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Pranks, Positivity and Prosperity

What an absolutely unbelievable time to be alive in the United States of America. I thank God that somehow my family and I ended up in the beautiful and friendly confines of the West Branch Valley. There is no place in the world I would rather live. I still look forward to the Mummers’ Parade marching down the streets of South Williamsport like I did when I was a kid. Only back then, the parade was held after dark. The night of the Mummers’ Parade also was the unofficial beginning of some good old-fashioned tricks/pranks and save the treats for Halloween night. I wonder how many South Side folks snuck down to the fields of Sylvan Dell to gather up just the right amount of ear corn for peeling. Do you remember the sound that made raining down on those plastic corrugated porch roofs of the 70s?

My Dad was always leading the charge for a good Halloween prank; he loved perpetrating them on fellow family members. It was like he enlisted my siblings and me into a covert operation like “Mission Impossible.” He would go over the plan, and under cover of darkness, we would execute it. The toughest part was keeping quiet and not laughing your mask off, alerting whoever was being pranked.

It was always in good fun, never in a destructive manner or too difficult to clean up. My favorite lesson was the art of toilet papering a house. My Father had us split up and cover both sides of a property, and he always made sure there was plenty of toilet paper.

A few of my Dad’s others favorites were the “For Sale Sign” in the front yard and staging at least one call from the prospective buyer the next morning. The gathering up of “Vote for Me” signs and putting them in the opposition’s yard or those supporting them. Another classic was waiting till our neighbor, who kept his yard perfectly groomed, had every last leaf cleaned up and out on the street. My Father would then have every last leaf put right back from where it was raked up from. I’ll never forget Dennis Moore’s response to this when he lived next door to us. What just plain good old-fashioned fun!

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, unless if you’re the guy that had to clean up the leaves or toilet paper. No worries, we usually returned to the scene of the crime. My Dad with a big smile, his unique laugh, baring Mr. Donuts and apple cider. Of course, there was also retaliation targeted at the Webb family house. This was to be expected, and my Dad would laugh as hard about this.

There are some more creative pranks my Father came up with I better just leave for Webb family conversation. As far as those I’ve listed, please don’t try them at home. In the world of today, who knows the trouble that could follow. Oh by the way — my Father drove us down to Sylvan Dell to pick out just the right corn. What a great Dad.

You know I tend to get a little off track, now back to my opening statement. Please do not allow the liberal mainstream media, social media, or those just flat-out dwelling in negativity to drag you down. Our Nation is truly blessed, and there is more opportunity out there than ever before. I honestly believe here at home our unemployment rate could be zero. Everywhere I go businesses are looking for workers, in a wide variety of jobs. Our national unemployment rate — 3.4 percent — is the lowest it’s been since 1969. Hourly wage and yearly income are at an all-time high. Without running through all the key economic indicators, which is flat-out boring, the future looks bright.

There have never been more educational and vocational opportunities for young folks as in the world of today. If you want to work with your hands, you will find employment immediately. The cyber and technology world of today offers more high-tech choices than could have ever been imagined. I have no worries about the millennials; they’ll figure it out. There’s always some generation-next that’s going to be the downfall of American society. These folks are going to take our Nation into the future! I have no doubt. They will provide better leadership than those that have come before them.

If you honestly look at almost all aspects of our Country, we’re better than ever before. Please stop listening to what the naysayers are trying to sell you. There will always be some inequality, injustice or form of discrimination the far left wants you to believe. I’ve got news for you; there will always be. There will never be a utopian society where all is perfect. But where we are in the world today is better than it’s ever been. We need to keep moving forward to solve our problems and make it even better. But this whole sky is falling thing from the liberal left is beyond getting old.

Just take a look around at what every American has on a daily basis. Where else can you find this in the world? And nobody takes care of those that need a helping hand better than fellow Americans. We truly are a Nation of amazing people from all walks of life. I believe in the American people and that most are working for the good.

There will always be bad people that infiltrate every aspect of life. They need to be found out and dealt with by the laws of our land. The encouragement of violence and chaos can never replace compromise and love for our fellow man.

Midterm elections have never been more important than those approaching in November. We all need to vote America first and not allow those who want to divide and conquer us to win!

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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