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Autumn Outdoor Life and Liberty

What an absolutely amazing time of year to enjoy our home area of Penn’s Woods, “Hunting, fishing and loving every day” as country artist Luke Bryan sings it. “It’s the prayer a country boy prays” and no words ring truer as autumn and the beginning of the PA hunting season are upon us.

It is to me the most perfect time of year to get out. The green West Branch countryside will soon turn to the most vibrant fall colors. The weather makes it a great time for late season trout or my favorite fall bass fishing. We are blessed with trophy buck, turkey, bear and an abundance of small game, even coyote hunting if that trips your trigger. Heck if you are lucky enough to have your name drawn a trophy bull elk is just a short drive away.

I love the anticipation of ‘the hunt’, the getting up early, the smell of the October woods and never knowing what your hunting story is going to be for that day.
This past spring gobbler season, Jimmy and I shared some common ground with a family of skunks. That made for one pretty funny hunting story; it could have been one pretty stinky story if not for my son.

See, Jimmy warned me at the very last minute as we entered the woods under the cover of darkness that I was about to step on Pepé Le Pew. My boot almost on the stripe of his back. How I didn’t get fumigated is beyond me. Jimmy laughed for an hour over my agility and speed to avoid the critter. This may also be why I didn’t get a dose of that most pungent perfume.  I think Pepé may have also been laughing so hard at my escape, he just couldn’t fire.

It doesn’t have to be the perfect hunt or the harvesting of a trophy. The sharing of time, the tradition of hunting and enjoying God’s creation makes everything right in the world.

Make the time and get outdoors, if hunting or fishing isn’t your thing how about hiking, biking or just a walk together as a family. Enjoy the beauty of nature and all that is seen and unseen unless you look for it.

I am proud Ron Mingle is heading up our Webb Weekly Big Buck Contest. A special thanks to the Country Store and Tommy Springman, Dana Poust and Poust Taxidermy and Sauers Trading.

Whether or not you shoot that monster buck or bag a spike you can enter to win a Remington 783 rifle courtesy of John and Donnie Sauers.

We here at the Webb Weekly have something new in celebration of the outdoors, our area and the fine men and women who serve our Great Nation. I cannot give enough thanks for those who protect our freedom to enjoy the outdoors. Some suffer tragic circumstances that change their lives forever.

My staff and I would like to offer the opportunity to share lunch and a pheasant hunt to anyone wounded in the defense of our Country since the 9/11 attacks on our Great Nation.

My friend Barry Sones is dedicated to the Wounded Warrior Project and owns Nightingale Hunting Preserve. We will be teaming up for the event to show appreciation for these special members of our community.

If you would like to participate or know someone who would enjoy the day please give us a call at 570-326-9322. We would like to give our heroes a day of friendship, food and hunting.

God Bless America.

Everyday Player

I was down at Mifflinburg a few weeks back. Loyalsock was taking on the Wildcats in some Friday Night Lights football action. At halftime I heard a familiar voice speak to me as the teams and officials were heading back out for the second half. As I turned there in his officiating uniform was lifetime friend, Mr. Dave Frey. He looked great for a gentleman of 75 who was chasing these young players up and down the Mifflinburg turf.

Mr. Frey epitomizes my everyday player. His service, commitment, and love of community is what it’s all about. He literally flies under the radar, well he did. Not wanting the credit or recognition deserved for a lifetime of achievement.

Corporal Frey retired after 32 1/2 years of service with the Pennsylvania State Police. For 30 years he was the State Police helicopter pilot operating out of Montoursville.

The importance of the helicopter for public safety was near and dear to my Dad and Mr. Frey.  Both did everything possible to keep the copter in our area and then did everything for its return after leaving.

Its importance can be exemplified by Mr. Frey’s service during Hurricane Agnes and other floods during his time in the air. Its use for rescue saved many lives. It was also a strategic tool during river accidents, forest fires, lost civilian efforts and of course law enforcement. One unusual use of the police helicopter was during the Three-Mile Island nuclear crisis.

Mr. Frey served as chief of Citizens Fire Company and as South Williamsport Fire Department’s borough chief. He’s a lifetime member of Citizens and the South Williamsport Fire department.

Mr. Frey served on the SWA School Board for 14 years. He has worked for the Williamsport Lycoming County Airport Authority for the past 18 years. He is the marketing director and has been involved in over $26 million worth of projects.

Mr. Frey has officiated high school football for 25 years in our area and NCAA football for the past 10 seasons. He has worked two PIAA State Championship games, a Big 33 All-Star game, East-West All-Star games and many Lions Club District IV All-Star games. He also had the honor of officiating a NCAA Division III National Semi Final game.

Dave and his wife Cathy have seven children combined and 10 grandchildren.

A tip of the aviation cap to you, Mr. Frey.  Keep up the great work!

Jim Webb

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