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Never Forget

Twelve years have passed since the September 11th terrorist attacks on our country. As I sit here on a beautiful late summer day it takes me back to that morning. Not a cloud in the sky. It was a normal start of what was to be another normal workday.

All of this changed with the radio report of a plane hitting one of the World Trade Center towers and the immediate panic that followed. I remember thinking, how could this happen? At first, no one could imagine this was a terrorist attack. It was thought to be an aviation accident. There was some speculation that this may have been an intentional act or possible suicide. When the second plane hit, there was no doubt America was under attack. The Pentagon was soon to follow and there were reports of several hijacked planes possibly still in the air.

I’ll never forget the feeling of disbelief, followed by what’s going to happen next? As I watched TV and the day unfolded, my questions changed to who could be responsible for such evil and cowardly acts committed against so many innocent people? Another country? A terrorist group? A disgruntled American, like what happened in Oklahoma City?

Well, we now all know the answer and the war on terror that followed is still going on.

The events of 9/11 united our nation like no other event in my lifetime. Our fear quickly turned to anger and once we knew who was responsible and what country aided him, anger turned to resolve and focus.

It is hard to believe another person, country or group hates us Americans enough to want us dead. But this was proven by the events of 9/11. They want to end our way of life as we know it through terror or whatever means possible.

We can never forget this. Out there somewhere is another terrorist taking the place of the ones we have eliminated. This fight will never end and we must be committed to whatever is necessary to win. Intelligence offices and Special Forces must be able to operate without political fanfare or interference. It’s a ‘smaller’ world we live in – if you see something alarming report it to the authorities. Be vigilant and don’t be afraid to get involved. We are all in this together.

God Bless and Help

Remember the emergency responders that, each and every day, put their lives on the line to protect and help us in our time of need. On the morning of 9/11 they were running into the WTC and many did not make it out.

Our military personnel at home and around the world understand the high price of freedom. What it takes to protect our great nation and what true evil there is in the world. Our service men and women are the best in the world and complete many humanitarian assignments. But at the end of the day, they understand their life is on the line to defend our homeland. Many have given the ultimate sacrifice in the years since 9/11 to keep terror away from our shores.

May our national leaders remember how they came together after 9/11, no matter their political affiliations, and continue to have the wisdom to make sure our country’s freedom is the utmost priority and understand any country is only as strong as their military. Our military needs not only the support of the citizens of the United Stated, but also the financial and undivided support of the federal and state governments. Whenever considering military action, may the elected officials view our troops as their sons and daughters and not deploy them into a fight or defend an unwinnable mission or cause.

We are truly blessed to live in the greatest country in the world. Immigration is a problem because everyone wants in. We have a responsibility as the American people to remember those who made it great, and were there at the most difficult times – one of those being September 11th. We also need to serve and make our country better. No, this doesn’t mean you need to enlist or run for political office – work hard, support your family and community, and take time to pass your wisdom on to the next generation. We all have the freedom to make a positive effect on our country. Use this freedom for good.

God Bless America and may the families of all those affected by 9/11 have peace.

Jim Webb

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