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  • Some Thoughts on Spring Gobbler Hunting0

    Spring turkey hunting is upon us. The youth spring turkey hunt was on April 27th, and the statewide spring turkey hunt runs from May 4-31. Bear in mind, however, that the legal hunting hours change midway through the season. From May 4-18, hunting begins one-half hour before sunrise and ends at noon; hunters should be

  • Updates From Recent PA Game Commission Meeting0

    One of the topics discussed at the recent PA Game Commission meeting was the possible reintroduction of martens back into Pennsylvania. A marten is a weasel-like furbearer ranging in length from 19-27 inches and weighing 1-3 pounds. They have brownish-black hair down the back and tail with a yellowish-orange bib on the throat that can

  • Trout Season in Full Swing0

    Another trout season is underway, and I still enjoy getting out on a stream, even though I’ve been trout fishing for over sixty years now. Over all those years, I’ve had a chance to fish with an assortment of equipment, lures, and baits. Like a lot of kids, I started with worms and a bobber

  • High Water Alternatives0

    As I sat down to write this piece, the streams were running high and muddy from the past few days of rain. I suspect that by the opening day of trout season, there will still be some high, discolored water. Of course, those who were on the streams on opening day will be able to

  • Turkey Hunting Still Productive0

    Another spring turkey season is fast approaching, with the mentored hunters 16 and under able to hunt on April 27, followed by the regular statewide spring season from May 4 through the 18th. As usual, when spring begins to move in, we turkey hunters are on the lookout for any sightings of turkeys and especially

  • Gearing Up for Trout Season0

    I suspect when we think about getting ready for the upcoming trout season, our thoughts turn first to rods, reels, line, and a selection of lures or flies. Those are things that should be addressed, but I think we sometimes overlook some other basic but vital equipment, such as boots or waders. Whether you use


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