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  • Rare “White Sighting”0

    I ran into a friend of mine last week, and when he walked up to me, he was reaching for his cell phone. Being the first week of deer season, I was expecting to see some photos of the big buck he got, but to my surprise, that’s not what he wanted me to see.

  • Bald Eagles0

    As a hunter, fisherman, and outdoor enthusiast, I enjoy seeing all kinds of wildlife — and that includes the various bird species. As a wildlife artist, I have an even greater interest because I enjoy painting birds of all kinds, including songbirds. While this interest doesn’t make me a serious bird watcher like some people

  • Pennsylvania Elk-Tourist Attraction and Hunting Ambition

    Pennsylvania Elk-Tourist Attraction and Hunting Ambition0

    Elk were native to Pennsylvania when the first European settlers arrived in our area, but the elk were no doubt a major and much-needed food source at that time. There were obviously no hunting regulations, and by the 1870s, Pennsylvania’s native elk were believed to be gone. The creation of the Game Commission, however, in

  • Deer Season, Oh How it’s Changed0

    A bunch of guys and I were talking over some coffee the other morning, and the subject of deer hunting came up. The more we talked, the more we delved into the past and how things have changed over the years. Do you remember “in the old days,” when you finally got your deer dragged

  • Bear Research Continues0

    In last week’s column, we looked at the success of several dedicated bear hunters from the Harrisburg area, but as we all know, their success rate hardly represents what most Pennsylvania bear hunters experience. I recently read some new research material that might help explain why only about 2 percent of bear hunters end up

  • Bowhunting Pennsylvania Black Bears

    Bowhunting Pennsylvania Black Bears0

    I made a trip to the Pennsylvania Game Commission headquarters a couple of weeks ago to deliver some artwork, and I decided to check out the bear check station located there as well. Pennsylvania’s statewide archery bear season runs from Oct. 17 to Nov. 4, and all successful bear hunters are required to bring their


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