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The Growth and Creation of an All-Inclusive Division

I could hear the birds singing and chirping before the sun even woke up — what a perfect way to awake and start the day. I love the long hours of July sunlight. What a special time of the year.

It goes without saying no matter where you look or listen; the daily topics are as hot as the July weather. I have never seen our Nation more divided during my lifetime. I have also never witnessed more people at every level, whether it be government, media, or just your everyday citizens, trying to create and pray upon the division. This goes so far beyond thought-provoking ideas based upon facts, it has become many spewing evils and trying to create hatred, and nothing good can ever come from raging hate.

I would hope that’s a point everybody could agree upon. As I thought about my approach to this week’s article, I wanted it to be based upon common sense to explain in a non-biased way why we’re seeing what we’re seeing. So, let’s be clear, what I’m penning should apply to all no matter of political party, no matter where they stand on any issue, no matter of race, religion, ancestry, sexuality, you get the idea. I must also add that I’m not going to take the time or space to provide actual quotes, but the following thoughts can be supported by almost every president, those that represent each political party and began with the founding fathers.

First up in today’s world of blame being directed at the elected and appointed, those who are the decision-makers within our government. This is easy to do and has become the American way as in passing the blame onto somebody else. It goes without saying many that are elected and appointed do deserve just criticism. Now to the making of excuses and playing the blame game. Our Nation suffers from an epidemic of moral, ethical, and just the flat-out decay of individual values that leads to making bad choices, breaking the law, and accepting no responsibility for one’s chosen actions.

Furthermore, when crimes of violence occur, there is always a person committing the act. This individual has decided or, for whatever reason, committed this act. There must be due process, punishment that fits the crime, and the blind eye of justice as intended.

It is impossible to legislate moral and ethical values when the very freedom that provides opportunity to commit whatever heinous act possible is made available by the very liberty provided for all.

I must point out here that our Nation was founded, and laws written based upon Christian Judeo values. The farther our Country has moved away from this principle, the worse behavior has become.

I completely understand how people want to put the blame on government for the moving away from these values; however, you cannot allow this to become an excuse for what is occurring.

The Federal Government has been grown into a ginormous beast that threatens the very Nation it was intended to protect. We have been warned about this by almost every president, including the current one. The ability of a government powerful enough to provide everything is capable of taking everything away. The blame for this occurring should be placed squarely on those elected and appointed inside the beltway. This has been going on for decades and was made possible by the lack of term limits. Our federal government was never intended to be involved in the social, economic, educational, and daily agenda of managing everyday life in America as they have become.

There are 137 executive agencies and 268 executive departments within the federal government — these numbers are right from the source At, there is even a higher number — 432 departments/agencies and sub-agencies. I don’t think this is what our founding fathers intended.

The intention of the Constitution of the United States of America was to limit the power of the federal government to keep rights within the individual states’ power. It is intended for the Supreme Court to be the keeper of the Constitution, thus providing protection for the individual rights of the American citizen. It goes without saying that partisan politics should never find its way into the Supreme Court for any reason.

Now getting back to that word hate. If you want to discuss any social or political issue, remove the emotion of hate and replace it with calm, common sense, and thoughts rooted in fact. That is how you earn the respect to get your points heard. If you are angry about the direction our Country is headed, replace the emotion of hate with the power of your vote.

When you evaluate and consider the candidate you are going to vote for in any election, please take a look at the big picture and who is best for the good of our Nation. The current idea and perception of voters making a decision based upon one issue is very worrisome. There are way too many issues currently affecting the future of the everyday freedoms we all so are blessed with. It is important to understand that when a political party tries to make one issue the complete focal point of their power, it is usually intended to mask the truth.

Please get out and about and focus on all the good that can be found and as always, let’s all be careful out there.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb