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Creating a Diversion of Division

It’s great to have Pastor Tim Hartzell’s words back within the pages of the Webb Weekly (Pg. 18). Pastor Tim has had a full plate this year working for the good of Jesus Christ and taking care of things at Faith Wesleyan Church. If you haven’t read Pastor Tim in the past, please do. He has a great approach to bringing God’s word out of the Bible and applying it to everyday life.

I hope it’s evident to everyone the war that is taking place. It transcends all boundaries. Everyone is fighting it. It is extremely difficult to tell who is on what side. It is the oldest battle ever waged, that of Good vs. Evil. Please approach everything you watch, read, and encounter with this in mind. Especially on social media. The world is full of lies and deceit that may be targeting more than you think.

As you know, I believe President Trump is his own worst enemy. I have stated on numerous occasions he needs to put the cell phone down and operate from a position of power. For whatever reason, he just cannot do this; he has to open up that mouth or send that tweet. This is a real problem when you’re the President of the United States. This also provides anyone in opposition to the president an endless wealth of verbiage to use against him.

With that being said, all those working against the President that put politics first, agendas first, network ratings first, the bottom line first, or anything but what’s good for America first, have reached alarming levels.

The New York Times article “I am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration” is a perfect example of both in action. Our President should have operated from a position of power and played down the article — instead, he made it his public and cyber platform and empowered the article. This would have never happened within the Obama Administration. Not that President Obama didn’t have folks that would leak out information, but he would deal with them on the QT. This is one of the reasons why he went through so many cabinet members. He was notorious within his own party for closing the ranks within the Oval Office of all those who he came in contact with. What happened within his administration stayed within his administration. He weeded out those who were not committed to his leadership. This is a common problem no matter what business, organization or agency you work within in today’s world. Loyalty is long gone. It’s how you handle the problem that defines the level of crisis it becomes. President Trump should use the same tactics.

That being said, the New York Times running with the article in today’s political climate is ridiculous. The New York Times has many problems with its journalistic integrity in recent years. On several occasions, stories have appeared on page one of the op-ed page that were completely false, completely fake news! The New York Times dealt with writers of this fiction, but it’s hard to put the toothpaste back in the tube. For them to run the recent story without its author putting his or her John Hancock is unacceptable.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unjustified journalism in regards to President Trump. I watched CNN’s Don Lemon the night before Hurricane Florence hit the Carolina coast blame President Trump for the deaths in Puerto Rico during the last major hurricane and then go on to basically say whatever occurs during Hurricane Florence is President Trump’s doing. According to Mr. Lemon, you would have thought President Trump conjured up the hurricane.

Up next was Brian Williams on MSNBC, another real anchor of factual news and journalistic integrity. I don’t believe one word he spoke was justified or not driven by a far-left political agenda, which included President Trump taking $10 million from FEMA and funneling it to ICE. Of course, the money was used to help build internment camps for the children of illegal immigrant parents. The story was completely false, although folks believed it. The funny thing was that after the story was proven false, it continued to run on MSNBC.

Moving right along. I then came upon a video of the upper management folks of Google the night of the last presidential election that you have to see to believe. Talking about political bias, they basically held a funeral service because Hillary lost the election. Some even questioning if their country could survive without her as president. All of them appeared like they just suffered some horrific personal loss. It was disgraceful.

When President Barack Obama was elected, the one thing I thought that would happen was a more united America. The complete opposite happened. I often would write about Mr. Obama’s policies being bad for our Nation. But at no time did I ever want to see anything but what was best for our Country. I would never root against any President to fail or imply worse like the New York Times’ article did. Doing so would be rooting against the United States of America and our One Nation Under God to succeed.

But one thing that becomes more and more obvious each and every day is that the far liberal left would be happy if our Nation burned as long as they gained control and power. Please understand this is not directed at the Democratic Party as a whole, only the tail that seems to be wagging the dog.

What makes matters much worse is the fact that all those mainstream and cyber journalists do nothing but try to undermine the President of the United States and create chaos. You have a responsibility to use your freedom of speech and/or press to report the truth. It is your responsibility to educate the masses and allow our Democratic process to work. Not to undermine and create a divided society that encourages violence.

On 9/11, I remembered how united our Country became following the attacks on American soil. How everybody in Washington was working together to preserve and protect our freedom. How soon we forget. I only hope it doesn’t take another horrific event to get us back to that patriotic togetherness.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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