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  • Williamsport Area Little League Opens Its Season on Saturday, April 270

    Our national pastime of baseball will be in full swing when the Williamsport Area Little League opens its 2024 season on Saturday, April 27. It will do so at the newly constructed fields at Brandon Park. There is an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation by the league’s officials and players. “We’re excited to be back

  • Buster Keaton Movies in Canton — With a Live Orchestra!0

    When I taught English at Loyalsock High School, I sometimes took a single class-session and introduced my students to silent-film genius Buster Keaton. It was a bit of a stretch connecting this to my curriculum — though Keaton worked with Samuel Beckett and was also a master of the nonverbal cues covered in my speech

  • To Cowboy or Not to Cowboy0

    Fashion is deeply cyclical, and every few seasons, the Western trend pops up. In the spring of 2024, a Western renaissance is upon us thanks to various designer labels, pop stars, and the trending zeitgeist. Of course, the key to any trend is incorporating it into your personal aesthetic rather than taking the whole thing

  • Horoscopes0

    ARIES – Mar 21–Apr 20 Aries, this is a great week for transformation. Be careful where you direct your attention, as what you do will have lasting effects. Choose your plans wisely. TAURUS – Apr 21–May 21 Use this week’s powerful energy to strip away all of the unnecessary static in your life right now.

  • How to Help Students Master College Entrance Exams0

    The college admissions process is multifaceted and stretches out over a year or more. High school students who plan to continue their education at four-year schools typically go through the admissions process at various schools before deciding where the next step on their academic journeys will take them. Testing is part of the college admissions

  • Art in Rider Park: Local Clay Artist to Hold Classes for Students0

    The First Community Foundation Partnership of PA will host the Lycoming Arts for an Artist in Residency at Rider Park. Local clay artist Kathy Gorg will lead five classes in making hand-built clay creations inspired by nature. Participants will create a textured clay bowl and a small animal sculpture. Each session will be held on

  • Trout Season in Full Swing0

    Another trout season is underway, and I still enjoy getting out on a stream, even though I’ve been trout fishing for over sixty years now. Over all those years, I’ve had a chance to fish with an assortment of equipment, lures, and baits. Like a lot of kids, I started with worms and a bobber

  • UPMC Physician: Make an Informed Decision0

    Deciding to become an organ donor is important, and it’s worth considering more often than when you renew your license at the DMV. Every nine minutes, someone in the United States joins the national organ transplant waiting list. Every day, 17 people on that list die waiting for an organ because there are not enough

  • County Hall Corner: United We Stand — Over a Blocked Sun0

    Our country today is not as much a United States as we are a various group of states that get united based on political convictions. Our fifty states are recognized as “red states” (Republican), “blue states” (Democratic), and those that are somewhat of a blend of the two or bounce from red to blue or

  • The Roving Sportsman… The Top Mistakes of Spring Gobbler Hunting0

    Unfortunately, every spring, many turkey hunters end the season without success, while a smaller percentage of hunters seem to always come home with a gobbler. It is not as if the unsuccessful hunters are not trying their darndest, but it seems to boil down to a few common mistakes that plague them every season. So,

  • The Masters0

    March Madness is over. Kudos to Coach Hurley and UCONN. Impressive run, boys. Back-to-back. They were legit. Major props to the gals at South Carolina. Undefeated in 2024. The Women’s Tournament definitely stole the spotlight. Iowa’s Caitlin is a star. She created so much buzz. Check the archives. I wrote about her impact several weeks

  • Fore0

    While April Fool’s got this month started, it didn’t take long for its first two weeks to make a memorable positive mark on the sports calendar. Major League Baseball began on a high note for fans of the New York Yankees and Pittsburgh Pirates; UConn and South Carolina proved without a doubt they are the

  • Hoping Opening Day Wasn’t Washed Out0

    The first day of trout season in Pennsylvania has been a long-time tradition. It’s a day shared by family and friends to celebrate something near and dear to their hearts. It is a day that many PA anglers dream about on cold winter nights. Chilly temperatures, rain, and even snow go hand in hand with

