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Our Nation has Become Zombified

I have never been a fan of zombies. I remember in the late 70s when “Dawn of the Dead” was the big movie. I had no interest in seeing it. When I go to the movies, I want to laugh and be entertained. I have never been into the blood, gore, and things that go bump in the night features.

Shooting zombies in video games has been the fad for years. I’m not sure which came first the TV series “The Walking Dead” or young folks trying to kill brain-eating, nightwalkers in the video game of choice.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with zombies, it’s my understanding a person becomes a zombie when they are infected with a virus. This virus changes the person into a walking dead, evil soulless killer. They only eat living flesh; therefore they will not devour their own. Zombies are killed by decapitation or shooting them in the head. Thus the video games and the show “The Walking Dead.” As I’m writing this, I understand why I’ve never had any interest in zombies and what a statement their popularity is about in our society and the world of entertainment today.

However, that is not what my column is about. I am writing to tell you that a zombie cyber virus has infected our Nation. That zombies are a real life everyday problem in our country, which we come in contact with every day. The tough part is you cannot easily point them out like the zombies seen on TV and in video games. They remain human even though they become distant, uncaring, and caught up in their own world. They’re very prevalent and can be found working in every occupation — although many don’t work at all. They have one common thread, which I will get to later.

You and I see zombies beginning with the morning commute to work. They’re operating a motor vehicle, but are not aware of other traffic. We see them at the restaurant as we grab a bite to eat. They appear as a mother and father but pay no attention to their kids. Their children could be burning down the place, and they would have no idea. In many situations, their children have become zombified.

We see zombies walking the street, heads down oblivious to what’s going on around them, some even walk in front of traffic. Recently one actually walked off a subway platform. Most of the time, fortunately, they just trip over a curb or run into a mailbox or light pole. Zombies can be found at every sporting event. They pay no attention to the game; their head is down and focused on something immediately in front of them. Once in a while, they come up for enough air to snap a couple of photos or video and then return to head down position.

In the workplace, zombie-ism has become a huge problem for the employer. I can’t even imagine the lost hours and productivity it consumes each and every day in our Country.
What are the symptoms of being infected by the zombie cyber virus? First, it slowly turns people’s minds into mush from the standpoint they believe whatever is going on in their life is the most important thing in the world. Even though it might just be cutting the grass or making a meatloaf. As the infliction worsens, they believe everything they read is true. No sources required. No investigative reporting — it’s simply the truth because it’s posted, shared with them or read online.

Then it gets even worse. They believe they can say anything to another human being or pass on gossip they have read as fact. A good everyday person inflicted with this becomes zombie-like and will say the most evil things about someone who is not in their presence. This virus seems to kill common sense and the filter between one’s brain and mouth. No matter how nasty something is, the person has the right to inflict this thought on another person. What has become most scary is that some modern-day zombies believe they can say whatever heartless, snide or just flat out inappropriate statement they want to another’s face.

The Hollywood elite, the top athletes, the President, and the far-left liberal/socialist democrats use the communication tool of the zombie. They stretch the limits to see just how far they can go. This makes it more acceptable and credible to the everyday person. There is no Golden Rule in the world of the zombie, let alone if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all thinking.

So how can you test for a zombie? Simply take away their smartphone or electronic device and see their reaction. Most will become agitated, then flat-out angry, and in some cases violent. That handheld electronic device has become the most important thing in their life. They will immediately suffer cyber withdraw.

Social media, especially Facebook has created a world where it’s more important to let somebody know what you’re doing than to actually live and enjoy the moment. It creates overwhelming vanity and self-importance. Cell phones have provided a direct line to Hell. It is the individual’s choice whether they choose to use the medium for this and to what degree. Social media and the use of electronic devices have put things in front of individuals that would never have crossed their path in the past. Including being so unkind and brutal to their fellow man.

The individuals heading up Facebook, beginning with Mark Zuckerberg, prey upon turning humans into zombies. They come up with every way possible to draw you in so you can’t get out. They create a system where once you have shown a weakness, they will make sure it continues to show up at your fingertips. Most of all, Zuckerberg wants to divide — by whatever means possible. He wants to vilify Americans that are doing good things through lies and deceit. He wants to fuel his own political agenda, which is completely in line with socialism. He wants to create zombies that drink the hogwash. He wants to create a society of hate and envy while he laughs all the way to the bank.

Please do not allow this to happen in your life. Live, love and enjoy each and every day. It is a gift from God. Do not make your life a focal point to be shared. Make others the focal point and help humanity. God is not following anyone on Facebook.

God Bless America.

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Jim Webb

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  • Reggie
    July 21, 2020, 12:51 pm

    Jim very true and I see it every day. I appreciate you for putting this out there because it’s real we need more post on this because people are dying just with the car accidents. But people that are zombies have critical jobs that they are not performing well. Why is it in 2020 everything seems difficult weren’t things supposed to get easier. Why hasn’t with all the technology things gotten easier. It should be so simple. But we have to go through this channel to get only to a place where you still have to go through another channel. Please elaborate to my thoughts because we are on to something