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  • What’s the Best Approach?0

    When it comes to the opening day of trout season, a question I sometimes get, especially from someone just getting into fishing, is, what’s the best way to catch trout? There are people who have written lengthy books on that topic, but in this brief format, here are some things to consider. The truth is

  • Spring’s New Arrivals0

    Spring is here, at least I think it is, but judging from how the weather has been, we could be scraping snow off our windshields next week. No doubt the wildlife roaming Pennsylvania woodlands finds the weather patterns a bit erratic as well. Of course, most of our wildlife goes about everyday challenges regardless of

  • Pennsylvania’s Increased Wildlife Sightings0

    Over the years, as an outdoor enthusiast here in Pennsylvania, I, like many others, have seen wildlife that I never thought I would encounter in our state. The reason for these sightings is mostly attributed to the deliberate reintroduction of several species. Grant it, not all of the wildlife that has been introduced was for

  • Is it Fishing Season Yet?0

    OK, I’ll admit it; I’m a year-round fisherman, and there’s probably never a month of the year that goes by that I don’t get some fishing in somewhere, either on the ice, in a boat, or wading a stream. Admittedly, the ice fishing season was again cut short, so it’s time to move on to

  • Trout Stocking Underway0

    It’s hard to believe that another trout season is just around the corner, and the stocking of trout is already underway — as of February 19th. The Fish and Boat Commission will be stocking a total of 3.2 million trout. That includes 2.3 million rainbows, 702,000 browns, 132,000 brookies and 14,000 golden trout. With the

  • The Role of Outdoor Recreation0

    I’ll be honest: when I was a kid growing up, my parents had little or no interest in the outdoors, including hunting, fishing, and viewing wildlife, so how on earth did I end up so deeply involved in that scene today? No doubt, where we lived must have contributed to my outdoor interests in the


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