  • Walk Your Way to Better Health0

    Is it 37° and threatening to snow while I write this? Yes. Does that mean I’m not making plans for spring? Absolutely not. My plan for spring? More walks. As most of you know, I have two dogs. One very large rottweiler, Bulleit, and one little-legged basset hound, Booker. This spring, Booker and I will

  • Lycoming Big Brothers/Big Sisters Helps to Mentor Youth Onto the Right Path of Life0

    Today, we live in a time of an increasingly large number of single-parent families. This sometimes causes children to feel they don’t have an adequate female or male authority figure to help mentor them through the difficulties of being young in these times. This is where a program such as Lycoming Big Brothers/Big Sisters of

  • County Hall Corner: It’s Time for America to Grow Up0

    I wonder if we are living in a fantasy world rather than a real one. A good example would be from the 1971 film “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” which featured a little spoiled brat named Veruca Salt. She ‘found’ her golden ticket to visit the factory because her father bought hundreds of thousands

  • Styling Sneakers0

    As April unfolds, we are leaving off sweater weather and headed into sneaker season. Sneakers have become more and more ubiquitous as athleisure, gorpcore (a fashion trend in which outerwear typically designed for outdoor recreation is worn as streetwear), and a more casual approach to dressing have emerged. Sportswear, in general, has become a modern

  • High Water Alternatives0

    As I sat down to write this piece, the streams were running high and muddy from the past few days of rain. I suspect that by the opening day of trout season, there will still be some high, discolored water. Of course, those who were on the streams on opening day will be able to

  • The Roving Sportsman… Pennsylvania Youth Hunt for Spring Gobblers 20240

    The excitement is building, and in less than three weeks, the one-day Youth Hunt for Spring Gobblers will occur — Saturday, April 27, 2024, to be exact. It is a day that many young hunters and their adult mentors have been looking forward to for months. It is held one week prior to the opening

  • Musical Memories: Free Spring Concert by Repasz Band0

    “Phantom of the Opera.” “West Side Story.” “Annie.” “Avenue Q.” “The Lion King.” “Man of La Mancha.” “Fiddler on the Roof.” “Wicked.” “Jesus Christ Superstar.” These are just some of the 16 musicals on the program at the Repasz Band’s spring concert — slated for 7:30 p.m. on April 16 at Williamsport’s Community Arts Center.

  • Lycoming County Department of Public Safety Conducting Access and Functional Needs Survey to Aid In Emergency Responses0

    When responding to an emergency, timely, accurate, and important information can be critical to first responders. That is the thinking behind an Access and Functional Needs Survey that the Lycoming County Department of Public Safety has developed. The information gathered in the Access and Functional Needs survey is being compiled in a registry, providing critical

  • Women’s Hoops Popularity Soars0

    A 1960’s advertising slogan for Virginia Slims cigarettes, “You’ve come a long way, baby,” was intended to target women consumers. Although the product is still on the market, that slogan may be a more apropos description of the NCAA’s women’s national basketball tournament, which concluded the sport’s most successful season this past Sunday. Due to

  • Warriors That Golf0

    Lycoming College has a golf team. Yes. We still get a few strange looks. Whether it is walking across campus with our clubs. Or when we pull up to a McDonalds in our matching outfits. This is my second stint with the Warriors. I mentored the team from 2001 to 2016. I got out of

  • Coming to America: Terrific New Film Honors Mother Cabrini0

    Quick trivia question: Who was the first American to be canonized as a Catholic saint? Well, if you read our headline above, you probably already guessed: Frances Xavier Cabrini, an Italian immigrant who worked tirelessly to help her fellow-countrymen in their struggle against poverty, prejudice, crime, and disease at the turn of the last century.

