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  • Animal Oddities0

    As a wildlife artist and an avid outdoorsman, I am obviously very intrigued by wildlife, especially when something new or unusual shows up. I recently read in an outdoor publication about a woman who had taken an unusual buck with a crossbow. The deer had an 18-point rack, but when her husband started to field-dress

  • Pennsylvania, a Trophy Big Game State?0

    I suspect that most of us never thought of Pennsylvania as being a state where you could rack up a fairly high-scoring big game animal, especially when it comes to elk, but we may have to rethink that a bit. I’m certainly not a trophy hunter by any means, but years ago, I went off

  • Ice Fishing: It Puts Food on the Table

    Ice Fishing: It Puts Food on the Table0

    Judging from the numbers of people I see on the ice these days, it appears that ice-fishing is a growing winter activity. Not only is ice-fishing an enjoyable way to spend a day, but it is also, as the title of this story suggests, an opportunity to put some delicious food on the table. Now

  • Soft Plastics Revolutionized Fishing0

    When I first got into fishing for bass, pike, and walleyes back in the ’60s, you either used some sort of bait, or plastic or wooden lures that imitated live bait but then in 1949, an Ohio lure maker began molding soft plastic worms, and that revolutionized the entire lure making industry and the way


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