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  • Pennsylvania Elk Growing in Popularity

    Pennsylvania Elk Growing in Popularity0

    As a kid growing up in the western part of the state, seeing an elk was a pretty rare sighting; sure, we had a small number roaming around not far from DuBois, but I’m sure most of us never expected to see what’s now roaming northern Pennsylvania today. Years ago, there was no such thing

  • Environmental Education Expo0

    I suspect most locals are aware of what the Montour Preserve has to offer in the way of outdoor recreation: – A lake for boating and angling – Picnic areas, – Hiking trails, – A great nature center loaded with wildlife mounts and exhibits. The 640-acre nature preserve, a part of the former PPL power

  • Ice Fishing Finally Underway0

    Finally, some of my “hard water” fishing buddies and I were able to get out on a lake this past week and put some crappies and bluegills on ice. There is no doubt that more and more people are getting into ice fishing, and its popularity has obviously grown over the years, as evidenced by

  • Invasive Species in Our Waterways0

    It seems like the subject of invasive species, be they land-based species, aquatic plants, or animals, comes up more frequently these days. As a fisherman, I have noticed several new threats to our waterways, including invasive crayfish, zebra mussels, and the northern snakehead. Other species of fish, like the silver and bighead carp, while not

  • Gathering Fly-Tying Materials0

    In an article a couple of weeks ago, I talked about getting started in the art of fly-tying and acquiring the necessary tools to get into the business. Of course, once you have the tools and you begin mastering some of the basics, it is time to gather the materials needed to construct the flies

  • Flintlock Season is Well Underway0

    I’ll be honest, like a lot of other hunters, after using high-powered rifles with powerful telescopic sights to take a deer, switching to a black-powder flintlock didn’t fill me with a lot of confidence. Over the years, more and more hunters began to pursue deer in the late flintlock season, and I, too, eventually added


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