  • UPMC Expert: Does Your Lifestyle Affect Your Eyes?0

    We are all aware of the impact certain lifestyle choices — smoking, activity level, sleep — can have on our health and wellness, but do many of us consider how these decisions also affect our eye health? Our eyes are an essential organ, yet we often take them for granted. Your daily habits can affect

  • WASD Secures ‘Best Communities for Music Education’ Designation for 22nd Year0

    Williamsport Area School District has once again been recognized as one of the Best Communities for Music Education from The NAMM Foundation for its outstanding commitment to music education. This is the 22nd year that WASD has received the designation, which is awarded to districts that demonstrate outstanding achievement in efforts to provide music access

  • Navigating the Future Together0

    After watching the disastrous collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, I kept a close eye on what followed. I will withhold my thoughts until I have some more solid knowledge about the plan of attack to quickly reopen one of the most important American harbors. That is where my thoughts immediately turned, after a

  • Building Connected Communities0

    The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) commemorates the start of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) in April with their “Building Connected Communities” campaign. The campaign “uplifts the role of inclusive, equitable, and connected communities in reducing sexual abuse, assault, and harassment. Community is an integral part of all our lives, and the health and

  • Several To Be Honored by Lycoming County Brotherhood Alliance0

    Recognizing service to others by several individuals who have done so in an outstanding and dedicated way will be the focus of the Lycoming County Brotherhood Alliance when they hold their annual banquet on May 1 at the Genetti Hotel. This is a celebration of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to serve their community and

  • Turkey Hunting Still Productive0

    Another spring turkey season is fast approaching, with the mentored hunters 16 and under able to hunt on April 27, followed by the regular statewide spring season from May 4 through the 18th. As usual, when spring begins to move in, we turkey hunters are on the lookout for any sightings of turkeys and especially

  • Makeup Tips for Glasses0

    My husband jokes that he hopes our children inherit my eyesight because he’s had to wear glasses since he was six. So far, the girls appear to have excellent eyes, like their mother. However, since turning 40, my eyesight has changed. In fact, most folks’ eyes do change as they age. In middle age, the

  • The Roving Sportsman… Feather Those Edges!0

    The term “feather the edge” does not refer to painting the sides, top, and bottom of a door or finishing the edges of a watercolor painting. Instead, in habitat improvement and deer attraction, it describes a very beneficial way to dress up and complete a food plot. It is said that deer are creatures that

  • Pennsylvania State Police Unveils “PSP Tips” as Public’s New Crime-Fighting Tool0

    The Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) today unveiled PSP Tips, a new way for the public to share information related to active investigations, cold-cases, the apprehension of wanted persons, or locating missing persons. “Assistance from the public is often vital to solving crimes or locating missing or wanted individuals,” said Lieutenant Colonel George Bivens, Deputy Commissioner

  • Distracted Driving is Dangerous0

    Are you a distracted driver? According to PennDOT, distracted driving accounts for thousands of crashes in Pennsylvania every year and it is a leading factor of lane departure crashes across the state. Driving is a skill that requires 100% of your attention 100% of the time. Anything that takes your hands off the wheel, your

  • Interpret This0

    April Fool’s Day has come and gone, but there are indeed some foolish things going on in La-La land as the Major League Baseball season gets underway. As Major League Baseball began in Seoul, the sport that regards gambling as its biggest sin (aka Pete Rose and the Black Sox scandal) was rocked by the

  • County Hall Corner: D.C. Corrupts Even LLWS0

    Most of us who live paycheck to paycheck (or, in my case, from Social Security deposit) do not understand what makes the rich tick. Yes, we know that they can get to wear the finest clothes, go to the nicest restaurants, travel wherever they want, etc., but the rich generally take all that for granted.

  • The Anglers0

    I recently had the opportunity to hook up with some old friends. We gathered at the Trout Run Volunteer Fire Hall for a wonderful evening. Fishing was the focus of our conversations. Yes. It was the annual meeting for the Lycoming Creek Anglers. I am so proud to be associated with this great organization. It


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