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  • Dressing the Family this Easter0

    Growing up, each spring my mother would get me a new dress to wear on Easter Sunday. “Get” and “new” being somewhat arbitrary words, because she did not always buy a brand-new dress. Some years, I wore hand-me-downs, some years she made the dress, some years we found a secondhand dress. With two little girls

  • Dressing Like A Grown Up0

    It’s tough being an adult. So tough, in fact, it’s hard to tell exactly when one becomes an adult. Is it when you’re living on your own? Turn 30? Buy a house? Become a boss? Get married? Become a parent? All the above? Whether you’ve hit all of these markers or just one, chances are

  • Style Mistakes to Avoid Over 400

    We’ve all had those moments when looking at photos from our younger days and cringing at our style mistakes —looking at you, stirrup pants. Bad fashion in your teens and twenties can be excused by the follies of youth. However, as we get older and wiser, hopefully we have fewer cringe-inducing fashion fails. Of course,

  • Skincare In Your 40s0

    Last year was my 20th high school reunion, so you can imagine how old I am. But, thanks to eating right, exercising, drinking water, and taking care of my skin, I don’t necessarily look like I’m closer to 40 than I am 30. Skincare is not one-size-fits-all. With seasonal changes, hormonal shifts, pollutants, sun exposure,

  • Giving Up Coffee0

    Every year, my husband gives up coffee for Lent. Needless to say, it can be a nightmare for all of us. He feels miserable for the first week, from the caffeine withdraw, tempers are heightened, and at the end of the day, he’s dragging some serious tail. This year, I decided to be proactive and

  • What To Toss from Your Closet this Spring0

    Yes, it is still officially winter for a few more weeks, but now is a good time to start thinking about this year’s spring clean. Whether you want to do a complete household overhaul or just that one junk drawer, you should also include some sort of closet clean-out. Even a light cleanse can help

  • Lenten Intentions0

    As odd as it may seem, I truly do look forward to Lent. Not only does it mean the beginning of Spring, but it’s also an ideal time for reflection, to double-down on New Year’s resolutions, to set new challenges, and to reconnect. For this Lenten season, I’ve decided to focus on my health and

  • Transitional Dressing0

    We are less than a month away from daylight savings time, which in my mind is the unofficial start of spring. Of course, we all know that spring takes its time to fully emerge, making winter seem never-ending in this part of the world. It can be a challenge to dress practically, yet stylishly, this

  • Winter Foundation Tips0

    No matter what that groundhog said, it’s still winter with freezing temps, snow, slush, chapped lips, and flaky skin. And while everyone agrees that human hibernation is a great idea, it’s unlikely to take hold, so we still must get up each morning and face the day. The key word here is “face” and, more

  • What to Purge in Your 30s0

    In my ongoing 2019 project of being more organized, I’ve started to look toward my wardrobe and realized it’s time, once again, for a clothing purge. For this year’s closet cleanout, I’m evaluating my style in terms of what is and is not age appropriate. My early 30s style-wise weren’t all that different from my