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  • Young of the Year

    Young of the Year0

    One of the things I’m sure we all enjoy is going down the road and spotting young wild critters, and high on that list, I’m sure, are fawn deer. I and several others I’ve talked to have had one or more occasions where we had to stop our vehicles to avoid hitting one or two

  • Mid-Summer Trout Fishing0

    Let’s be honest: trout fishing has gone by the wayside by this time of the summer. Take a look around. How many trout fishermen do you see crowding the banks of a local trout stream? Almost none. Most bait and lure fishermen have pretty much given up on trout by the end of June, but

  • Let’s Go Hunting0

    After looking at the title of this piece, some of you probably think I’m a little mixed up right now; it’s fishing season, and hunting seasons are still a couple of months away. Basically, that’s true, but there is one critter that offers prime hunting opportunities throughout the summer months, and that’s the common groundhog

  • Summer’s Unwelcomed Visitors0

    As every summer rolls around, we begin seeing a variety of wildlife showing up in our yards. Some of the wildlife is actually invited, like the assortment of birds that are attracted to our feeders, and other wildlife is interesting to see but not necessarily something you want hanging around all the time. Case in

  • Pennsylvania Elk Hunt Opportunities Increasing0

    If you had told my friends or me while growing up in western Pennsylvania that someday you could hunt elk in our state, we would have said you were crazy; after all, there were probably less than 60 in the state, and it was rare to ever spot one. I would have been even more

  • Fishing — Getting the “Feel” Of It0

    Have you ever wondered why it seems that some fishermen are the lucky ones and always manage to catch their share of fish? I suppose, at times, luck may play a role, but to be consistently good at taking fish, a lot more than luck is required. Let’s try to simplify things a bit; to


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