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  • Bait Versus Artificials

    Bait Versus Artificials0

    When I wrote the article that appeared in last week’s column, I was just about to head out for my first ice fishing outing of the new season. It was, in fact, the first time in some years that we were able to get safely on the ice before the new year. As you can

  • Are Grouse Going the Way of the Pheasant?

    Are Grouse Going the Way of the Pheasant?0

    Like a lot of other hunters, my hunting season is winding down fast; I may get out for a little flintlock hunting and a little rabbit hunting, but my time in the woods will be pretty limited. I managed to get out at least a half dozen times during this past deer season, but something

  • Navigation and Wilderness Travel0

    Like many people our age, my wife and I have started to go through file cabinets and boxes of “stuff” stored on shelves in the basement. As I was going through some of the “stuff,” I came across a small notebook, and when I opened it and started to read, I quickly realized it was

  • A Red Flash in the Bright Snowy Landscape0

    I know Christmas is close at hand, but this is not a story about Santa and his reindeer swooping down on a snowy landscape to deliver presents. The red flash I’m talking about here is that of a male cardinal, and fortunately, their sightings are fairly common even into the winter months here in Pennsylvania.

  • The Cost of Enjoying Outdoor Activities

    The Cost of Enjoying Outdoor Activities0

    Like a lot of people, I enjoy outdoor activities, more specifically hunting and fishing, which I do on a year-round basis. Like many others, I have accumulated a pretty good amount of outdoor gear over the years. I’ve never really sat down and tried to figure out how much I have invested in all that

  • Bear Hunting Still Ranks High in Pennsylvania0

    With over 200,000 bear hunters heading out on this past Saturday’s opening day of the regular bear firearms season, it’s apparent that it ranks right behind our deer season. Obviously, it’s very popular in our state, and northcentral Pennsylvania holds some of the state’s best bear hunting opportunities. Lycoming County often leads the state in


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