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  • The Wacky Worm

    The Wacky Worm0

    So, what’s a wacky worm? Well, it’s a soft rubber or plastic worm made, for the most part, for bass fishing. Artificial worms have been around for a long time, but fishermen are constantly coming up with new ways of rigging plastic worms and other soft plastics, and the wacky worm is a good example.

  • Mentored Spring Turkey Hunt: First and Last0

    Initially, the mentored hunting program was open only to youth under 12 years of age. Still, the program has expanded in recent years to offer opportunities to unlicensed hunters of all ages. Mentored hunters are not required to take a Hunter-Trapper Education class before obtaining a permit to hunt through the program. The purpose of

  • “Tame” Grouse0

    I’m sure most people are familiar with the ruffed grouse, especially since it’s been our state bird since 1931. These days, spotting grouse seems less likely since grouse numbers have declined due to loss of habitat and a disease known as West Nile Virus. Those of us who have hunted grouse over the years are

  • Pennsylvania’s Trout0

    Trout season is now well underway in our state, and a good number of anglers are pursuing a variety of trout species in lakes and streams. When it comes to trout fishing in Pennsylvania, the most commonly caught trout will be rainbows, browns, and brookies, and for good reason — they are the ones most

  • A “Crappy” Day0

    After looking at the title of this article, you’re probably thinking I’m about to tell you all about a lousy day I had last week — not, so; I’m actually talking about a crappie day and, more specifically, the business of catching crappies. I know everybody is kind of hung up on catching trout right

  • Small, Medium, and Large0

    Whether you trout fish or not, I’m sure you have noticed good numbers of fishermen this past weekend gathered along the banks of many different streams. Pennsylvania is fortunate to have a pretty good number of streams available for trout fishing. They come in a variety of sizes, and that, in fact, is the topic


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