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  • Don’t Put That Flyrod Away Yet0

    That I like to fly fish for trout is an understatement; I try to fit in as much time as I can, even if it’s only for a couple of hours on any given day. Of course, when we hear some reference to trout fishing, we usually think April and May — after all, that’s

  • Peregrine Falcons

    Peregrine Falcons0

    Like most folks out here in rural Pennsylvania, I enjoy seeing a wide variety of birds, and like many of us, I really get a kick out of spotting some of the “big guys” like hawks, ospreys, and especially eagles. Some hawks, like red-tailed hawks, are often seen perched in trees along major highways, where

  • Crappie Fishing

    Crappie Fishing0

    I’ve had a few crappy fishing days over the years, but that’s seldom the case when I’m fishing for crappies. The truth is crappies can be taken year-round; we catch them through the ice in good numbers, and spring, summer, and fall can also be productive. The key is to know where to look for

  • Fly Fishing: Yes, You Can Do It0

    Over the past few years, I’ve run into more and more people who want to learn to fly fish, and I’ve had the opportunity to teach a number of newcomers the art of fly fishing. I hesitate, however, to use the word “art” to describe fly fishing simply because it’s no more of an art


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