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Name That Nation?

In July 2012 our State Department released a report on terrorism around the World. This obviously occurred during Mr. Obama’s administration.

One Nation jumped to the top of the report as leader in active state-sponsored terrorism. Sponsor of most increased terrorist acts since 2011. Provider of financial, logistic support and material for terrorist and militant groups throughout the Middle East and Central Asia.

The number one provider of lethal support including weapons, training, funding and guidance to militant groups targeting the United States and Iraqi forces within Iraq. As well as targeting civilians for execution to intimidate and turn Iraqis against their government.

This Country has been training the Taliban and providing a group called the Qods Force in Afghanistan. They use small arms tactics, explosives, mortars, artillery and rockets to kill American soldiers.

This Country provided training to the Assad Regime in Syria. They launched brutal attacks on Syrian rebels as well as non Shia Muslims.

Other groups supported by this Nation are Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hezballah and many smaller Islamic fundamentalist terrorist groups.

This Nation has continued to support Al Qaeda. They are unwilling to turn over senior members of this organization for justice who have been hiding in this Country.

Members of Al Qaeda are allowed to move freely throughout this Country and use it like a pipeline to provide funds, weapons and operatives to South Asia and elsewhere.

This Country has killed and supported groups that have killed more innocent civilians than any other Nation. Brutal executions and attacks on unarmed Muslims, Christians and Jews.

The violence and determination of this Country’s leaders has been on the increase since the late 70s. Their state-sponsored terrorism is responsible for the taking of hostages, embassy attacks, bus bombings, hijacking and blowing up of airlines, suicide bombings, night club bombings, the list goes on and on.

One word describes this Country’s actions and what they sponsor – evil.

I’m sure you guessed it by now. The Nation is known as the Islamic Republic of Iran and I guess Mr. Obama must have missed that State Department report.

These are the obvious reasons Iran has so many financial sanctions levied against them. Not to mention their race for a nuke to blow up Israel. Yes, I feel for the average Iranian citizen, but do you really think lifting any sanctions is going to provide financial gain for them? It will only end up as monetary gain for a corrupt government.

President Obama, John Kerry and those supporting any kind of deal with Iran are stepping right up to a line that is near treasonous.

They are dealing with the devil no matter who is leading Iran’s agenda. Current Supreme Leader is Ali Khamenei. The Supreme Leader is elected by the Iranian Assembly of Experts

Their agenda is simple – death to America, gain control through any means possible, it doesn’t matter if it’s violence or deception.

The truth about lifting sanctions is it will provide increased financial support of nuclear weapon development, military growth and State sponsored terrorism.
They will find a way to hide the truth or just refuse access to nuclear inspectors. Do not believe what Mr. Obama tells you or what the mainstream media reports. Any deal with Iran only provides a faster timeline to nuclear capabilities.

Why on God’s green Earth will Mr. Obama negotiate with a Nation that sponsors evil and is looking for the money to increase their arsenal?

There is only one answer and it’s not for the good of the American people. First it is not God’s green Earth to him at all, it is Allah’s. If he hasn’t done enough and said enough to convince you he isn’t Christian take off your politically biased blinders.

In some cases he hasn’t said enough like when it comes to all the Christians being executed around the world at an alarming rate. His National Prayer Breakfasts have been downright disgraceful when it comes to his view on Christianity.

My thoughts and views are not of a Republican, or Democrat, they are of a God-fearing, Jesus loving, proud to be an American.

Mr. Obama’s actions speak louder than words. Case in point, his lack of urgency on defeating ISIS. He has only given a procrastinated, no boots on the ground, noncommittal, but I’m doing something approach. Meanwhile ISIS grabs some more territory, kills more innocent people and American military personnel are put in harm’s way by his approach.

His pro-Islamist choice of words and not wanting to call them what they are, Islamic terrorists or Islamic fundamentalist terrorists. Radical Islam.

I understand and agree Islam is a peaceful religion. The overwhelming majority of those practicing this faith are peaceful, good folks, Muslims. However, those evil extremists choosing violence always claim it is done in the name of Allah and Jihad.

A Christian that murders or leads in the name of evil is still a Christian if he or she believes in Jesus Christ. They are deemed a sinner and their fate is between God and that individual.

Mr. Obama’s strong support of Iran and lifting sanctions only strengthens Iran’s ability to extend their radical Islamic views. They want to create a larger Iranian state outside the borders of the Country. They want to control the Middle East and much more by whatever means possible. This is just another example of who Mr. Obama really is, an Islamist who is hell-bent on the definition of the word.

“An advocate or supporter of a political movement that favors reordering government and society in accordance with law’s described by Islam.”

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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