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  • It’s No Secret; Minnows Catch Trout

    It’s No Secret; Minnows Catch Trout0

    As the title of this piece indicates, for those who trout fish, minnows are a top producer when it comes to trout fishing. It’s a well-known fact that all trout feed on smaller fish or minnows, so it makes good sense to utilize such bait when fishing for trout. Because minnows are such good trout

  • Spring Bear Sightings on the Increase0

    It’s that time of year again when reports of bear sightings become more frequent. I’ve already seen a couple of trail camera videos of bears meandering through someone’s yard. One such video was of a bear wandering through a neighborhood in Muncy. I’m also reminded of the situation a few years ago where a bear

  • What’s the Best Choice for Opening Day?0

    So, what is the best presentation on the upcoming opening day of our statewide trout season? Well, to be honest, I really don’t know the answer to that question, but before we get into that, there are other scenarios that should be factored in before heading out. High on my list are the water conditions

  • Panfishing: An Alternative to the Opening Day of Trout Season0

    I know, the first day of trout season is when a lot of people get out fishing for the first time since last summer — it’s tradition, you just go on the “first day.” That’s great that a lot of folks often get out with family members to enjoy a day of fishing, but that


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