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  • Late Fall Trout Fishing

    Late Fall Trout Fishing0

    I know a lot of us are caught up in the fall hunting scene, but every year I have to remind myself that there is still some good trout fishing available after the leaves cover the ground. I managed to squeeze in a couple of hours of trout angling last week along with a couple

  • Hosting Thanksgiving

    Hosting Thanksgiving0

    We are getting down to the wire here, folks! EIGHT days until Thanksgiving. Many of us will host, while many will be guests in others’ homes. If hosting, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Thanksgiving is a big meal; when you let guests help, it will make it easier, and you can focus more

  • The Bookworm Sez: “Mother Brain: How Neuroscience is Rewriting the Story of Parenthood” by Chelsea Conaboy

    The Bookworm Sez: “Mother Brain: How Neuroscience is Rewriting the Story of Parenthood” by Chelsea Conaboy0

    Sometimes, you think you’re losing your mind. The baby’s crying, where did you put the remote?, someone called and wants to meet your newborn today, you haven’t slept two consecutive hours in a month, and you hurt in places where you didn’t think you could hurt. You last had a shower… was it Friday or

  • Girardi Stadium

    Girardi Stadium0

    Greatness attracts attention. For longtime Lycoming College football coach Frank Girardi, invitations from two college presidents 50 years removed both began and immortalized the man whose accomplishments will live in perpetuity by the recent announcement that effective September 9, 2023, the Lycoming College football stadium will officially be called Girardi Stadium. Last month Girardi was

  • Happy Veterans Day

    Happy Veterans Day0

    The 2022 elections are over. Thank heavens. But a few folks think it is still going. Good lord, Johnny. Throw in the towel. Regardless of where you stand. You gotta admit that it was pretty bad. The negative campaigns were extremely annoying. Many of my friends say we are doomed. Several have even mentioned they

  • UPMC Expert: Nutrition and Diabetes0

    November is National Diabetes Month and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the chronic disease affects over 37 million people in the U.S. or about 11% of the country’s population. It’s important to understand what diabetes is and how you can help manage the condition with lifestyle modifications and nutrition. What

  • County Hall Corner: The Hunt for Red November0

    Harry Truman held up the famous November 3, 1948 headline on the Chicago Daily Tribune, which stated, “Dewey Defeats Truman,” with a big smile on his face. Last week’s midterm elections might be remembered similarly. The pollsters were unanimous in their assurance that the Republicans would easily control the House of Representatives and, most probably,

  • Library to Participate in Victorian Christmas Tour; Repasz Band to Play0

    The James V. Brown Library, 19 E. Fourth St., will participate in the 23rd Annual Victorian Christmas Tour of Historic Buildings on Saturday, Nov. 19. This year’s theme is “Music in the Victorian Era,” and to celebrate, the Library’s Moltz Rotunda Reading Room will be open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and a small

  • Gazette and Bulletin: November 17, 1922 – Jersey Shore High School is Totally Destroyed by Fire0

    Four grim walls are all that remain of the Jersey Shore High School after the fire that was discovered at 6 o’clock last night and that in an incredibly short time was a raging inferno throughout the interior of the building. By the time the firemen arrived about 6:10, it was realized the structure was

  • Self-Care Schedule0

    Self-care is a term that’s been bantered about for quite some time. It has different meanings for different people. It can and does include mental health, physical well-being, spiritual fortitude, and a sense of safety and security. As we begin to prepare for the rollercoaster of the holiday season, now might be the time to

  • The Way We Do It, Part II0

    Note: This article is the fourth installment in a series called “Missional Strategy: Why we do what we do the way we do it.” Previous articles are always available at http://www.webbweekly.com. I ended my last article by giving you some homework. I asked you to have some conversations regarding Christian unity. I posed the question

  • Danielle Deadwyler in “Till”: A New Gold Standard0

    Until now, I always felt that Meryl Streep in “Sophie’s Choice” was probably the finest female lead I had ever seen in a motion picture. But with the recently released “Till,” Danielle Deadwyler sets a new gold standard for what an actress can accomplish onscreen. Yet, her astonishing work is only one of many sensational

  • The Roving Sportsman… Chronic Wasting Disease – Past and Present0

    It was not that long ago that we heard about Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) occurring somewhere out west, but we never considered that it would ever become a concern within our own borders here in Pennsylvania. Initially, reports were of limited outcroppings of the disease in deer and elk in a few of the western

  • Uptown Music Collective Kicks Off Annual Campaign; Tuition Costs Remain the Same0

    The Uptown Music Collective, the area’s premier nonprofit school of music, has kicked off its annual campaign, with this year’s goal set at $35,000. The announcement coincides with the September start of the UMC’s 22nd year of providing students with a powerful education that goes way beyond music. The annual fundraising efforts allow the school

  • Bear Check Station Changes Site in Lycoming County0

    Kicking off on Saturday, Nov. 19, the regular firearms bear season will be here before you know it, and hunters in and around Lycoming County need to be aware a check station location has changed. The check station at Trout Run Fire Hall, north of Williamsport along state Route 14, will operate as planned on

  • A Veterans Day Breakfast Thanks0

    The nation owes a great debt to its Veterans, whose service to the nation spans every decade, every year, every day of our country’s existence. Through untold courage and sacrifice, America’s Veterans have secured the liberty which the founding fathers sought to establish, in times of darkness and danger as well as in times of

  • Veterans Day0

    In November 1919, President Wilson proclaimed November 11 as the first commemoration of Armistice Day with the following words: “To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the

  • The History of Veterans Day0

    The roots of our present-day observance of the holiday known as “Veterans Day” goes back to 1918, when on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the armistice ending what was then the bloodiest war in human history, “The Great War” or World War I, was declared. According to the website

  • How to Show Your Support for Veterans

    How to Show Your Support for Veterans0

    Supporting veterans is a worthy endeavor at any time of year, though such efforts tend to be more prominent in November. Veterans Day is celebrated annually on November 11 in honor of the millions of individuals across the United States who are military veterans. The day coincides with holidays such as Armistice Day and Remembrance

  • Gazette and Bulletin: November 10, 1938 – Mayor in Proclamation Urges Moment of Silence in City at 11:00 a.m. Friday0

    “To the Citizens of Williamsport “Twenty years ago on November 11, 1918, the loud mouthed guns grew still on the foreign battlefield, armies and armaments ceased their work of slaughter, the war to end war had drawn to a close, and it was the hope of mankind that thenceforth the sword would never again rule


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