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  • In Pursuit of Bass0

    Pennsylvania’s bass season is about to get into full swing; from April 8 to June 9, it is catch and immediate release only, but after that, you can keep four per day. I personally don’t keep any bass, but I sure do like catching them on lakes, ponds, and in rivers, and streams. Pennsylvania has

  • The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

    The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker0

    As an avid outdoorsman and a wildlife artist, I am obviously very interested in our surrounding wildlife, and I like to keep tabs on what’s happening in the wildlife community. Recently a story on the possible sightings of Ivory-billed woodpeckers caught my attention. Understand that Ivory-billed woodpeckers were never a part of Pennsylvania’s wildlife, but

  • The American Marten

    The American Marten0

    The Pennsylvania Game Commission is currently exploring the idea of returning one of the last extirpated native mammals back to its native landscape in the Pennsylvania wilds. In recent years another mammal, the fisher, was reintroduced and with great success. I have personally seen fishers on several occasions, and I have talked with others who

  • The Chain Pickerel0

    For many years one of my favorite fishing forays was to head off to the Saint Lawrence River with some friends to fish for northern pike. We would fish from the break of day until sunset, and our goal was to see how many pike we could catch and release over three or four days

  • May – A Good Time to Hit the Trout Streams0

    Well, trout season is well underway, and hopefully, some of those crowded conditions that occur in those opening days are pretty well past. Certainly, those first few weeks in April can be very productive, but so can the weeks that follow, especially through the month of May. Now, I realize that there are many methods

  • The Wacky Worm

    The Wacky Worm0

    So, what’s a wacky worm? Well, it’s a soft rubber or plastic worm made, for the most part, for bass fishing. Artificial worms have been around for a long time, but fishermen are constantly coming up with new ways of rigging plastic worms and other soft plastics, and the wacky worm is a good example.


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