wolf want us to accept the same problem that has led to Islamic terrorist attacks not only in France but also across the World. Syrian refugees are a harbinger of the evil to come.

At last count 31 states refuse to subject themselves to the most recent group of Muslim refugees. Unfortunately what follows them is the reason; they take over neighborhoods and city blocks and provide a safe haven for ISIS and the other Islamic fundamentalist terrorists. They don’t assimilate to the culture of any country; they isolate and create opportunity for the operation of evil. Not to mention the fact that our Country is $19 trillion in the hole and our State is a few billion in the red. Mr. Wolf and Mr. Obama want to hand these Syrian refugees an access card and a place to live before they even have reached our soil. You can’t make this stuff up!

If these fine citizens of Syria are not a problem why don’t the countries in that region of the World accept them? Because they know what soon will follow.

– Mr. Obama Goes Prime Time. I watched our Islamist in the White House National Address last week. Here is what he said in a nutshell. There is no change in policy of dealing with ISIS. There is no change in him recognizing that Islamic fundamentalists have declared Jihad on us and it’s much more than ISIS. There is no change about him telling the truth of how deep rooted this problem is within Muslim communities in our Country. Innocent Muslims will not turn over these doers of evil for fear of their lives. They kill fellow Muslims worldwide each and every day just to keep them shackled in terror. There is no change in him blaming guns for murderous evil acts. There is no change in when his mouth is moving he is lying.

There is no change in his acceptance of the truth that we are on to him. He still believes he’s got us fooled.

– Peace in Syria. I just wanted to see what it looked like in print. They have been fighting over there for thousands of years. Our President and his advisers destabilized the country, what did they expect would happen? Now Mr. Obama and Russian leader Vladimir Putin are debating over who the Syrian people are better helped by. Neither one of you geniuses.

Syria will continue to be a thorn in the side of our Country, Russia and the World.

– Terror on the Home Front. ISIS has been here for years; our President knows this. What we need now more than ever is vigilance and honesty. We the American people have been lied to about ISIS and the true size of the problem. Mr. Obama was preaching they were contained and decreasing in size the day prior to the Paris attacks.

We the American people need to profile, not in a hurtful or vigilante way, but eyes wide open and pay attention to what is going on around you and in your neighborhood.

If white middle-aged men were the perpetrators of the recent worldwide terrorist attacks commonsense says you profile white middle-aged men and I would have no problem with this.

The executors of these attacks are evil Islamic extremists, most looking Middle Eastern in appearance. The latest attackers also include women of radical Islam. Do not believe because they are quiet and keep to themselves all is well. The California terrorist couple spent hours in their garage never bothering anyone until the day of the attack. Looking back on this it should have been viewed as suspicious.

– A Slippery Slope. There are many Americans that just happen to be Muslim. They love our Country, pay their taxes, obey our laws and are proud to be Americans. We need to be careful here people and not infringe on these folks’ American dream.

We need to remember who we are and what we are about in our Great Nation. The radical Islamic terrorists have hijacked the religion of Islam. We cannot punish the good for the acts of the evil.

It is a true balancing act to protect our freedom and the Constitution of the United States of America but also protect our Homeland from attack. Again, common sense, vigilance and better to be safe than sorry. Contact local law enforcement about anything appearing suspicious.

– The Price of Freedom. So Mr. Obama gets up on his pulpit and spews the liberal need for gun control. Can you imagine if we didn’t have our Second Amendment rights? Who would you fear more, Mr. Obama, the criminal element or ISIS?

California has some of the toughest gun laws in the Country and a ban on assault rifles yet some of the most heinous attacks and violent crime have occurred there. What the liberals refuse to get through their lack of common sense skulls is guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

Anyone who would commit an evil attack in the name of Jihad or for any other reason would find a way to obtain the firearms and explosive devices needed for terror.

The only defense to stop an attack once it begins is the good people of law-enforcement and the chance a fellow citizen may be armed. Unfortunately with freedom comes the opportunity to commit evil acts.

God Bless America.

Please enjoy the Christmas Season and all of our blessings. We are still accepting donations in our Remembering Dave Red Kettle Campaign (11/25/2015). You make a donation to the Salvation Army; we here at Webb Weekly match it. Drop it in the Kettle at our office in Southside, put it in an envelope marked “Remembering Dave” and drop it in any kettle while you’re shopping or if you use an annual envelope mark it “Remembering Dave”. Thank you for your generosity.

Jim Webb

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