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  • How to Wear Boots this Winter0

    Boots are a ubiquitous part of winter. Whether it’s snow-boots and sweats for shoveling the driveway, knee-high boots worn over skinny jeans for a night out, or duck-boots peeking out from under dress pants as you commute to the office, wearing boots is more often a functional rather than fashionable choice during these colder months.

  • How to Use Less Paper and Plastic0

    Recently, I was stocking up on some household essentials—paper towels, garbage bags, tissues, sandwich bags, and toilet paper. As I looked at my cart, I realized I was about to purchase a bunch of paper and plastic products that I would use once, then throw away. Literally, I was about to throw away money and

  • Makeup Tips for Women in Their 40s

    Makeup Tips for Women in Their 40s0

    In 1513, explorers from Spain stumbled upon The Fountain of Youth, an iconic spring in what would later become Florida, that promised eternal juvenescence for anyone who dared to bathe in or sip from it. Five centuries later, those same promises now come in the form of beauty products, many of which swear they offer similar,

  • White Elephant Gift Ideas0

    Workplace holiday celebrations come in every shape and size, from potluck lunches to catered cocktail hours. No matter the type of shindig you have, chances are high that there is an element of gift exchange, whether it’s a Secret Santa, group gift, or a white elephant. There are several approaches you can take when shopping

  • Gifts for Yourself0

    From your best friend to your significant other, to your kids, to your kids’ teachers, to your parents, to your co-workers, to your contributions to toy drives and angel trees — the holiday shopping lists seem to grow exponentially every year. Unfortunately for grown-ups, there is no Santa, and even if you have hinted, or

  • Layering Jackets0

    Winter dressing can be tricky: It’s cold, there’s likely some form of precipitation falling from the sky, and chances are the wind chill makes it even colder; hence your outfit needs to have serious protective elements. However, you still want to look put-together — especially for all those holiday parties — as opposed to bundled

  • Holiday Hostess Gifts0

    From festive ugly-sweater parties to family gatherings, the holiday season is a time to be with your nearest and dearest — and that will likely take place at someone’s home. While a gift for your host isn’t a requirement, it is good-guest behavior that’s sure to land you on the ‘Nice List.’ In honor of

  • What Not to Wear on Thanksgiving0

    It’s that time of year to gather with family, join hands, and break bread — yes, Thanksgiving is here! Whether you’ll be hosting the meal, traveling for the holiday, or laying low with a simple family dinner, comfortable clothes are definitely on the menu. When you’re eating, drinking, and socializing with loved ones all day,

  • The Vegetable Side Dish

    The Vegetable Side Dish0

    In 1621, Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast. Fast forward almost 400 years, and Thanksgiving still is a feast, but we’ve added football, euchre, and drinking wine in the afternoon. At least those have become the traditions for my husband’s family in Ohio, where we celebrate Thanksgiving. If, like me, you

  • How to Wear A Button-Down Shirt0

    I know what you’re thinking. A button-down shirt isn’t that complicated, you just put your arms through the sleeves and do up the buttons. Yes, it’s true, most shirts are fairly straight-forward. In fact, a crisp, white button-down is a classic wardrobe basic, and an autumn staple for many women who are in no need