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  • Some Changes to the Coming Hunting Seasons0

    When it comes to what’s new with hunting this coming year, there are several changes of significance. Of course, the change from a Monday deer opener to a Saturday opener got a lot of attention as well as the usual controversy and some pretty strong opinions on both sides of the issue. Just how this

  • Some Good Bass Fishing Still Ahead

    Some Good Bass Fishing Still Ahead0

    I’ll admit it, as the leaves begin to change color and fall to the ground thoughts of the coming hunting season start to compete for space. That being said it’s also true that as an avid fisherman there is no way I’m putting my fishing gear away for the season; instead, I will find a

  • Seeing as Well as Catching0

    I’ll admit it, when I’m fishing I’m pretty intent; I become very absorbed in the catching process and my attention is often totally on the line, lure and water in front of me. Certainly I enjoy just being “out there” but I also want to catch fish. Fortunately Mother Nature will sometimes interrupt our concentrated

  • Deer Feeding0

    I’ve been reading and hearing a lot recently about the Pennsylvania Game Commissions proposal to ask for a ban on the feeding of deer. As usual, anything that has to do with the PGC and deer usually results in lots of controversy and plenty of outspoken opinions — some for and some against. Understand that

  • Trout Fishing Still Productive0

    I realize that as we move into late summer, trout fishing is far from a top priority for most fishermen; instead, most of us are focusing our attention on bass, panfish, and other warm-water species. I’ll put my share of time in on all those warm-water fish as well, but I’m a bit of a

  • The Heron Family0

    “The Heron Family” sounds like the title of a new TV comedy show. I’m actually talking about a group of long-legged birds that are often found wading the edges of various bodies of water. Probably the most commonly spotted species of the group is the great blue heron; it is also one of the largest

  • Do Fish See Color?0

    I was leafing through my Bass Pro/Cabela’s fishing catalog the other day and, as usual, I was in awe of the vast number of lures being made available to fishermen these days. Even more interesting was the vast number of lure colors and patterns showing up on page after page. Of course, there were many

  • Spin or Cast?0

    Spin or cast? What am I talking about? I’m talking about the use of an open-face spinning outfit versus using a so-called bait-casting outfit. Actually one isn’t better than the other, but instead, they both have their place in the fishermen’s arsenal. There is little doubt that the open-face outfit is the most popular and