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  • The “Lure” of Bass Fishing0

    I suppose a better name for this piece would be “The lures of bass fishing” — plural instead of singular. Anybody who has ever gotten serious about their bass fishing fully understands what I mean when I say plural is more applicable; in fact, it’s a gross understatement. When I first got into bass fishing

  • You Saw What? Where?

    You Saw What? Where?0

    Like a lot of people here in rural Pennsylvania, I’m always interested in seeing wildlife, not just when I’m hunting or fishing, but anytime I’m out and about. Sometimes, however, it’s not just about seeing wildlife but where you saw it. Let me explain. I was at my “branch office” (Dunkin in Muncy) the other

  • Late Season Rabbit Hunt

    Late Season Rabbit Hunt0

    While thoughts of spring activities are slowly beginning to creep into my mind I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to hunt rabbits when George Burgett called me last week. A late season rabbit hunt is something we’ve been doing for quite a few years now with varying degrees of success but this year proved to

  • The Yellow Perch

    The Yellow Perch0

    When it comes to fishing, the yellow perch doesn’t seem to get much attention; it’s probably not the most talked-about species, and it certainly doesn’t get a lot of attention in the written form either. While it doesn’t get a lot of attention, it is a frequently caught fish and, in some cases, one of

  • Fishing Options0

    With the exception of some small game hunting and some predator hunting, our hunting is about over for a while. True, we can still get in some squirrel, rabbit, and pheasant hunting until the 29th of the month as well as some good coyote hunting throughout the remainder of the winter, but for most of

  • Needle in a Haystack

    Needle in a Haystack0

    Sometimes finding fish through a six-inch hole in the ice is like looking for a needle in a haystack. When fishing a lake that has a solid ice barrier between you and your quarry, your access becomes very limited. That same lake in the summertime allows you to move freely in any direction, and you

  • Counting Carcasses0

    The other day at my “branch office” (Dunkin), the topic of dead animals on our roadways came up-yes, it’s true we do have some very heady and in-depth discussions from time to time. I’ll admit, that out of sheer boredom I suppose, I sometimes count and try to identify the dead animals littered along our

  • Changes Keep Coming0

    I guess it’s a sign that I’m getting older, or maybe I am old, and I’m just beginning to realize it, but it seems like change comes more frequently these days. Some changes may be good, some changes may not be so good, and some may be irrelevant. Of course, as an outdoor writer and

  • Safety First0

    The rest of the “frozen chosen” and I are still looking forward to some ice fishing, but the up and down temperatures are delaying our ventures out onto local lakes. I still hope to get on the ice in the next two or three weeks, but you can bet that safety concerns come first. Certainly,

  • What?! Fly Fishing Now?0

    I know its winter, and the only people who fish now are those strange people who sit out on the ice in little huts all day staring at a little hole in the ice; I know because I’m one of those people. Other than the ice fishing crowd, most folks think there is no fishing