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A Scary Ending

Happy Halloween! Let’s be careful out there and keep all those in costume safe and remember to check their loot from the night. If you need any help I specialize in Snickers, Kit Kat and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me no more Trump or Hillary conceit! Are you sick of them too? They make you feel like you just ate all the candy from Wegmans’ Halloween aisle and you just want to puke. I don’t care who wins at this point, just be gone and let’s move on.

I can’t believe both missed the boat to pad their funds, whether it be Trump University or the Clinton Foundation. They could have made a killing selling costumes for the season. Hillary’s is a white pants suit complete with makeup kit and smiling teeth to make you appear pleasant. The Don, a big head and hair mask complete with make up to turn you orange in skin tone, a book on how to win over the woman voter and a Tony the Tiger sign saying, ‘Make America Grrreat Again’. I should probably throw in 30,000 lost emails in the Hillary kit, but how do you do that?

All this talk from Mr. Trump about media bias—are you serious, Donald? You knew that going in. If you didn’t know there is a liberal media bias, if you didn’t know you would be under a microscope of intent to find out everything you have said and done that can be used against you, you have no business running for the Oval Office. You, sir, are completely blinded by either your arrogance or your lack of common sense, or both. And that’s being nice.

I don’t like where our media sources have taken the First Amendment intention of freedom of the press. However, it is complete and absolute freedom to speak or write about events in any way you choose. There are no rules, well very few rules, when it comes to covering and reporting any politics. I do at times believe the liberal media puts a little too hard of a slant to the left. But stop whining about it, Mr. Trump.

There has been and will always be media bias whether it’s from the conservative Republican point of view or the majority of todays more liberal in support of the Democrats. There have been studies and research that reach as far back as the 1948 presidential election when President Harry S. Truman defeated Thomas E. Dewey that suggests this is when media bias first came into play.

The press in general always slants their efforts toward the candidate of their liking. This, in a way, is human nature at work. Sure some remain completely unbiased and professional, but they are the few and far between in today’s world of big money television news.

It is up to the candidate to ‘win over the press.’ To be interesting, engaging, and a good interview, to make yourself likable and liked by as many folks with a pen or microphone as you can. Mr. Trump has done the complete opposite. He is now using media bias as a rallying call and a future excuse if the election is lost.

Bottom line is ‘the Donald’ has done nothing to garner, even more importantly has said too much, to gain any support other than from the biased people on the Republican side. He is his own worst enemy. Case in point is how he answered Mr. Chris Wallace’s question, “if he will accept the results of the election” during the final debate. There is no other way to answer the question than—I will absolutely, unequivocally accept the decision of the voters of the United States of America.
Instead he gives some ridiculous conspiracy creating answer that could become a big problem if the election doesn’t go his way. He has created opportunity for the wrong element to do bad things if he doesn’t exemplify the class and dignity in defeat that someone running for the office of president must have.

His answer infuriated the conservative and liberal media, many of his fellow supporters and probably cost him potential votes from undecided voters. He just has no clue how his words do not affect just him, but also those who support him and our Nation in general.

I honestly believe if Mr. Trump carried himself like the politically savvy Ms. Hillary after he won the Republican nomination, he would be 20 points ahead in the only poll that matters, the mind of the American voter. Simply put you have to play the game, Mr. Trump. You could be completely correct about every issue but if you tick off every potential voter you’re not going to win the election. They will not vote for you no matter how right you are sir, because they despise you. Do you think Megan Kelley from Fox News is voting for Trump?

The American people were hungry enough for change that they completely over threw the Republican establishment in the name of Donald Trump. The Democratic voters turned out in droves for Mr. Bernie Sanders to express their dislike for politics as usual. If after accepting the Republican nomination Mr. Trump would have changed his approach from one of dividing to one of uniting he could have already won over the disenfranchised vote. Their allegiance was available no matter of party, gender, race or ancestry.

He did not and continued with his ‘Trump rhetoric’, which alienates folks. I think someone should explain to him all registered voters are citizens of United States and deserve his respect. History has proven you must win the confidence and trust of the American voter. If you do so you will win the election no matter what letter is after your name in reference to political affiliation.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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